Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday Five

1. My Favorite Ball Player

This boy has his game face on for sure!! Elliott has started playing basketball. He is going to break some hearts one day!!

2. Throwback to the late 1970s.

This is the house we lived in when Ben was a baby and I was pregnant with Amelia. Located outside of Athens Ga, Marvin took this picture on a snow and ice day. We were so proud to be able to rent this home. It was owned by a local church. Some older members left their home to the church in their will in order to bring income to the church. We did not have much furniture but we had a lot of House.:)

3.  Homecoming  Court

Niece, Laura, is on the Homecoming court at Dalton State College. She is a senior this year and here's hoping she wins the crown.

4. Valentine Door

I wanted something Cheery for the front door in this cold weather. Thanks to the ladies at Pineapples for the Bow and the Heart. The basket and the greenery came from Hobby Lobby.

5. The Grandparents

More scanned pictures from the early 1980s.

My Tankersley Grandparents with Ben and Baby Amelia. My grandmother always called Amelia, Amanda. Amelia says a lot of people call her Amanda. Back in 1980 Amelia was not as popular as it is today.

My Grandmother Henderson with Ben and Amelia. My grandfather lost his life in a car accident when I was in high school. Grandmother lived in a mobile home on my parents property after Granddad's death.

I have so enjoyed seeing some of these old photos! Great memories.


Laurie said...

It’s fun to slip back in time and your blog is a wonderful memory keeper for you! Everyone can enjoy it!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love the memories. Hoping your neice wins the crown...she sure is a pretty young lady. Your decoration on the front door is so nice and bright. Hope you have a good weekend.

Sandy said...

Love seeing the pictures. When I finish my quilt I have a family project that I want to make for the kids. I will be looking back through pics too.
I just love your wreath for Valentine's. Such a pop of color for winter.
I hope Laura wins!!! She is so pretty.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the photos from the 80s, Arlene! Glad that you have them and Marvin is scanning them to preserve. I really like your Valentine door hanging. You could use the basket/greenery repeatedly and just change out the bow and heart. Best wishes to Laura; hope she is crowned! What a lovely home you rented (and what a great idea that it was left to the church). Elliott is a cutie!

Terri D said...

Old family photos are such a treasure! And so are those current photos of a handsome young man who will, indeed, break hearts one day! Good luck to Laura and please let us know when she is crowned!

Terri D said...

Not sure if my comment went thru because our internet went down but I love the old family photos AND your sweet basketball player! I need to get my Valentine stuff out! Thanks for the reminder!

Mari said...

That was a lovely home!
I think Elliot is so handsome and I can see a resemblance to Ben. I love your valentine door!

RJ said...

What great Friday Fives Arlene! Elliot is adorable and is already breaking hearts...mine for sure. Best of luck to Laura...she is a beauty and I hope she is crowned too. Love all of the photos of the nice to look back and remember. Your valentine basket is wonderful and perfect for the occasion. RJ