Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Stream

The water is a little chilly today so we will just wade around for a bit.

1. Please check out the blog, Va Farm Wife on my blog roll. My young friend, Ashley, does not post often but she does a great job at relaying life on a cattle/ soybean farm.  As I commented on this post, cows do not care if you are sick or if you have a special event. My BIL, Bruce, had to get out in the night to help one of his ladies find her new calf. She had "lost" him. She was bawling up a storm. Life on the farm is hard but rewarding. The minute Bruce gets on his tractor and heads to the field all the girls come running. They love their Farmer.

2. We are home for a while and I am looking forward to getting some projects done. When we spend half the week in GA, things slide here at home.

3. Have you started your Christmas shopping? That is one of the projects I am working on this week. I have found a few things for the older grands. They are always the hardest to buy for!! I do not want to give in to gift cards or money yet. Everyone likes to get a present to open.  I cannot go wrong with Star Wars gear as they all love Star Wars and are waiting anxiously for the new movie at Christmas. Frankly I am anxious to see it as well. Luke Skywalker is BACK. You know he was quite the heart throb in his day. :)

4. Many of you have prayed for Marvin and his back issue. His pain has not really improved so he will have minor back surgery on November 2nd. It will just be a "clean out" job to get rid of the arthritis that seems to be pinching the Sciatic Nerve.  We would appreciate prayer for this endeavor. The spine doc says 95% success rate so I am hopeful.

5. The temps here have finally become fall like. I am making chicken and rice soup today! My friend, Sharon, gave me the recipe. She has perfected it by some tweaking and it is so good. She graciously shared some with me and Marvin. It tastes a lot like our favorite soup at Cantabury in Ellijay, GA.

6. My friend, Susan, will arrive home on Thursday. She and her husband have been in Israel on a tour with some other church folks. I really look forward to hearing about her trip. I have been helping to care for her cats while she is gone. I call them the two most spoiled cats in Decatur. They live the life of Riley.  I will say they tolerate the help who come to feed them . One of Susan's other friends tends to the littler box. My friendship just goes so far!!

7. My weekly breakfast/lunch with Deborah and Susan has been on hiatus as both were traveling but today I will meet Deborah for breakfast.  My weeks just go better when I can sit and laugh and share with the besties.

Have a blessed day friends...enjoy this pretty fall weather.


Katie Clooney said...

Hope you had a great lunch with Deborah. I will keep Marvin in my prayers for 11/2. Enjoy your week, Arlene.

Mary said...

I'll keep Marvin in my thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery. I love the change of seasons for Fall cooking...nothing like homemade soup! Have a great day, Mary

Sandy said...

I am sad Marvin is still having troubles. I do hope the surgery helps. I will be praying of course. I am thinking Christmas already. I would like to get started. Chicken and rice sounds so yummy!!!

RJ said...

I will keep Marvin in my prayers for a most successful operation. Arlene, you have a most wonderful life with your grandkids, friends and activities. They are all are the best parts of life. RJ

Dianna said...

I will certainly be in prayer for Marvin as he has this procedure done.

I've not done any Christmas shopping yet, but want to get started soon. I'm making soup today also...Beef/Barley.

I know you will enjoy having Susan back home...and hearing all about her trip to Israel.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mary Hutchins said...

I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet, but I've been thinking and making a mental list. Hope all goes well with Marvin's back surgery.

Anonymous said...

A lovely stream this week! I will be praying for Marvin's back. I've not even thought about Christmas shopping yet but I should. xo

Mari said...

I've started my shopping - I try to keep my eyes open all year and pick up things as I see them. Sorry that Marvin needs surgery, but praying it makes a big difference.

Terri D said...

Count on my prayers for Marvin and his surgical team! Please let us know how it goes next week! I enjoyed your post today. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet but we do gift cards for the grands now. Our youngest is 21 so gift cards work best. Sure not as much fun as it used to be though. Enjoy it while you can.

Linda said...

Prayers for your Marvin! I am especially compassionate for friends with back pain after all that Summer has been through. She flew home today from Disney World and called to tell me she made it pretty well. No meltdowns and no 'I can't take one more step' moments. Still, she had to take meds and is most happy to be going to sleep in her own bed tonight! Her birthday is tomorrow and she was born at 6:05 in the morning. I used to call her at that time and sing Happy Birthday to her. I promised NOT to do that this year so she can sleep in!

Sandy Marks said...

I will ne praying for Marvin!