Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Not a lot of stitching was done this week as we had the kids, lots of activities and a trip to Bham over the weekend to take Margaret home after a weekend visit. So I am going to share some new needle minders.

One of my readers, Angela S, told me about Mad for Minders on Etsy. Well I could not resist.

They enclosed a nice business card with my order.

And for close ups....

Queen Victoria needle minder for my God Save the Queen piece.

Les Mis is my favorite Broadway play.  Such a story of redemption!! I am using this one on my Oh Say Can You Sea by Hands on Design.

Mister Rogers....I will have to find a special stitch to put this one on.

One of my favorite authors...Jane Austen. I am not sure where I will place her but it may be on a sampler.

Most of my needle minders come from Brenda's Minders and More on Facebook. Brenda is a friend of mine and she is the coordinator of our North Alabama Stitchers group. Check out some of her designs. She also makes cute grime guards.

Stitching Plans...

We are finally going to Grimmwood so I plan to work on Christmas Quaker two and My Christmas List by Silver Creek Samplers.  I decided to leave these in Chatsworth so I do not have to lug my stitching back and forth.

At present I am working on Oh Say Can You Sea by Hands on Design, Happy Christmas and May by Prairie Schooler, Easter Parade by Brenda Gervais, Molly Pitcher by Little House Needleworks and a few spring smalls that are stored in my pretty new project bag from Sandy. Oh and I almost forgot God Save the Queen.

I am hoping to finish a few of these before starting on anything new. I do have a gift I want to work on so I need to get it kitted up but I won't be sharing it on ly blog until  it is completed and gifted.

Market is coming up on the horizon and like all you eager stitchers, I cannot wait to see what the designers are brining to the shops in 2019. Cathy Habermann did a sneak peak at some of her new designs on Floss Tube. ...spoiler...they are Holloween pieces.

One question I get a lot is how I finish so many things. Well I am retired and I have more stitching time than I used to have when I worked and the kids were home. Then came the grands and still it was a struggle to find time to stitch. Also back then I was a monogamous stitcher. I completed one thing before I started something else and if I got bored, that one piece often sat in the basket untouched.  With the advent of Floss Tube and finding out about rotations, I changed up my stitching style and I find I get a lot more done. Also, I do not do Big Projects  This includes full coverage pieces and charts that are more like a painting when completed. I tried a big piece with Smoky Mountain Christmas and I found out quickly that I am not a big project stitcher.  I like to complete things in a timely manner.  Hope that clarifies. I finished 40 pieces in 2018. Priscilla Blain finished 80 so that tells you I am just a pretty average stitcher.

I hope all of you have a great stitching week!!


Babs said...

I love those needleminders :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You do so many pretty projects and it's more fun for me to do smaller, more manageable projects now. And it helps to do some stitching every day...although I haven't been doing that! Enjoy your weekend! Love these minders!

Mary said...

I think your more than an average stitcher!! I have no desire to do a full coverage piece either, I have to short an attention span. I like having a rotation too, makes it so much more interesting to me. Great needleminders, I like the way you match them to your projects.

Terri D said...

Cute needle minders! I love seeing your projects and finishes! Interesting about the rotation thing making it more fun to finish more projects. I think I would feel the same... getting bored with one project and just putting it down for too long. Have a great time at Grimmwood!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I dont have the patience to finish one project, so I admire and enjoy yours so much. Enjoy your 'getaway'.

Barbara said...

I have been a monagomus (sp??) stitcher, but may start some additional projects for various reasons after reading your blog post. Like you, I like the feeling of accomplishment and therefore don't go for real involved patterns. You help me to feel confirmed!

Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous needle minders that came to live at your house! Thanks for sharing the information about hers and also your friend's.

Angela S. said...

I went back and ordered 2 of the vintage tv's with scenes from The Grinch and the Bewitched one with Samantha on the broom. I also got The Hobbit one, it's getting addictive! I'm using them on my fridge too, I always have lots of kids papers and artwork to hang up:)

Carol said...

You're getting such a nice collection of needleminders, Arlene! Being from Pittsburgh, I love the Mr. Rogers one :)

I'm retired, too, but don't seem to be any more productive than when I worked for some reason :(