Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Five..Er, Make it Six

1. My new walking stick

My friend Deborah presented me with this walking stick that was crafted by her husband, Don. If you enlarge the photo you can see it is personalized with my name! It will be going to Chatsworth with us. We have not been since Christmas as Marvin has had a severe bout of Sciatica. We are going for an epidural on Tuesday so I ask all my prayer warriors to send up prayers for healing.

2,  New Pajamas

I was shopping at TJ Maxx and came across these pretty Carole Hockman pjs for a great price. When My children were younger, I did not purchase things for myself. I would sleep in a tee shirt and shorts or maybe a cheap gown from Walmart.  Recently I purchased some nice owl pajamas and ladies I do think I sleep better in my pjs.  Blue and white are some of my favorite color combinations and I fell in love with this pretty ensemble.

3. New Shoes

Zulily had all their Bernie Men shoes on sale and mine finally arrived this week.  Only stylish Nana's can get away with Leopard Spots.

4. Scrub Daddy

Target has Scrub Daddies now! I was so excited. I had been purchasing them at Bed Bath and Beyond but now they are in stock at one of my favorite and convenient stores.

5.  Salt and Pepper

I had seen lots of people using little pots of salt and pepper in their kitchens.  It is so convenient to get S and P from these containers when cooking. Charles and Nancy brought me a pretty blue and white tea set from China and I decided to use these two cups from the set as they match my blue and white theme in my kitchen.

6. My pantry.

My pantry was a MESS after Christmas so I practiced some Marie Kondo's tidying and not it looks much better. Ms Kondo says do not use up your shelves with things you only use every now and then. So some of my things went to the cabinet in the garage and other things were donated .  Having shelves and the floor of the pantry tidied makes me happy. Also I used my new Conair hand half vacuum and it is perfect for getting into tight places.   You do see two cake plates and covers I am going to donate one of them....I no longer make a lot of cakes and I can use that spot on my shelf.


Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, if your domed cake plates are still in good condition, you could use them for cross stitch displays. Just saying! Praying for Marvin to have relief from his sciatica pain. I haven't seen the Scrub Daddy before, so will have to check it out. Have a super Friday!

Sandy said...

I had to chuckle about the pajamas because I was the same way. Since retiring I have bought me summer and winter pajamas and love them. Those look very comfy. I am so short that I can't get away with just any. I kind of have to shop at a Petite store for them.
I love my Scrub Daddies and was so glad Target started carrying them too.
Your leopard shoes are so cute. I really need to get me some leopard flats.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Oh, I have sciatica and do hope the injection helps.....I get one every 3 months and so far they have helped tremendously. I love your 'finds' and the pantry looks did a good job. Happy Friday.

Visits With Mary said...

Same here on the pj's...after years of raising a family and giving so much to the kids, it's now my turn. I also enjoy a nice pair of pajama's. When I know I'm going to be busy in the kitchen I will put salt and pepper in small bowls, it is much easier. And...the walking stick is fabulous. I would love to have one, but for now I'll just use a cut-off broom stick. lol Have a great day.

RJ said...

Love all the items you showed today Arlene. I'm so happy to hear that the Scrub Daddies are at Target. I've been using them every time we use our friends beach house. I kept telling myself I had to ask my friend where she buys them and now I know. I think they are so cute.

I love your new pj's and your shoes...very stylish! The salt and pepper dishes are so cute and practical too. I like walking sticks for hiking...yours is very nice and it was so nice of your friend's husband to make you one.

Prayers for Marvin that the injection helps. Enjoy Grimmwood. RJ

Anonymous said...

I'll work backwards, Arlene! Love how you used baskets in your pantry. That just makes sense!

I've seen S & P in little bowls before but I think I'd be afraid to have sticky fingers or something and then the S & P would get clumpy.

Hooray Scrub Daddy!

I am always hesitant to buy shoes on Zulily. Shoe sizes are all so weird with me. I like yours though!

Beautiful pajamas!! I'm the same - nothing new when the kids were little and even now I save them for when we travel.

Your walking stick is so cool! Love it! I will pray for Marvin. I hope he is feeling better!

Dianna said...

Thank you for sharing about your new pajamas, Arlene. I think it really does make a difference in how well we sleep if we are sleeping in something we feel comfortable in. I know I certainly do.

The teacups from the set from China work really well and look pretty too for your salt and pepper. I use my grandmother's cut glass salt dish for my pepper and a white ceramic salt bowl for the salt. It makes cooking easier!

Have a wonderful weekend, Arlene.

Mari said...

Your new pj's and shoes are so cute! I love how your pantry looks. I'm working on mine too.
Praying for Marvin.

Terri D said...

I love the PJs!! Nice! I also love your pantry! It is so great to have that extra space for storage. I love mine, too!

Linda said...

Prayers for your Marvin on Tuesday!

Meg said...

Cool shoes! Love the pantry. My new year’s resolutions are 1. Cook at home more often and 2. Use my inventory from my pantry and freezers rather than adding to them. I literally have three jars of nutmeg because I couldn’t find my nutmeg (on two occasions apparently) in the abundance of spices I have. And don’t even get me started on the canned goods... Wish me luck!

Carol said...

Love that walking stick, Arlene--I need to get myself one. We had them on that horrid hike in Panama and I credit it for saving me from falling more than I did (which was a lot!!). Love your new PJs and the pretty salt and pepper dishes (I'm a blue and white girl, too). I have never heard of Scrub Daddies--will have to check them out!

The French Hutch said...

I did enlarge the photo of your gifted walking stick, it is very beautiful. What a very special gift! Pretty pj's and I love those shoes. I did clean the panty after Christmas but after seeing yours I think I need to reorganized. I need to get rid of items I'm not using any longer. Prayers for your husband and you. Hugs......

Barbara said...

Your pantry is a thing of beauty! Organization makes us all happier, doesn't it? I like your use of the square (rectangle?) bins between other stuff to help keep things upright and in their designated spots. And the smiley face on one of your labels -- I do that!

I hope Don's sciatic has got better by now. That is so very painful!

Blessings to you!