Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pray for Texas

We have friends and family who live in Texas and are facing this horrific flooding....some of these friends I have met through the cross stitch community and I feel as if I know them personally. You bloggers know what I mean! We are connected at the heart.

When we were young married people we had some close friends who moved to Spring, Texas, which is north of Houston. They are experiencing flooding at their home. Please pray for all those dear people who are losing everything they have in the flood waters.  It reminds me of how temporal this life is and that THINGs are just things.

I have been very blessed to see people from all ages, classes and colors pull together to help the citizens of Houston. In a time when the media would like us to think we are all isolated by mindsets, it is good to see that they are wrong.  ( As they have been all along.)

Let's pray for God to move this hurricane away from Texas.  Being in Tornado Alley, I know how devastating a storm can be to a community and how far reaching and lasting the effects will be. My heart goes out to all my Texas Friends and  I am praying for you!


Jan said...

Thank you for your prayers for Texas! We live up near Ft. Worth, but have quite a few family members and friends in the Houston area. So far, their homes are dry, but they are surrounded by water. I have to say that I'm so proud of my fellow Texans and how they have come together to help each other!

Robin in Virginia said...

I am praying here for those known and unknown to me in Texas and those still in the path of Harvey. It has made my heart soar to see and hear about neighbors and communities (near and far) coming together to help those dealing with the destruction that this storm has created and continues to create.

Mari said...

It's such an incredible storm. A girl who used to be in my youth group at church is now married and lives in Houston. She's been posting photos on FB, and I can't even imagine all that water. Praying!

doodles n daydreams said...

Texas is certainly being hit very hard with this storm and it is awful seeing all the devastation.I do pray for the people here and it is so good to see everyone pulling together.