Monday, October 23, 2017

Shopping Days

Last Wednesday I met my good friend, Cynthia for breakfast and shopping. We started off the morning at Whisk'd.  It is a new breakfast restaurant located in the Albany Heritage historic district. I had a sausage biscuit and eggs while Cynthia tried the Banana Bread French Toast. She let me have a bite and it was very good. This restaurant is a bit trendy for Decatur but I hope it will catch on!

After breakfast we went downtown to browse the shops on Bank Street. I found these cute socks at The Cupboard.

Worlds Softest Socks and they feel like they live up to the hype. I think this might be a good gift for some ladies on my Christmas Gift List.

Next was Tammy Eddy Antiques and Gifts.  I love this store and I had been watching their Facebook page as I saw these cute chickens.

When Tammy offered them to me for 25% off I said, Yes Please. They came to live in Georgia at Grimmwood. They seemed very happy to settle into their new home.

Speaking of Grimmwood...

We sure did enjoy our days there.

It was quite chilly on Friday morning so we were able to enjoy our gas logs.

Also while we were there we picked up a new piece of furniture from Yesteryears of Tennga.

We needed a place to put some of the clothes and linens we keep at the little house.  We moved the old piece we were using to the guest room.

It is perfect for a luggage stand for the guests and it holds extra towels and linens.  Sorry that it is a bit blurry. I guess I was excited after moving everything around and getting organized.

Tennga, Georgia is a little town that is on the Tennessee Georgia Line. Yesteryears was the community store for many years and now it is an antique and junk shop.  They do have a Facebook page that I keep my eye on! I am looking for a dough bowl and these ladies tell me they can find one for me.

So that was the end of my week...tomorrow I will take you along to the Georgia Tech Homecoming!


Linda said...

You’re up to all kinds of cool things! Your Little House’ at Grimmwood is so charming. I wish I could sit with coffee in front of those gas logs right now. It’s chilly here in the camper and I’m still tucked into the warm girl bunk. But when I get up, I’m going to need to find my robe!
Have a good week, Arlene!

Mary said...

Grimmwood is idyllic! Love your décor and the fireplace area is so cozy. The chickens are perfect on the shelf, great find. I bet those socks would be great to wear sleeping on chilly nights.
Good luck on the dough bowl, I've been looking for ages. I went to a yard sale last year and went to reach for the perfect dough bowl (just like the one Savy Southern Style has on her blog) but a woman reached over and grabbed it first, the price 1$!!! I was heartsick I missed out on that bowl! I hope you find one for a good price, they are very difficult to come by. Mary

Robin in Virginia said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend with breakfast and shopping with your friend and enjoying Grimmwood. I really like the piece of furniture you picked up. Enjoy your week!

Sandy said...

Grimmwood looks just perfect. I love the chickens. They fit in perfectly with your Longaberger dishes.
Good luck with the dough bowl piece. They are hard to find these days. I did find a knock off at Target once. I have it at the farm with some dried flowers and cotton in it.

Anonymous said...

Grimmwood is so cozy and welcoming. I love your new purchases.

Mrs.T said...

Breakfast sounded good! The chickens were a great find and the socks are so cute and cozy-looking!

Grimmwood ... Mary said it best above: idyllic. You are so blessed, but I know that you know that. What a wonderful getaway place!

Terri D said...

I LOVE that photo of your sweetheart on the front porch. That really is what it's all about, isn't it? It is so fun finding pieces in little shops that are just perfect for your needs. Love the chickens!

Anonymous said...

What fun shopping with a friend! Love your Grimmwood pictures. ♥

Mari said...

I love your taste! I think everything at Grimmwood is charming and so cozy and comfortable. Glad you had fun shopping and finding good stuff!

RJ said...

Grimmwood looks wonderful. I would love a place like that. You have it decorated perfectly too. You sure have been having alot of fun. Good for you! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever