Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday Stitching Moved to Monday!

Well Nana had to move Saturday Stitching to Monday as I have to brag on my new grand boy.

Joshua Clifford Grimm born on May 15th weighing 8 pounds and 12 oz...21 inches long.

I have to say he is a beautiful boy. And I was so happy that Charles and Nancy chose Clifford for his middle name. Joshua is the 4th generation to bear that name in our family. My granddaddy was Henry Clifford but went by Cliff ( Baylor has his first name as he is Henry Baylor Grimm) my daddy was Ray Clifford Grimm, son Charles is Charles Clifford Grimm.  So I have two grandsons named for my granddaddy who I just loved to pieces. He was such a kind and wonderful person. I hope that Joshua will continue the godly heritage set for him by all these men.

Of course I was a baby hog....Nana grabbed that baby before Grandpa knew what was happening.

Grandpa was pretty smitten as well.

We were not there when Audrey arrived the next day to see her BRUDDER.

And get ready for this preciousness

She is so sweet and loving with Joshua.

Charles said she was a bit put out when she realized she was going home with Nancy's mom and Mommy, Daddy and Joshua were staying at the hospital.

If all continues to go well, the family should be reunited at home today. I am so thankful that Audrey's other nana was able to come and keep the ship running at home.   I cannot think of the word for Grandmother in Korean. The mom's parents have a certain name and the dad's parents have a certain name in Korean culture. In other words you do not get to pick your name for the grands to call you.  So glad that we get to be Nana and Grandpa to these two precious ones.

Hope to have some stitching to share on Monday. Thanks for all the good wishes for my birthday. I heard from many of you on Facebook, Instagram, Email and Snail mail. I am surely blessed as I celebrate another journey around the sun.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Taking a Break

Nana is doing Nana duty as the new grandson is making an early appearance. By the time this post reaches all my blog friends, Baby Joshua should be here.  He and I will almost be birthday buddies!!  I will be back with pictures soon!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Stream

Good Morning...time to dip into the stream and meander along.

1. Unforgotten on PBS ended Sunday evening and while Marvin and  I had figured out who the murderer was we were shocked to realize that he was a serial killer.  We were both rather sad as it seems as though this mystery series is coming to an end until next year.  We do enjoy Masterpiece and Mystery.  Now we are counting down to Endeavor's return in June.

2. We  had a good day at North Alabama Stitchers group on Saturday. As we stitched we chatted about some of the British TV series we have enjoyed.  Keeping up Appearances with Patricia Routledge was brought up. If you have not seen Hyacinth Bucket( Its Boo Kay) in all her glory you need to watch this wonderful actress. In addition to Keeping Up Appearances, Ms Routledge surprised me with her range of acting when she portrayed Hetty Wainthrop in the Hetty Waintrhrop Mysteries on PBS. A few years ago I saw the movie To Sir with Love and guess who was a teacher at the high school? A Young Patricia.  I had always heard about To Sir with Love but I had never seen the move until it aired on Turner Classics.  A bit dated but a good movie for a rainy afternoon.

3. Amelia and the children came by on Mothers Day afternoon to visit. They brought me a gift, Thritysomething at Thirty. I loved the tv show thirtysomething and this book goes behind the scenes of the show. I am looking forward to reading it.

4. Well unless you think all I do is watch television I should add something different. This week is my birthday week. I celebrate on the 17th. This is my last year before But I am looking forward to Medicare and the Silver Sneakers. Marvin has Silver Sneakers as part of his medicare supplemental insurance and he goes to the gym every morning. I am hoping to take advantage of the water aerobics that is available at one of the gyms.  I have to admit my joints are not what they used to be and water aerobics is a good exercise for seniors.

5. Speaking of Seniors, my favorite physical therapists on You Tube( Bob and Brad) did a recent video on how to fall.  Okay, stop laughing.  After my fall last year I thought I could use some hints. They say you should act like Superman, hold your head up and put your arms out like you are going to slap the floor. This avoids putting all the pressure on your wrists and shoulders. In theory it is good but how do you stop the instinct from kicking in and putting those hands out? I guess I need to practice falling to build some muscle memory.

6. I had a call from my former neighbor, John. He is 93 years old and still as sharp as a tack.  His wife died earlier this year and he was feeling rather sad on Mothers Day. He lives in an assisted living where he is one of the few who is still active and oriented. He did tell me there is a 90 year old lady who he eats breakfast with every day. She too is one of the minority. I am so glad he likes to call me and chat. I try to send him some snail mail every now and then just to keep in touch.

7. I am helping with a bridal shower on Saturday. After being married 40 something years, this has brought back some memories of how exciting it was to be getting married. The parties, the gifts and the first apartment. I do remember feeling like I was playing house when we were newlyweds. All my new things and I could decorate as I liked.  I debated getting her a gift or a gift card but I went with a gift. I still remember  the gifts and the givers from my showers. And I do still have a few of those wedding gifts. I went to Tammy Eddy Antiques and Gifts on Bank Street here in Decatur and Tammy helped me to choose an antique wooden tray/bowl. She told me that the young people use them as cheese platters for drink parties but many place them on their coffee tables to hold remotes etc.  My young friend is a retro type girlie so I hope she will enjoy it for years to come.

