Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday Stitching

I had one finish this week....

It is small but it is a finish!! Now to fully finish it. I used Grits for the bunny. I had it in my stash and I think it looks more like a bunny color than the stark white. It has just a hint of beige in it. You can see it better in person. This is from Prairie Schooler. I also changed the Bunny's shirt to a pastel color instead of the primary colors used on the chart. The grass is Color and Cotton and I love the bright green variegation.

Now for a piece I kitted up....

Where else but on a Stitching post does a dear fellow stitcher find the pattern you were looking for and sends you a link to it? Thanks RJ!! I used the fabric from my stash. I thought it would be cute on the blue and I will leave off the blue stitching on the pattern. I did go to Cross Stitch Peddler to get a variegated floss for the Sunflowers. I thought that would perk it up. Of course, I do not have the color right here as I am writing this post but I will try to note the colors as I work on it. By the can find this chart  on ETSY if you are interested.

I also kitted up my gift project but I cannot show that one to you.:)

Now for a WIP parade....

May by Prairie Schooler. I am working on the lambs now and the green grass of the pasture. I always leave off the border at the bottom of the month pieces. I just do not think they add a lot to the piece and are mainly filler. May is my birthday month so that is why I am working on it, hoping to complete it by my birthday.

A little more done on God Save the Queen by Kitten Stitcher. I am going to fill in her dress tomorrow while I am at the North Alabama Stitchers meeting. I find it is better to do the boring fill in work when you are gabbing with other stitchers.

Oh Say Can you Sea by Hands on Design. This will be a drum. I am using colors from my stash instead of the called for colors. I have so many pretty fancy flosses and I intend to use a lot of them up this year.

I finally got that house built so I am hoping the rest of the project will be done quickly. I love my patriotic ladies.

Confession time...the last time you saw this piece I was working it on a dark blue. Well I was fussing and fuming so I decided to just scrap it before I got too far along and I am using a piece of my own coffee/tea died fabric. I am not sure how it will turn out but I am enjoying it once again. I will have to decide what to do with the windows as with the darker fabric it just looks like the lights are out. I love Prairie Schooler for their simple designs and use of few floss colors.

Here is Easter Parade by Brenda Gervais of With thy Needle and Thread.  I think I might make this one into a Wreath. Java Stitcher on You Tube made a wreath from a Brenda Gervais piece and it was so cute.  I am not using the called for colors but again using up my fancy floss. I love the variegation in the chick.

I am pleased with my progress with these pieces. I try to work on one piece each day unless I just cannot put it down! I find it does keep me from being bored and my stitches are neater because I tend to take my time and enjoy stitching on each piece.

Happy Stitching all my Thread Head friends.


Sandy said...

Eye candy today! I adore that first little bunny. He is going to be so cute in that bowl. That cow is perfect for Grimmwood and the color you picked out for the sunflowers is simply perfect. I will need to know the color name:) Prairie Schooler is so sweet to stitch. I know the color will work. Their stitches are too neat not to. The chick at the end too is working perfectly with that color as well.
Happy stitching!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Happy Stitching to you and from your pictures, I can tell you are that.....happy.

Terri D said...

In awe, as always, at your creativity and talent!! Love the bunny with the cart full of eggs!! Happy stitching!!

Mari said...

I love your new May project. It's going to be a beauty!

Meg said...

Some fun projects, Arlene! On the Prairie Schooler "Happy Christmas," you could stitch some of the windows in black and some in yellow, so that it looks like someone is home and has the lights turned on in some of the rooms. I notice in Charles Wysocki's folk art that he paints the houses like this and it makes them look more alive.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, can it be almost Easter time? Time has been passing so quickly! Love all your pieces!!

Carol said...

Such a cute bunny, Arlene! I've had a number of bunnies calling loudly to me to stitch them lately, too :) Definitely turning more spring-like.

Love your current WIPs--especially the May PS. Another that I must stitch... sigh! Sure wish I could get by on only four hours of sleep a night :)

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I think you have made good progress on your WIPs. I love your bunny finish and can't wait to see it in finished form.

RJ said...

Arlene so many adorable stitches you have going. They are all going to be great. So glad you were able to get the cow is so you.

I almost have All bundled up done and I ran out of Grits which is the snowman and the snowflakes. My Grits looks so much whiter than yours and now I'm abit worried that the top of the snowman's head may turn out to be a different color. Oh boy!!! RJ