Friday, August 25, 2017

Facebook Friday

I always enjoy the encouraging words I get from my friends on Facebook.

There is just TOO much anger in our world today. Let's all try to be kind to one another.

More good thoughts to think on!

And finally...

I do have to admit that I have not found too many good books of late but today's library run was very encouraging. I was able to snatch up Mary Kay Andrews' new cook book, The Beach House Cook Book along with  Mockingbird Songs, My Friendship with Harper Lee by Wayne Flynt. I have been waiting to read that one for a while!!

Happy Friday Bloggy Friends.


Sandy said...

I have been in a bit of a reading with fiction slump lately. I have actually read almost 4 books this month, but only one was fiction and not worth writing about. I have 75 pages left on my Eisenhower book and I can say 4 books for the month of August.

Mari said...

This must be the theme for today - and it's a good one. Another blog friend just did a post on not arguing about nit picky things that really don't matter, and working to be known for your kindness. I agree!

Terri D said...

If we could all (the world) just be kinder to one another. What a beautiful world it would be.

Anonymous said...

Love these quotes Arlene. RJ