Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Five

1. Suck it Up Buttercup

Deborah pointed this note pad out to me while we were at Cracker Barrel the other day. Well you know I had to have it.

2. A New Drying Mat

Since I do not have a dishwasher at Grimmwood, these drying mats come in handy I got this one at Cracker Barrel. I loved the pretty mason jar print.  It makes doing dishes a bit more fun

3. A New Cook Book by a local eatery.

When we moved to Decatur in 1991, Let's Do Lunch was a unique lunch place. They had no sit down lunch room but they made sandwiches and salads, loaded them into a large basket and went to downtown businesses offering a yummy lunch.  Now they have a nice restaurant that is open only for lunch and their chicken salad sandwiches are so GOOD. I am buying the cookbook just for the chicken salad recipe!  For only $15 this cookbook is a bargain and sure to get me out of the same old recipe slump. When you have been married over 40 years your menus become a bit routine. 

4. Christmas Stockings

I have been crocheting granny squares in order to make a Christmas Stocking for Baby Boy Grimm. Mama G crocheted Stockings for everyone in our family but now that she is gone, I am trying to step up to the plate!!  Now to sew them together...which might be harder than the crocheting.

5. A Picture from Cousin Scott.

It's a Murray Christmas in Murray county.  This view is coming down from Fort Mountain into the valley.  Scott is becoming a very popular photographer and he is well deserving of all the accolades.


Sandy said...

Scott is a great photographer. That picture is very pretty with the lighting. I had one of those mats at the cabin as well. They are great for small places. Cookbooks are a weakness! Those stockings will be a treasure. And that notepad is a must with a cow and a buttercup. Seriously, that is why I like you! We love the same things.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the photo of Murray Christmas! It is stunning. I have never seen/heard of a drying mat before, so thank you for sharing yours. The cookbook looks like it has some fun recipes included. Your Granny Square blocks look good. Enjoy your Friday, Arlene!

Dianna said...

I LOVE that notepad! My grandfather and father were dairy farmers! The drying mats are very pretty as well. I love chicken salad but it is hard to find a good one when we eat out. You did a great job with the granny squares for the Christmas stockings, Arlene. Sewing them together to make a stocking isn't hard at all. Good job, you!

Mrs.T said...

Amen to everything Sandy said! (Well, I have never had one of those drying mats but I would have chosen that one for sure.)

The granny squares are so beautifully crocheted, and I love the shades of red and green you chose. They look like some that my great-aunt Bessie crocheted back in the 1960s. She sewed a square in such a way that it turned into a little cone to put candy or a small gift into. I know I still have at least one of those ... I will have to take a picture.

Terri D said...

Scott is indeed a great photographer!! Those stockings are so cute! It's great that you are able to keep up the tradition! I chuckled at the saying on your calendar, love the drying pad (I use them too, now and then) and that cookbook does look like a good one! Maybe you can share the chicken salad recipe with us!!??

Mari said...

Well, I love every one of these! I "need" that notepad. :)
Scotts photos are just spectacular!

RJ said...

What great finds Arlene. I have never seen a drying mat before but I want one now. LOL!!! Great photo. RJ