Well time to get up and get busy!! Have a blessed day my blog friends.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Time with Grandma

Ben and all three of the Grimmlins went to stay at Grimmwood for the weekend to allow Katy to have a bit of a rest from being a mama.

You are never too big to sit on Grandma's lap!

Daddy was fortunate to have Margaret along to help him keep these boys in line.

And here is my favorite picture....

Sis, Leta, caught this picture of Grandma and Baylor.  Looking at this picture you would never guess he is on the Autism spectrum. He just looks like a handsome, happy 8 year old.  One of the things that breaks my heart is that I do not "know" Baylor like I know my other grands. I just wish I could see inside his brain and know what he is thinking. I hope he knows Nana loves him and wants to see him make great strides in the years ahead. Again, I thank all of you who pray for Baylor. It is such a blessing to our family.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Land that I Love

As Memorial Day is in sight, I decided to get out some of my Patriotic Stitches.

My new doughbowl that I found at Yesteryears in Tennga, Ga. It was a birthday gift from my mother. I filled it with my patriotic ladies from the Little House Needleworks Patriots Series.  I love how it turned out. I also added the flag from Hands on Design's Knee High by the Fourth of July.

This Pewter Bowl is perfect for the center of my Dining Room table.

My Brenda Gervais Corner on the Breakfast Bar.  I changed both of them up a bit but I love them! Brenda's company is With Thy Needle and Thread.

I will have my Patriotic stitches on Display until the middle of July when I will change it up a bit before going full FALL! And I cant believe I am even anticipating Autumn but the way the days are flying by it will be here before we know it.

And speaking of Patriotism....the winner of the patriotic yard flag is Linda at Ramblings of a Retired Lady. Linda if you would send me your snail mail address ( I will get your flag in the mail to you. Thanks to all who commented. I had 13 entries and I enjoyed reading everyone's favorite cookie. I think my favorite cookie is Chocolate Oatmeal Unbaked Cookies. It was the first sweet that I learned to make in 4 H many years ago and they are so good that I can eat a whole batch by myself!! Thankfully all of my family members enjoy them too so I have to share.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Today is our  North Alabama Stitchers Meeting! I missed last month so I am looking forward to seeing everyone today.

This post is a little bit of everything.

First some stash...

I have been using the notebook on the right as my stitching notebook.  When I saw The Cross Stitch Journal for sale on The Fat Quarter Shop Website I ordered it. It is perfect for keeping track of your stitching projects. I will share more of it next week.

I also received this pack of threads from Fat Quarter Shop. It is a selection of Chelsea and Priscilla's favorite colors for patriotic stitching.

Chelsea says Perfect Pie Crust is Perfect for any flesh colored stitching you may be doing.

I picked this order up at The Cross Stitch Peddler on Wednesday.

My stitching this week included some Christmas ornaments for the grands.

Here is Hampton's ornament. You can tell I love him because I used Krenik!!  It is a Lizzie Kate Design.

Here is a Heart in Hand ornament for my owl loving gal, Kendall.

I also did some finishing.

Oh Say Can You Sea by Hands on Design.

I am loving these drum finishes. Thanks to Vonna for her tutorial.

I also finished May but I am not going to lie, my corners need work.

I need to take a Vonna beginners course. I have watched her tutorials but I still struggle with getting things straight and neat.  I moved this to the guest room as I am putting out my Patriotic stitches.

And I found a small that I did last year to stand in my little piece from the French Market in Savannah.

I could not get a good picture because of the glare but here is another shot.

This is from the Lizzie Kate Summer pamphlet.  I stitched it last summer.

Stay tuned on Monday to see my May to July Cross Stitch pieces on Display at Nanaland.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Five

1. A Birthday Surprise

My friend, Sandy, sent me this beautiful cording that she made for me for my birthday. She also sent along a summer chart and a cute card.  I am doing a lot of patriotic stitching so we will see what this ends up on!!

2. A New Candle

 I found this candle at Publix for $5. And let me say, it smells YUMMY.

3. Daddy Daughter Field Trip

Margaret's class went to the Birmingham Zoo for the day and Ben took off so he could go along.

4. Tart Tins

I love to use these small tins to finish some cross stitch motifs. I got mine at Fat Quarter Shop online.

5. A Purple Cow

Margaret's Purple Cow is now on display at Grimmwood.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

I tried a new recipe that I found on Facebook last week.

And oh they are devilishly good if you love chocolate. The recipe only makes 24 cookies thank goodness. I gave some away and I will admit to eating my fair share. They are so rich that just one cookie is plenty for dessert.

I will say that my icing was not "pourable" I ended up frosting my cookies with a small spreader and that worked well.

