Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday Five

1. Baylor's teacher sent this photo to Kary. Such a joyful photo as he enjoyed the bubbles on the playground.
2. Rocky Mountain High. Amelia and Todd took an anniversary trip to Colorado last week and they visited the John Denver Sanctuary. She knows I love John Denver so she sent me this photo. 
3. I got these cute napkins at TJ Maxx last week. 
4. Candle ...another TJ Maxx find. It smells so good that I thought I had better get it and put it away.  I knew they would not be there when I returned to the store. I have learned that lesson about TJ Maxx.

 5. Rae Dunn Planner.  When Marvin saw this laying on my side table, he wanted to know what it was! I need a planner that shows the month at a glance and this one does. Now that we are retired and the grands are older, I do not need a detailed planner any longer. I love the pretty blue color too.


Sandy said...

Baylor looks so happy. That is wonderful. I hope he makes lots of progress.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the picture of Baylor and the bubbles! I would have joined him. Lovely planner, Arlene; love the color. Thank you for sharing the picture Amelia sent you from the John Denver Sanctuary. He was a favorite of mine as well.

Terri D said...

That picture of Baylor and the bubbles is so great! How nice that his teacher sent it to his mom! I use my Google calendar to keep track of our appointments. That way it is always with me on my phone and at home on the computer. I have a big 'planner' calendar hanging on the pantry door and it still says May. We never look at it anymore. Our TJ Max store is way up in the north end of town at the mall and we just never go up there. We do have Marshall's and Home Goods down here in our south end of town though. Looks like you had some good finds!

Mari said...

That photo of Baylor is the best!
I like John Denver too.
I really like those napkins and that planner too.