Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pretty in Pink

My friend, Melinda, finished her pink baby quilt and sent me a photo of it quilted and the edges done. She tried using a sheet for the batting in this one as she had always wanted to try that method. Melinda reported that it was harder to quilt and she felt the quilting did not show up as well as on regular batting. Live and Learn. I think it is just beautiful.

I come from a line of quilters. My grandmother and her sister, Nannie, were quilters. I had several of Aunt Nannie's quilts that my children used until they were loved to death. I tried quilting back when my kids were little. It was in the day that Georgia Bonesteel reigned on tv with her lap quilting. I did make a sofa cushion using the Bow Tie Pattern. I hand pieced it and quilted it. It looked great but I was so OCD about everything lining up perfectly that I just did not enjoy the handwork. I know that Counted Cross Stitch is my medium for relaxation and enjoyment.

My grandmother, Lena, was very good at all handwork. My mother was just remarking the other day that Grandmother could do just about anything she set her mind to do! She tatted beautiful edging for pillowcases and dresses. I tried Needle tatting and I could do it but it is not as pretty as shuttle tatting. So many of these types of handworks are becoming a lost art. My old friend, Euny, lives in the Dublin Ohio area and each year she teaches tatting at the Irish Festival there. I hope she is passing on the art!

We are off to Georgia...looking forward to some porch sitting in this pretty weather.


Sandi said...


Robin in Virginia said...

Your friend's quilt is beautiful. Enjoy your time in Georgia; hope you are able to get in some porch sitting.

Sandy said...

The quilt is so pretty. I love handmade items like quilts. I have two that my grandma made that I cherish. I think the reason I haven't picked up quilting is I am too much a perfectionist and if every corner doesn't meet it drives me insane.
I remember tatting too. I can't do anything that involves coordination like that, so that rules out knitting as well. I do hate to see all of those things go by the way.

Mrs.T said...

Neither knitting nor tatting are for me ... as Sandy noted above, these needle arts require coordination that I do not have. Embroidery, counted cross stitch, and crochet are much more my speed.

Your friend's pink baby quilt is lovely. I have made some simple rag quilts and am just fine with their imperfections.

Enjoy your porch sitting in Georgia!

Terri D said...

The quilt is just beautiful! I have no patience for handwork of any kind. Enjoy your time in GA!!

Mari said...

That quilt is so pretty!
I tried quilting when I was younger but didn't have a patience I guess. I made several pillows that turned out nice though. I love tatting, but only know one person who does it.
You are talented with your stitching!

Mary said...

The quilt is stunning, although Melinda thought the quilting did not show well I bet will be very soft for the baby. The color pattern is lovely.
I knew a large truck mechanic years ago and he did gorgeous tatting...his grandmother taught him. Said it was relaxing and after working on dirty equipment all day it was a nice change. I think we are fortunate if we find a hobby we love.

Aritha said...

Nice quilt! The colors are wonderful.

RJ said...

Gorgeous!!! What a really beautiful baby quilt. It's amazing. RJ