Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Imaginary Life

As we do not have cable or internet at Grimmwood, we have to take some of our DVDs with us if we want to watch television. I suggested to Marvin that we take season one of Ballykissangel this weekend.

Then I had to smile because it brought back a sweet memory. One of my younger friends and coffee buddy for several years moved to Ireland.  I asked if she was going to live near Avoca, where Ballykissangel was filmed back in the 90s. So bless her heart, she traveled to Avoca and wrote a blog entitled This is Your Imaginary Life Arlene Grimm.  She put in lots of pictures for me and I was able to travel to Ireland without leaving my armchair. ( This might be my favorite way to travel.)

I know a lot of you have Britbox or Acorn tv and if you see Ballykissangel listed on your viewing guide you might want to check it out.

Father Clifford is an English priest whose new assignment is in Ireland. It causes all sorts of adjustments for Father Clifford and the village he is to shepherd.  And Father Clifford does not drive...oops.  This show will make you laugh and a good way.

If you go to Ireland you might want to stop and visit in Avoca.

It looks like the perfect Irish village to me!

You might want to drop in at Fitzgeralds pub for a sandwich and pint!

I am looking forward to visiting with my Irish friends again. After all it IS my imaginary life.


Mari said...

Now this looks like one I would like! I love English/Irish programs. :)

Terri D said...

We LOVE Acorn TV and will check out that series!! Thanks for the tip! I would love to visit Ireland, but (like you) am okay doing it from home.

Anonymous said...

I love how good this show sounds and will check it out. Thank you. I am hoping this comment goes through as I have not had any luck in posting on your site. I so enjoy your stitching and would love to tell you. RJ

RJ said...

I tried to comment a new way with hitting anonymous and then signing my name in the comment above. I hope it works. RJ @ stitching friends forever

Arlene @Nanaland said...

RJ so glad you finally got in!! I have a few blogs that I cannot comment on and I have tried and tried to figure out why I cannot comment. I may try your trick!!

RJ said...

Arlene I have tried every single time you have posted and I go back and I'm not there. It was really frustrating and I felt so bad that you thought I was ignoring you which was certainly not the case. The weird thing is after I did it as anonymous I did the second one with my google name and it looks like it worked too. Hopefully the problem is solved. RJ

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

Arlene, I am not sure if you are a Jan Karon fan, but did you know that the movie of her first book ~ At Home in Mitford ~ will be on the Hallmark channel this Sunday night (Aug. 20)? So many people are saying they had no idea it was slated for this weekend. Just thought I would pass it on!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I've never seen this show. The scenery must be gorgeous!! I will have to keep my eyes open for it. xo

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Chris K, I did not know that. I have read all of the original series of books! I will have to record that one.