Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday Stitching

I had a good finishing week so I will share some of my FFOs with you.

My Prairie Schooler Bunnies found a home in this pretty Easter Egg. The doily was a gift from my friend, Sharon, who lives up the street.

  Molly Pitcher is complete. I thought she would fit in my Pewter Bowl this summer but turns out I had forgotten about Betsy Ross. So now I need a bigger container for my Lady Patriots.

I made a mistake in choosing fabric for Abigail Adams so her pillow is small. OOPS.

I finished stitching Teacups by Shakespeares Peddler. I hope to have it FFO'd by next Saturday.

Easter Parade is finished too. I left off the blue birds that were charted. I wanted the Bunny and the Chick to be the stars of the piece. All the fancy flosses are Colour and Cotton Flosses I had on hand.

I blame this purchase on Barb and Leanne from Lost in Floss on You Tube. I saw their cute snow men and had to order these sweet guys.  They also were on sale last why not? I will not be stitching them until autumn.

Drum Roll Please! The winner of the give away was Robin from Virginia!! Robin I already put this in the mail so it should reach you soon.    I hope everyone has a good stitchy week!! Longer hours of Daylight means more stitching.:)


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Beautiful work my friend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

All of the Spring designs are so sweet...especially the Easter parade. Congrats to your winner and have a beautiful weekend! Hugs, Diane

Sandy said...

Yah for Robin! I love everything Arlene. The bunnies are so cut with the egg and that doily is very pretty too. The ladies have all come out nice and you will have to have a big bowl for them. I like the flag plate with Molly in front as is. Like I said I love it all.

Robin in Virginia said...

First, let me say thank you for picking me as the giveaway winner. Wow! Your spring stitches (love the bunnies) are adorable. What a pretty doily you were gifted. I think your 'ladies' look fabulous and look forward to seeing what type of bowl or basket you come up with for them. Because of you, I ordered that teacup stitch earlier in the week. Your snowman trio purchase make me smile. Enjoy your weekend, Arlene!

Terri D said...

I always love seeing your finished pieces and how you use them in little groupings around the house. Wishing you a good weekend!! Happy stitching!

Mari said...

Everything is so cute, but I love your patriotic pieces and that flag plate!

Mary said...

You have accomplished so much Arlene! I love them all but my heart skipped a beat at Molly pitcher and the antique Flag plate!!

Carol said...

Congratulations to Robin! I'm sure she'll find some goodies in that magazine :)

Love your bunnies and patriotic women, Arlene! And your newest chick and bunny finish is darling (saw it all finished up on IG this morning!). Well done!

I know you'll love those cute snowmen. I have two of them myself--just need more time to stitch...