Monday, October 26, 2020

Travels in NoGA.

 I mentioned last week that Amelia and family spent some time at Fort Mountain, near our home in Chatsworth, Georgia. She got some great pictures so I thought I would share them with you.  Fort Mountain is one of the mountains you can see from my mother's front yard.

Even Miss Insdoorsy got some hiking time in.

The colors were just gorgeous.

One of the boys, minus Hampton because you know he hates to have his picture taken.

This is a man made lake if  I remember correctly. When I was a little girl we often went to Fort Mountain State Park for picnics. There was a really HIGH slide on the play ground area that scared me to death. I think I would climb half way up and then chicken out every time. I have always been timid of heights.

More beautiful fall foliage.

At Grimmwood the little ( or not so little anymore) boys enjoyed playing with heir BBguns.

Todd put up some tin cans for them to shoot at...Good Times.You may see our car tag collection. One of Marvin's Minnesota cousins sent him a Minnesota tag this week. He wanted the Grimm fam to represent at Grimmwood. So we will add it to the collection along with Marvin's personalized FIZZIST tag. I know I have told the story before but Marvin's mom could not say physicist properly and called him a FIZZiST.  We have car tags from every state we have lived in which includes, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.

Hope you enjoyed this arm chair traveling on a Monday Morning.


Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures of the foliage AND the grandkids. Boys should definitely have cans set up with BB guns!!! The leaves are beginning to change in Auburn.

Robin in Virginia said...

What gorgeous photos of fall near Fort Mountain and Grimmwood! The porch with the swing looks so inviting. Happy Monday, Arlene!

Mari said...

I don't like heights either.
Looks like a good time. Beautiful photos!

Terri D said...

Beautiful photos and it sure looks like they had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Boys and bb guns! I liked shooting them too. And I like the Fizzist's a classic! Enjoy your week!

Meg said...

What pretty fall foliage!

Carol said...

Beautiful, beautiful fall scenery in your neck of the woods, Arlene! Our trees are definitely past their prime, but we still see a few pretty golden ones in the woods that are very striking.