Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Stream

Put a toe in and see if the water suits you!

1. I found a new candy that I can never purchase again. M&Ms Caramel.  Oh my...I got a small package of this candy at the grocery store today and it was love at first taste. Marvin and I are still trying to shed a few pounds and those candies must never cross the thresh hold of Nanaland.

2. Marvin and I have watched Dr Who for many years. After David Tennant gave up the role, we rather lost interest but we keep an ear out for Dr Who news. Well imagine our surprise when BBC announced the new DR Who will be a woman. No, just NO on that one.

3. The Solar Eclipse seems to have taken the US by storm. We will have 95% darkness here in NoAla. Many are driving up to Nashville, where it will be total darkness. You might like to look up Destin Sandlin( Smarter Every Day) on You Tube. He has a very interesting post regarding the Eclipse. Kendall and I watched it together. Destin and his wife, Tara, attend our church. I got to know Tara when I first started volunteering at MOPs.  Destin makes learning fun and easily understood.

4. I changed purses yesterday. With the Georgia Tech football season rapidly approaching, I took out my GT cross body. It will be perfect to carry around town but I also purchased a clear purse to take to the games. It is really sad that Southern Belles cannot show their colors at the stadiums.  I remember the Good Ole Days when you could carry a cute purse into the game and no one blinked an eye.

5. I have been a bad girl this week. I have ordered several cross stitch patterns. I keep telling myself that I need to stitch the charts I own but it is hard.  I can remember my mother purchasing fabric and saying that she would stitch up that fabric one day. She had a drawer that was full of fabric. I guess she did eventually use up her stash and if I live long enough I will stitch all my stash.:)

6.There seems to be a lot of interest in Princess Diana of late. I have seen several tv shows about her. Suddenly I realized that it will be 20 years since she died on Aug 31. It hardly seems possible.  I remember that red sweater she wore with white sheep across the front and one black sheep among the flock. I wanted a sweater like that so badly. She was a lovely fashion icon in those early days before we knew the fairy tale was only in our minds.

Well I have several errands to run today. I must get to Hobby Lobby and look for some fabric to finish off my smalls. I want to get them done so I can use them in my fall decorating.


Sandy said...

I wish I could just be where y'all are for the eclipse. It is time to get the football stuff out. It will be here soon. I have kind of set next Monday as my time to think football and fall. I am not putting fall out, but maybe some football and school stuff. Your pillows are adorable. I am trying to stay focused on finished the four fall pieces. It is so hard to stay focused, but I won't have them out for fall if I don't get after it.

Mrs.T said...

I always love dipping a toe into the stream, Arlene. The water suits me fine today!

1. I have clipped a coupon for those M&Ms Caramel. Maybe I can bake something with them and take them to an event.

3. Where we were in Idaho (near the little town of Arco and Craters of the Moon National Monument) there was HUGE interest in the eclipse. Arco is in the path of totality. Mr. T and I stayed overnight in a little motel in Arco while our kids/grandkids camped at Craters of the Moon.

5. A friend of mine on a craft forum uses the acronym SABLE -- Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy. That is definitely true of my mother and I'm afraid it will be true of me if I don't begin using up my stash. I see many cross stitch and embroidery patterns I would like, but I'm restricting myself to freebies at this point. I have so many cross stitch charts and magazines and have given many away.

6. I remember where I was when I heard of Princess Diana's death ... in a hotel room in Michigan on our way to our daughter's college in Wisconsin. So sad.

Have a happy day, Arlene! It's been fun wading into the stream today.

Anonymous said...

Great post Arlene! M&M's are my favorite and the new one with caramel sounds so tempting. I too have WAY TOO MUCH cross stitch patterns, fabrics etc. but I can't stop buying more. It is my only vice so I give in to it.

Looking forward to seeing your next stitch. RJ @stitchingfriendsforever

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I've not seen those M&M's here. I tried some peanut butter ones and they were good! Too cute about your purse. Sadly times have changed,

I love love love David Tennant! I have not seen him as Dr Who though. I need to! The actress that they chose for Dr Who is one I've seen on some British shows and I loved her. ♥

You can never have too many crafts!! xo

Mari said...

We were Dr Who fans too, especially with David Tenent, and we gve a big no to a female Dr as well.
Our son lives in Hopkinsville TN where it will be a total eclipse. He says it's already getting busy and their town is expected to triple in population. People are renting out areas of their yard for people to watch from!
I just changed out my purse for a cross body as well!
I love Princess Di and still enjoy reading about her. I remember well hearing the news of her death.

Robin in Virginia said...

I totally enjoyed your putting a toe in the water post. I have had the caramel M&Ms; they are pretty good. Oh my, a lady Dr. Who! I agree with you - a very big NO. Hope your outing to Hobby Lobby was a productive one and you were able to find finishing fabric. Enjoy your weekend!

Terri D said...

I LOVE caramel and couldn't wait to try the new M & Ms...don't care for them at all. That's actually a good thing. I don't need one more candy to avoid! I have not been too interested in the eclipse and will be fine seeing it on TV. Not sure what the effect will be down here. Princess Di was such an icon for us way back when. Hard to believe it has been 20 years already.