Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday in the Stream

It has been a while since I have waded into the stream. Frankly for the last six weeks, my mind has been streaming everywhere. I was not sure what would be of interest to my friends.

1. Button Jars.... After stitching Collector which featured a Button Jar, my mind went back to my Grandmother Henderson's house.  She was my gentle grandmother. She enjoyed home pursuits and had one of the sweetest natures of any one I have ever met. Let's just say I inherited her love of hand crafts but that is about it.:)  One special memory I have from her home was sitting on the bed in the bedroom that blonged to Grandmother and Granddad.  She had given me her button jar to play with that afternoon. I am not sure where my parents were. My sister, Kristi, had an eye condition that required her to go to Chattanooga to the doctor there and I sometimes stayed with the grandparents while Mother and Daddy made the trip with Kristi. So perhaps that is where they were.  Oh how I loved playing with Grandmother's buttons. She has so many different ones. Back then, people saved everything knowing that they might need it one day.( We are getting a dose of that during the quarrantine).  I would sort them by color. Then I would sort them by size. I would make a pile for my favorites and a pile for the ugly ones.:) It would keep me busy for a good while. Do children even know what button jars are? I have a couple but I have never allowed my grands to learn the joy of playing in the button jar.  And NO I never put one up my nose, ate one or put one in my ear.:)

2. I have resorted to using what I have during this sheltering at home. Sheltering at Home sounds much better than quarantine.  The other day when I was baking, I was lacking an ingredient. Instead of hopping in my car and heading to the store, I texted my next door neighbor Janet and she let me borrow what I needed. It reminded me of the I Love Lucy episodes where Lucy and Ethel were always borrowing things from one another.  When stitching I have substituted flosses from my stash for a called for floss. I have gone shopping in my home, moving some things around. I did not spend a penny. So some good lessons learned during this time.

3. I did order The Crown Season three from Amazon. Marvin and I enjoyed the first two seasons of this series so we wanted to keep watching. And no we do not have netflix. I also had to order the Rise of Skywalker so that we have the complete series of Star Wars. Because, yes, we are nerds. I got excited the other day when I heard Vera Bradley is coming out with a Harry Potter series of bags this summer. I will admit to looking forward to seeing them! But back to the Crown. Several of my stitching friends have already seen this season with the new queen and they tell me that it will take a while to get used to her voice. Very high pitched and a bit annoying. Since the local library is closed, I have been re reading Kitty Kelly's The Royals.   I do admit to being nn Anglophile as well. I keep up with the Queen. I even follow Kensington Palace on Instagram.  Update regarding The Crown. We have watched the first two episodes and I rather like the Queen in this season. She has much more maturity and she and Prince Phillip seem to get along better.  Margaret is well played by Helena Bonham Carter. She is much prettier than Margaret was....I thought Margaret was a legend in her own mind.

4. If you enjoy You Tube, I have found a channel that has been very nice to watch lately. Sweet and Simple Home. Rachel is a young wife and mom and she has the most calming and sweet voice. Yes those kinds of things either draw me to a channel or turn me away from it! She has a pretty little home and she loves vintage things.( I E the things that we in vogue when I was a child.) Maybe that is why I like her channel.  I am watching less and less Television and more You Tube.

5. I have also used this time to purge some of my social media. I realized I had a lot of Facebook friends who are really just acquaintances and some of their posts veer to the political a bit too much for me. I have been unfollowing and in some cases unfriending. I told Marvin that all I want to see on my FB scroll is needlework, photos of family, recipes and encouraging messages. I keep that in mind when deciding if I need that facebook friend on my FB feed.  I really like Instagram because you can look at pictures and there is a lot less drama there.  Marvin got so fed up with FB the other day, he decided to just take a FB break. 

6.We are back out and about here in Alabama....there are restrictions but it is good to have the option to do some shopping.  I think most of us who fall into the vulnerable category are retired and able to stay in as we feel led. I went out on Saturday morning by myself and it did feel strange. Marvin and I have been going everywhere together and he drives so just driving again was different. Marvin says he thinks everyone has forgotten how to drive as their skills are I did experience several episodes of people cutting me off and one driver almost backed into me in a parking lot.  But over all it was good to just be out and experiencing some normality. I went to the local gift shop and it was very easy to social distance in there. Hobby Lobby was more crowded but lines were marked on the floor and most everyone had on masks. I felt safe there. Hobby Lobby has a hand sanitizer station on the way out which was nice.   So far everything seems to be going well.


Miss Dishywoo said...

I can imagine how much you enjoyed playing with your grandmother's button jar as a child. Sweet memories. My mother and the neighbors used to borrow this and that from each other when I was a child. One or the other would need an egg or a cup of sugar. It was usually me who was sent to fetch it or take it! I wish we (in KY) were opening non-essential stores. Stores aren't planned to open for a few more weeks, and salons even later than that. No restaurants opening for seating until June. We have to hold on a bit longer!!! It encouraged me to read that you had some retail therapy - I know it's coming.

Brenda said...

