Wednesday, May 20, 2020


It has been a fun week for me with Mothers Day and Birthday celebrated....

Marvin is jealous of all the cards I receive each year! Several are from online friends. My sis in law sent me this one.

The one behind that says 5 Things you are Still Young Enough for was a funny one as well.  Speaking of TP....still none to be had at Publix. We purchased a big package at Target so we are fine but it leaves me perplexed.  My sis in law who lives in Tennessee swears by BOXED. She has her orders delivered to her door.

Oh and here is a picture of the Birthday Boy wearing his Korean outfit.

I know I am biased but he is a cutie pie.

Meanwhile in Hoova....

Katy titled these, Corona-cation.  The boys hair has already grown so much. Oh to be young!  I love that Margaret has her doll in tow. I was asking Ben if they are calling her Margaux at home. It was a school nickname.  Ben says she is pretty much Margaret all the time now so I will probably go back to calling her Margaret as well. To me, she is a Margaret, a sweet old-fashioned name for a sweet girl.

When Katy posted this next picture I will admit it made Nana a bit teary.

Ben is such a good dad to Baylorman.

I got several nice gifts from the kids. Ben, Katy and family sent me a canopy camp chair.
It is the perfect thing for the beach and the ball fields. I have not assembled it yet but I look forward to using it and it is one of my favorite colors, turquoise.

Amelia got me some cute earrings for Mothers Day and a  set of car coasters.. For my birthday I got a really nice key ring and a lovely thermal glass, perfect for summer.  My girl knows my tastes.

 Charles and Nancy sent me a  Hobby Lobby gift card which I put to use to purchase flosses for my Priscilla Project.  I had my fingers crossed that I could find all the DMC colors needed and I was so happy to find each one on the conversion list.  I did hear that the Fancy Floss dyers are back at work so hopefully some of those coveted flosses will be back in the shops soon.   While at Hobby Lobby I picked up some nice blue and white trays. All of the spring things were marked 50% off so two for the price of one.  I have book club here this week and I am going to do a Memorial Day theme. Can you believe this weekend is Memorial Day? Even in the midst of Corona, time is passing by.  We do not have any big plans for Memorial about you?


Brenda said...

Happy Happy. I have a Margaret Rose...she is an angel...turned fifteen last week...home schooled...have a good good week...

Laurel Wood said...

Your grands are precious. Love the photo of Ben and Baylor and Margaret looks so pretty. You received some nice gifts and cards. Hope you enjoy your afternoon.

Sandy said...

For once having a stash of stuff has been useful! I was able to stitch most everything I wanted because I had kitted things and when I didn't have a called for color I had plenty to choose from as a substitute. I actually ventured into Joanns for which I will never complain about again and it was so low on EVERYthing. Fabric had been cut I am sure for masks and all fat quarters were gone. The DMC was very low. It was the only place right in town to get floss since AC Moore went out of business. Destin has a Hobby Lobby but I have not made it there yet. I am still being cautious in my venturing out. Try to pick odd times and so forth. I have done pick up orders and such. I keep telling Jeff I can't stay home forever. Those Hoover kids look like they are having fun and I love those summer cuts. Reminds me of younger days around here. Happiest of birthdays to a great lady.
We have no real special plans. We talked about going to Auburn but I am not sure we are or not. IF we do it will be last minute otherwise it will be a quiet weekend here.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Sounds like you had a good birthday for sure. Those kiddos are so precious and I know you enjoy them. We will grill out for Memorial Day as Murphy (my son) took off from his job to be with his family....:)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so glad you had a HAPPY birthday! May is such a perfect birthday month! Love the cute cards and nice gifts you received! And plans? I almost feel like saying, what's that? I hope we can take a hike or get out for a drive though! Hugs!

Mari said...

Looks like you had a very nice birthday and Mothers Day. I enjoyed the photos - especially the one of Ben and Baylor. So sweet. And I like Margaret too - a good name!

Terri D said...

No plans for Memorial Day here. I am so glad you had such a great birthday! One to be remembered during the pandemic time! Great photos!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, thank you for sharing the photos of the grands. They make me smile. What a lovely assortment of birthday/Mother's Day cards you received! I hope you will chair a picture of your camp chair. We canceled our Memorial Day gathering because the gathering ban is still 10 or more, so it will be a quiet weekend here.

Barbara said...

SWEET pictures of your family. I love how Margaret has (as you noted) her doll with her, but she (Margaret) is sitting so lady-like on the chair.

Memorial Day weekend: we are driving to Orlando for the day to take a longtime friend for lunch to celebrate his 70th birthday (he's moving back to our shared homeland of Colorado next week). After that we are seeing our daughter's family for ice cream and Beloved's picking up a purchase at the Apple store.

Sunday is church on-line (of course), and that evening our neighborhood circle of 70 homes is having a big party (a block party). I plan to make my chocolate chip cookies to share.

BTW, funny how we can share our food with one another but we can't hug!!!

As for the actual Memorial Day, no plans. Resting sounds good to me.