Monday, July 13, 2020

The Stream

Well it is more like The Sauna here as Summer has finally arrived at Nanaland. I cannot complain as this has been a milder summer so far.  After all it is July in Alabama.

1. As you may remember I am on a quest to read the Eight Perfect Murders as described in Peter Swanson's novel by the same name. I am trying to find them at the library but without much luck as many are older books. I did find The Secret History by Donna Tartt at the library and while the murder may have been perfect, the characters in the book are less than stellar. Thanks to Thrift Books, I found The Red House Mystery by A A Milne. So far I am making myself read it but I will say I wish Winnie the Pooh was one of the characters. However I cannot see Pooh or his friends as the murdering types.:)

2. I will be taking a blog break the week of the 20th. I am going to be keeping Audrey and Joshua all week so Nana is going to be tired. Grandpa is here as back up but you all know the mamas do most of the work. I am trying to find crafts etc for us to do as many things are shut down here.

3. I spent some time in the attic/craft room on Saturday. I have decided to clean out some of my craft supplies as I just do not use them very much. I also went through boxes of seasonal decor and pared it down. The little thrift store just up the road makes it easy to let go of things I have been holding on to as their profits go to missions.  I am thinking of getting a slim Christmas tree this year and really using only much loved ornaments on it.  I love Christmas but putting it all out and then putting it away is getting to be a chore. And Christmas should be enjoyed.

4. I am loving my "smart" tv thanks to the fire stick. Now I can watch Floss Tube on the big screen. I have been missing some of my regular floss tube stitchers but I found two new young stitchers you might enjoy watching on Floss Tube. One is Mountain Laurel Stitcher. She is a children's librarian as well as a stitcher and shares a book at the end of each floss tube.  Elizabeth Ann Can Stitch is another young stitcher who lives in Austin, Texas. She is such a prolific stitcher....amazing. And finally  Georgia Girl Stitcher. Megan is starting med school at Auburn and she said she will probably just post once a month. If I were in med school, I would need cross stitch to calm down at the end of every day. It is fun to see young woman carrying on the craft that we love.

5. Regarding the tv, so far we have-not chosen a streaming service. We have been watching a lot of our favorite old British shows on You Tube.  Morse, Poirot etc are there in abundance. Also Lord Peter Wimsey and Inspector Alleyn. We watched many of these detective shows on Mystery on PBS years ago.

6. I will have some new photos to share soon. Charles and Nancy had some family photos done in a sunflower field. They were nice but Joshua was having none of it. He just looked very unhappy in all of them. So Nancy took him to the photographer's studio for a do over.  I need a picture of Joshua to add to my grands wall so fingers crossed I will have one to add to my gallery.  This situation reminded me of the time I took all three of mine to get a picture made. Ben was five, Amelia was four and Charles was one. We called it the funeral photo as it looked as if they were all in mourning. The photographer did his best but they were REFUSING to smile.  And this is why picture day is always so stressful!!


Laurel Wood said...

I know you look forward to your grands visiting but it will be tiring! It's hot here too. I am having to water the flowers every day. Isn't it nice to have a thrift store you can donate to and you know the profits are going to a good cause? We no longer put up a Christmas tree but we still enjoy the meaning of Christmas and the joy of the season. Hope you have a great Monday!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

You will be a busy bee next week for sure but I know you will enjoy having them there with you too. Enjoy this week and rest while you can!

Sandy said...

Mother got a pencil tree probably a dozen years ago. She loves it. If I had to put one say at the Auburn place I would definitely go for that. The lights and yet the smaller circumference seems like a win.
Family pictures were always so much fun. IT was so hard to get one where all are smiling or an article of clothing is not wonky.

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed strolling with you in today's Stream (or Sauna) with you, Arlene. I know you and Marvin will enjoy having Audrey and Joshua for the week. In addition to crafts, you might look into bubbles and shaving cream (for finger painting). You can also finger paint with pudding or whipped cream (the stuff from the can). If you go for walks, you can play 'I Spy'. Happy Monday!

Terri D said...

We love our skinny Christmas tree and I have stopped putting so much out. It is just too hard and we haven't had Christmas company for a few years now. I do just enough to make it festive for the two of us. Joe and I got HULU when we canceled the cable and we really love it. Saves us a lot of dollars, too!

Mari said...

You are going to have a fun, but busy week with the two grands there!
We have a firestick and it really works well. British shows are some of our favorites too.
Family photos can be so difficult!