Thursday, March 28, 2019

Grimmlins on Spring Break

The Hoover Grimmlins are on spring break this week. Ben, Margaret and Elliott were on their way to Grimmwood when they stopped in Gadsden, Alabama to check out a children's museum there. Katy and Baylor traveled to the museum but then headed back to Birmingham when the others left for Georgia. Baylor does not sleep well when he is not at home and having just Baylor gives Katy a little break as well.  Margaret and Elliott love having Daddy to themselves for a day or two and Grandma loves seeing the grands and great grands.

Uncle Charles might like this as his middle name is Clifford.

Looks like Elliott has a bright future.

This boy loves trucks.

Baylor found a quiet spot to reflect.

Ready for a call!

Nana is getting this one framed.

 Our Beautiful boy.

Our Rascal

The Princess.

So glad the children are getting to enjoy some fun spring break activities. 


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Looks like a fun day for sure. Have a blessed Thursday.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a fun outing they had! I know Nana is going to enjoy hanging out with the grands.

Annsterw said...

What a fantastic day with some adorable kids! Such a blessing! Thanks for sharing these! Have a great week! Annster's Domain

Carol said...

The kids are really growing up quickly--I'm sure you love having them visit, Arlene :)

Terri D said...

Beautiful children!! The photo you are having framed is so precious! They all are, but I can see why you want that one framed!! Thanks for sharing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Looks like it's been nice weather for all the fun too! We are getting out just as much as we can before it turns hot! Enjoy your day!

Dianna said...

Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves.

Mari said...

Sweet photos! Looks like they are all having fun!

Anonymous said...

That is a HUGE Clifford! Love all the photos of the grands. So sweet that they are visiting Grimmwood.