Thursday, September 12, 2019

More from the Apple Orchard

Charles and Nancy got the rest of their photos from their family photo shoot at the Orchard. So I am going to share them too because....Well I am a Nana.

The whole family.

I love this natural laugh!

Bubba and Sissy.

I love this me it says, "Come on over here and give me some sugar." That little half smile is precious.

Hope this post encourages you to eat an apple today to keep these beautiful orchards in business.


Sandy said...

Oh my goodness. These are precious! I agree that last one is just too cute.
I love apples and I think I will eat one for breakfast!

Robin in Virginia said...

Simply wow! What beautiful photos in the orchard. The one of Audrey by herself is adorable; love her facial expression. And of the solo one of Baby J is a cutie. What a charmer he is! Arlene, thank you for sharing!

Georgia said...

I shared the pics with my husband because they are so cute. He said it looks like Bubba picked those apples:) These are great pictures. What a great photographer. Have a blessed day:)

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

So adorable. I think setting the photos in an orchard was a great idea.

Linda said...

Such a beautiful family! Those photos are great!

Meg said...

Oh, my gosh... so precious. What a beautiful setting.

Laurel Wood said...

Such beautiful children (and mom and dad). The apple orchard photos are terrific!

Mary said...

These photos are all outstanding but I just love the photo of Audrey by herself!! What a beautiful family!