Day hasn't moved. We are back to cold weather so even walking outside is out...I do my five to six miles in the apartment watching You tube on the tv or listening to music. I don't have cable television, but I do enjoy Netflix and Hulu-am watching shows I never saw. Love love love BLuebloods...As to the Crown, the third season is my favorite. I finally watched D. grand has Amazon Prime as a student, and I watched it...loved loved loved...of course, I love England and enjoyed two trips there as a teacher...on Endowment grants with other teachers who study and specialized in love your of my favorites...I am going to venture out to sit in my daughter's yard soon...we are still having so many safe...prayers...

Mary said...

Arlene, I enjoy reading your stream posts! I am not a fan of facebook and just go on for the stitching and photography sites. I think it's wonderful how a jar of buttons kept you busy. My maternal grandmother had a big box of wooden blocks for us and we loved playing with them. That is the only toy she had for us and we were satisfied with that. I bet a button jar would have kept me busy! I have 3 button jars that were found in antique stores and I like going threw them now!! Keep distancing and stay well!! Mary

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

All my adult life, I have been teased about moving things around and I always say "I cant buy something new, so I rearrange and feel like I have something new". You and I are on the same page as far as FB friends. I have also purged and even deleted posts at times. Everybody has their own opinion as to politics and other things and if ugly, I am not interested. Enjoy your Wednesday.

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed wading with you this morning, Arlene. We are still on the order to stay at home although some loosening up (they are calling it phase 1) will begin to happen on the 15th. We have been eating from the freezer and the pantry for most meals and picking up to go once a week or so. I had to chuckle about your FB comments. The more I hear the less I want to join. I do like Instagram for the pictures of stitching, nature, etc. Hope you have a good day!

Sandy said...

I love wading in your stream. I have a button jar and Mom always had a button jar. I didn't let Paul Allen ever play with it because he did stick a peanut up his nose. We never understood why so small things were kept away from him:)
I don't have neighbors that I can borrow from. I hate that. I sometimes wonder and might not should write this here, but I often wonder if it is living in a military town. I think as long as they are young and in they take good care of each other but when they retire they are different. Of course, my next door neighbors are beasts.
But, I have done of a lot of making do with the big Q.
We have Netflix and it has kept Jeff occupied. Lately I have just wanted complete silence. I have done a wee bit of Youtube, but a lot of just quiet. I am sure I will snap out of it.
Every time I think I just might get a Facebook I read something like this and go no I don't need more troubles. I even stay off Instagram sometimes. Although I think it has replaced magazines for me. I don't think I need another time waster either ! :)
Love wading though.

Mrs.T said...

My mother had a button tin, not a jar. It was a rectangular tin painted black and with tole painted flowers on it. I think that one of her friends had painted it. It was just full of buttons and I was sometimes allowed to play with it when not feeling well. I loved sorting them out by color, design, etc. When my own girls were young, I bought the bags of assorted buttons from Home-Sew and they played with those quite often. Now I have a couple of button jars and also a bunch of vintage buttons which I need to list and sell.

I've never been on Facebook and I have never been more thankful for that. I don't need it in my life. I do go there occasionally to check on the hours of some business or other, or to watch one of Reba Bowman's devotional videos, but that is enough for me.

As a child I was often sent to my grandmother's farmhouse just up the road to borrow some ingredient or other. My mother would call and check first, but Grammie had a full pantry and nearly always had the necessary item on hand. It was a trip I never minded making.

Always love your Stream posts!

Terri D said...

I have my grandma's button tin AND my mom's button tin. I also started my own button tin! Button, button, who has the button?!! I need to find a craft to use buttons on! Arlene, I enjoyed your post today!!

Meg said...

I started my own button jar years ago (my mom kept one, too, so I knew what one was growing up). I donate my clothes while they are still in good condition, so the only buttons in my jar are the extras provided with a new shirt or sweater. Imagine my delight when I found a glass jar FULL of buttons at the little thrift store in my hometown. All kinds of buttons, some really old, most with the threads still hanging off them. I put half of them in another glass jar and gave it to my son’s girlfriend, who loves hand sewing. Now she has her own button jar. So, I don’t know if all kids know or care, but she does!

I closed my Facebook account years ago because I was tired of political arguments there. I do not miss it. Now, I keep up with friends in person (when that was possible), via email, text, phone and Zoom. My relationships are better and more intentional without FB.

Mari said...

My mom had a button tin and we loved to play with them, sorting and stringing them. You brought back some good memories.
I'm an Anglophile too I should watch the Crown.
I've been hiding people on FB. I don't want to unfriend them, but I get sick of seeing all the political stuff. If you hide them, you don't see their posts for 30 days.
Fun post today Arlene!

Barbara said...

You are so fun to read, Arlene! I enjoyed the paragraph about your grandmother's button jar.

I have never heard of Rachel at Sweet and Simple Home, but your description sounds delightful, so I've sent myself an email to check that out. (I do that, send myself emails, instead of writing out a note with pen and paper).

I went to Hobby Lobby this past Monday. It was wonderful. But like you, driving by myself again is a little hard. I need to keep my skills up!!