Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Grab the Tissues!

Here in the south we call Kleenex, Tissues! And I think I am going to need some for me and Amelia. Steel Magnolias is being re released in theaters in celebration of its 30th birthday.

This is the one chick flick I can watch over and over and I cry every time. I think it portrays Southern Sisterhood in a very real manner.

Who can forget the Armadillo Grooms cake?? What I  remember is the crazy Aunt Fern who made the cake was once Lahoma on Another World. One of the "stories" I used to watch.  Yes, we called soap opera "stories" You did not bother a southern mother or grandmother when her stories were on.   Apparently when the film was being made the director did not see it as a comedy.  How could you not realize that some of these scenes were just hilarious?

Now that I am a grandmother, I find myself tearing up in the scene where M"lynn goes to retrieve her grandson after she leaves the hospital when Shelby has died.  A grandmother's love for her grandchildren is just something you cannot understand until you have grands of your own.

If you do not cry at the cemetery scene, you had better check your pulse!  Of course then you burst out laughing when Clairee tells M"lynn to "slap Ouiser, you will feel better!".

The actresses actually became friends on set and it showed in their acting.

It is a movie that all the women in our family enjoy and often quote at appropriate times.:)

So I will be grabbing my girl, my tissues will be in my pocketbook and we will head off to enjoy an afternoon of laughing and crying.  I will be checking the local movie theater with crossed fingers that it will come to Decatur.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Yep, that is a keeper for sure and I never tire of watching it. It is 'us' to a 'T'!

Dianna said...

What a fun time you and Amelia will have when this hits a movie theater near you.

I had to chuckle when you said that southern ladies referred to soap operas as "stories". My paternal grandmother (with whom we shared a home) always referred to them as "stories" as well. :)

Robin in Virginia said...

Steel Magnolias was such a good movie with rounds of laughter and of tears. Can't believe it is 30 years old!

Terri D said...

Joe even likes this movie! And yes, it is a box-of-tissues movie for sure!

Meg said...

One of my favorites. It never gets old! A few years ago my friend took me to a local theatrical production of Steel Magnolias. It was great - almost as good as the movie - and when Shelby died, I looked at my friend and tears were streaming down her face. Apparently she had never seen the movie (even though it had been out for more than 10 years) and had no idea what was coming. I find myself quoting lines from that movie all the time. My favorite lines are when Shelby says, "My colors are blush and bashful," and her mother says, "Her colors are pink and pink."

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I think you might need 2 tissues! My little abuela grandmother also called the soaps - her stories! :-)

Barbara said...

I remember bawling profusely in the theater during the cemetery scene. It was a funny movie but the irreverence still bothers me.

RJ said...

We call it tissues too. And my Grandpa in New Jersey used to watch "The Edge of Night" an old soap and he also said I can't miss my story.

Do you know who is starring in the new movie. That would be half the fun to see who is playing who for me. I loved Dolly in that story. It was a whole box of tissue type movie.

I remember the first time I saw "Gone with the Wind" with my college friends and one of the girls brought a whole box of tissues and passed them around. Let us know how you like the new version. RJ

Mary said...

ARlene, I have never seen Steel Magnolias!!! I'm going to make a point to see it on the big screen with a girlfriend if it is shown around here.