They really taste more like a rich brownie than a cookie but they are yummy. And yes, use the parchment paper to bake your cookies on as they might stick otherwise.

And now for the giveaway celebrating 90 followers here at Nanaland.

A Patriotic Garden Flag!

It is reversible so you decide which side you want to display in your garden.

This give away is open to readers in the USA only....sorry but with postage on the rise, I have to be prudent.  Do not use the word giveaway but instead leave a comment with your favorite flavor of cookie and you will be entered into the contest. Winner will be announced on Monday! Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Guess Who is Four?

Audrey is four years old today but she celebrated her party with her little friends on Saturday at

This is a store front activity center that offers a world of creativity to children. ( And all the mess is  contained to their store and not your home.) Nancy was telling me that for $10 you can spend two hours at this shop and the children can use any of the paints, stencils etc that they wish to experiment with along with parental guidance of course. I think that is very reasonable and it gets the little ones away from their devices and television.  Petit Artist is located in Woodstock Ga if you live in that area. I am not sure if this is a franchise or not.

It was a Frozen theme of course.

Nana wore pink as it is Audrey's favorite color.

All of the children were a bit shy at first...they were seeing each other in a place other than their familiar school.

We had Chic Fit A , chips, fruit and juice boxes . Publix made this amazing cake and it was delicious.

With Mom and Dad. Nancy's OB was not too happy about the party as he ordered her to be resting but she was determined to celebrate with Audrey before Joshua is born. And it sounds as if he could come any time now!!

The more the merrier...Grimmlins are always welcome!!

PS...I hit 90 followers so that means a give away. Be on the look out for details in my Thursday Blog!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Shopping with Laura

Friday afternoon I went shopping in Dalton, Georgia with niece, Laura.

Our first stop was Corner Boutique where we found these cute beach bags or totes.

One of these will be Amelia's Mother's Day gifts from Kendall and Landon. I really like the pink one with the palm leaves. I resisted that one but I did purchase two shirts here.

Then a stop for a cupcake.

This new bakery had delicious treats.

We did most of our browsing at The Mill. Once a cotton mill, now it is a venue for the Dalton area.

Crown Mills was a big employer in Dalton at one time. .  If you ever owned a vintage Chenille Bedspread, most likely it came from Crown Cotton Mills. Once the cotton mills played out Dalton welcomed the carpet industry and most of the world's carpet comes from Dalton, Georgia.  Dalton is known as the Carpet Capital of the World and is located about 30 minutes from Grimmwood.

We got soft drinks from Mexico...they are made with pure cane sugar. Next time we will check out this venue's Tacos!

The main area has lots of seats for eating, visiting or just taking a load off. A young man was playing a guitar and singing while we were there.

One of the pop up shops had clothing and jewelry.

This was my favorite shop. Three bars of soap for $15.

I am going to try this as summer means more leg shaving.:)

They had lots of products for the men as well.

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with Laura. We had fun, talking, shopping and eating. The best kind of afternoon.

Yesterday I put the Hands on Design chart , Summer Night, from the Saturday Stitching Giveaway in the mail to Barbara at Sweet Tea and Sandals. If you have not visited Barbara's blog, hop on over and see her pretty new retirement home in Florida. Happy Stitching Barbara!!  And just one more follower and I will be at ninety and time for a giveaway here at Nanaland.  I am going to do a big giveaway when I reach 100 followers. Its the little things folks.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Six Years Ago Today

I was looking back over some May posts from 2013 and came upon these sweet pictures of the cousins when they were little.

Landon and Margaret enjoying lunch and Caillou.

And here they are sharing the iPad.

We picked up Kendall after school and all three were glad to get an after school snack.

One of the blessings of blogging is being able to look back across the years at your online diary.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saturday Stitching

First things first, the winner of this chart is....

Barbara! Thanks for your comment Barbara. Please send your snail mail address to me at I will get it in the mail next week.

I had one more finish this week. This is my oldest WIP. And I sneaked it in just as April was ending.

I am going to be honest and let you know that I cut this project short. I did not do all the sheep and grass and I left off the bottom border.  I felt it looked good as it was and frankly I was just tired of stitching this one. Now I have May and Oh Say Can You Sea to finish next week.

I also got a good bit done on my start. Where Liberty Dwells by Brenda Gervais.

I am using colors from my stash but I am staying in the same color range.

I stopped in at the Cross Stitch Peddler and Marlene was preparing a project for the Wednesday Stitching Class that meets there every week.

This is Riley's Harbor by Kathy Barrick.  The class  is stitching  it on Veldt and Marlene changed up some of the flosses. I had no interest in stitching this until I saw it on her project table. Well of course I asked her to kit one up for me as well.  It will be a while before the fabric comes in so I have time to purchase the flosses and the chart.  That is why LNS stores can test your will power ladies. When you see the pretty fabric and the flosses, all self control flees!!

Girls I am estimating that I will have to live to be at least 500 to finish all my charts!!

Happy Stitching!