Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Just Lanai ing Around

Well my second pedicure of the season is in the books...flip flops are on and the color chosen was OPI's Just Lanai ing Around.  It is probably the closest I will get to Hawaii!!

This week is spring break. There was a change this year as Kendall and Landon are old enough to sleep in as Nick and Tara get ready for work and the little sisters head off to day care. Kendall and Landon text me once they are up, dressed, fed and chores are done and I drive over to their dad's house and pick them up.

On Monday Landon accompanied me to the grocery store while Kendall stayed home with Grandpa. The lady in the bakery offered him a free cookie. He thanked her for it and as we walked away, he carefully wrapped the cookie in the napkin and put it in his pocket. I asked if he was not hungry and he told me he wanted to share it with Kendall.  I told him we could buy a cookie for Kendall and we did. Now Kendall on the other hand would have eaten hers without a thought of little brother.:)  Landon reminds me a lot of my Granddaddy Tankersley. He has a pleasant and caring disposition.

Kendall was telling me that she had taken her little sisters on a walk in the neighborhood and the youngest sissy, pitched a fit. I asked if that reminded her of anyone????  Kendall smiled and said, "Me".When Kendall was little she was a ring tailed tooter as we say here in the south.  She was a firecracker and smart as a whip so it was difficult to pull anything off on her.  When she was about three we were on a trip with Amelia and we spent the night at a hotel that had an indoor pool. After riding in the car all day, Kendall was ready for some action and she was not going to get out of the pool when it was time to go to bed. She did have one weakness...she was scared of monkeys. Grandpa told her that he saw a sign that said Monkeys may swim after 9 pm. Well she was ready to get out when he told her that. ( Yes we were mean grandparents but we were exhausted and ready for bed.)  We all had a good laugh as we recalled other Kendall stories.

Yesterday K and L spent the afternoon with their Ledlow grandparents. They were so happy to be able to spend time with them. Their grandfather is battling lung cancer and now he is feeling better so he can visit with them without fear of catching some germ from the kiddos. Landon was ready for some of Mimi's fried potatoes.

I took the afternoon to do some errands and I managed to get my toes done while out.  I tried a new salon a friend recommended in Hartselle. It was a nice experience and I will be going back there. While I was out enjoying my afternoon, Marvin was having the first of two root canals that he must get done.  It was his first root canal and he was rather anxious but all went well.

Well the kiddos are off to Mimi and PaPaw's house again today so I have a day to myself. I think I hear my craft room calling me. Frankly it is a time to deal with it. Have a blessed day friends.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love the color of the nail polish....looks springy! I know you enjoy having your grands and they obviously enjoy being with y'all too. They grow up so fast. Hope you get to work in your craft room today.

Sandy said...

I have to remember the ideas and stories for grandkids. Quite frankly, monkeys are quite tame to the things my grandma told be. Hers had to do with bones! No political correctness back then.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, I am still chuckling over the monkeys swimming in the pool after 9. What wonderful memories! I know you are enjoying the time with the grandkids.

Mrs.T said...

That is hilarious about the monkeys! Quick thinking on Grandpa's part!

And I am so thankful to hear that Mr. Ledlow is feeling better. He is on my prayer list every Tuesday.

Terri D said...

It is a blessing that your grand-kiddos are close enough that you can help out and spend time with them. They are growing up so fast though! Our schools are off next week for spring break. Love your polish color!! I haven't been for a pedicure in years. Perhaps it's time!!

Meg said...

Cute tootsie toes! Love the color. So nice to find a good salon. My sister-in-law has asked me a couple of times to go with her to get a pedi, and I may just do it. She likes her salon and it's always so much fun with someone else. I've only had two pedis in my life (if you can believe that). The first one (in a strip mall in Reno, Nevada) was amazing, but the second (on a Norwegian cruise ship in Alaska) was a nightmare, so I have been afraid to go again!

Love the story about Kendall and the monkeys. Hey, you gotta do whatever it takes sometimes. :-)

Have a lovely day. I hope Marvin is feeling better!

Mari said...

Those toes look good! I think a pedicure sounds like a good plan. And those grands are so funny!