Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Weekend at Grimmwood

We had a fun weekend at Grimmwood. I was so happy that Marvin was feeling better. After being away three weeks, we had a good deal of weed tending to do. But we had some fun as well.

This was a gift from my sister, Kristi. I think she knows me well.

Marvin felt well enough to do some shooting.

Our pond is FILLED with turtles and they are taking over. Marvin is controlling the population.

Check out MurrayGARocks on Facebook. My little hometown is going crazy for rock painting, hiding and searching. Rather like Pokemon Go but more fun. I am glad it is an activity that uses the creativity young people are lacking these days with devices in hand.  First you paint the rock, then add the hash tag to the back.

Once the rock is painted and marked, it is a good time to coat it with modge podge to protect it from the elements. If you find a rock, you should leave one in its place. The Facebook group also asks that you post the rocks you find.   It is fun to look for clues on the Facebook page as well. I have these rocks ready for me and Kendall to paint.

We will take them to hide on Friday afternoon. I will do some pictures of our adventures and post them here next week.

We are going to Grimmwood this weekend for our family potluck. We are having a Christmas in July that got put off until August.:)


Sandy said...

We have a turtle problem at the farm as well. There has had to be a bit of shooting of them as well. They eat all the fish food and little fish. A creek runs right next to our property that brings them in I guess. One of the typical Lucy moments happened with a turtle. I was cutting grass on the riding mower when out of the creek she comes trotting out with a huge dead turtle hanging out of her mouth. She was trying to scoot behind the house before I saw her. She was always quite mischievous. I know you love getting to see all your family and have potlucks. The rock thing is quite clever.

Dianna said...

Hello Arlene,
I don't know how I missed last week's posts, but I am all caught up now and I have to say that I loved the Happy Stitching Song! That gal has quite a fun! I also have "pinned" your pecan pound cake recipe to my dessert board. I have to give that a try! Yours looks perfect! And, by the way, I love the blue and white you have going on in that picture also. :) I'm glad that you and Marvin were able to get over to Grimmwood for a bit. I know you are looking forward to this weekend. You and Kendall will have painting the rocks you've prepared ahead of time.

Heather said...

What fun! I love the rock idea. It is great that it makes you use some creativity and gets you off the phone and computer for a while!

Terri D said...

Lakeland Rocks too! This town has been at it for over a year. Lots of fun. I don't think ours is as organized as yours though. So happy Marvin is feeling better.

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad to hear that Marvin is feeling better and was able to do some shooting! I have been seeing rocks turning up around our community and county. Enjoy your family potluck and Christmas in July/August.

Mari said...

I love that mug!
Glad Marvin is improving. :)
We have rock painting going on in our town too. It's a fun thing!