Monday, September 11, 2017


Well first I must say that while I enjoyed my days away, it sure felt good to be home. It took quite a while to unpack, go through mail and read the papers I missed while in Georgia.  I have lots to share so this week will be a recap of my adventures.

Before we headed out of town, Marvin and I celebrated our 41st anniversary at Grill 29 in Providence.

Providence is a little planned community just on the edge of Huntsville.

Every time I go there I think it would be nice to live in one of the condos that line the square.

My sweetheart still looks good to me!!

We are not the best at selfies!!

We did have a lovely dinner and ended with this chocolate peanut butter truffle.

Lets just say we were not counting calories!!

It is always good to look back over the years, to remember the happy times, the sad times and to realize how we have shaped each other in this marriage.  I am a blessed woman for sure!!

 Who can ever forget 9-11? It lives in my memory as one of those landmark days that will always be remembered and we hope will never be repeated. Happy Patriots Day as we remember all those who have made America the land that we love.


Katie Clooney said...

Happy anniversary, Arlene! I hope you and your handsome hubby have many happy, healthy years ahead of wedded bliss.

Sandy said...

I look forward to hearing all about your trip. You and Marvin are waaaay better at selfies than Jeff and I are. Congrats on 41!

sharon said...

Happy Anniversary! Providence is a great place. Stay safe in this weather. Enjoying a day out of school in Huntsville!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy 41st Anniversary to you and Marvin, Arlene! What a fabulous place to have a meal and that dessert looked positively delicious. I look forward to hearing about your adventure while you were away.

Mary Hutchins said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And, I love your selfie!!

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray for you and your sweetheart! ♥

Linda said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!! You look so beautiful and HAPPY!!! Congratulations!