Monday, May 25, 2020

Happy Memorial Day

And today we remember all those who gave all so that we can enjoy our freedom every day.  Several members of our family on the Tankersley and the Grimm sides have served in the Armed Forces. Today we remember Marvin's cousin, Emory Morel Smith who gave his life in Viet Nam.

No big plans for Memorial Day here at Nanaland.  It is hard to believe that Summer is here. Even though these quarantine days seem to move slowly, time is still marching on.  We are slowly getting back to normal here in Alabama. Marvin and I are choosing to limit our going out and about.  I never realized what a gadfly I was before this virus! But Deborah and I are planning to go to Mr Henry's for breakfast on Tuesday. The last time we were there was the beginning of March. We sure miss our waitresses, Monica and Becky.  They always provide service with a smile.  Another step in the road back to normality for me.

I want to leave you with this cutie not one of my grands.

A Foothills Farm baby.  Leta took this photo and the Facebook page, Udder Surprise, posted it on Saturday. My sister is famous! At least in the farm world.:)

Have a blessed day friends.


Laurel Wood said...

Sweet photo by Leta. We are limiting our trips out too. I know you will enjoy your outing on Tuesday. So sad about Marvin's cousin. My maternal grandfather gave his life in WWII.

Anonymous said...

Love Udder Surprise. They have such neat cow pics.

Sandy said...

The cow is so cute. I always think they seem like big dogs. It really would never do for me to raise cattle that might be eaten. I guess I would have to be a dairy farmer. Have a great day.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a precious picture of the calf! Welcome to the world Foothills Farm baby.

Let us honor, remember, and never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives on this Memorial Day.

Visits With Mary said...

We're beginning to get out too, it's time!! Hope you are enjoying this Memorial Day!!

Terri D said...

Cute calf!! I'm glad you are getting out and about again!! Looking forward to getting my stitches out so I can get out eat and shop again! Happy Memorial Day.

Mari said...

Your new farm baby is so cute!
Hope you had a nice day!

Brenda said...

Love your pictures. I enjoy your blog...You and your positive attitude are an inspiration to many during this time of crisis.