Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday

While hibernating inside, we have been watching some movies thanks to the free Showtime and Epix Channels on Spectrum.  I thought I would share some of them with you.  I preface this by saying that Marvin and I do not attend many movies. In fact we still have gift cards from Christmas that we will use when this social distancing is over.

1. I Can Only Imagine.....

This is a Christian movie and I always cringe a bit when I hear that phrase as some of them just are not done well.  I used to call it Bad Baptist Theater. lol Well now that I have offended everyone I will continue.  This movie has a slow start. In fact we almost stopped it as we were wondering when the story would pick up. But it does. Kudos to the actor Michael J Finlay who plays Bart Miller in this movie. He did all his own singing and I had to google him to find out he played Jean Valjean in Les Mis on Broadway. That explains that wonderful voice.  It is a story of redemption and forgiveness. Sometimes we all need a little more of that in our lives. As I have said before, I am not a big fan of most contemporary Christian music but the song I Can Only Imagine touched my heart the first time I heard it on the radio.    Oh and take a look at Cloris Leachman in this movie. She was born in 1926 and is still going strong. It is encouraging to see actresses like Ms Leachman and Angela Lansbury who are doing so well!

2. POMS.,,,this movie is set in a retirement village in Atlanta, Georgia. Martha has moved from Chicago to Atlanta to die. Literally.....she has ovarian cancer and she has refused treatment. She does not share this information with anyone because she wants to pursue her teenage dream of being a cheerleader. It was pretty good...aimed at the senior citizen crowd for sure. Some mild language but as movies go these days it was not bad.  I had wanted to see this one when it was in the theater but never got there. In retrospect free was better than mucho dinero.

3. Hampstead

Another Diane Keaton film set in England. ( I have always enjoyed Ms Keaton and I am glad to see her acting and aging gracefully.)  Emily Walters is a widow of a year and is avoiding financial disaster by putting her head in the sand. Fortunately she has some wealthy friends who look out for her. One day she spots a homeless man living in a shack in the woods not far from her neighborhood. Well everyone is up in arms about this except Emily. She gets to know this eccentric fellow and finds herself falling in love with him. A quirky movie with a sweet ending. We need some sweet endings as well right now.

4. The Man Who Invented Christmas

We enjoyed this movie starring Dan Stephens.( He played Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey) He plays this part so well. We come upon Charlie Dickens as he has writers block and he needs to publish something to keep his family going. ( He had 10 children and also took care of his sister's family as well as his parents.)  We see how A Christmas Carol came to life and how it changed Dickens as well. 

5. Wonder

This is Margaux's favorite movie and I am  just seeing it. A heartwarming story about a boy who is different and the people who rally round him to encourage  him to engage with the world.  I can see why Margaux identifies with this movie as she is the sister with the brother who is different. The message of the movie is Be Kind.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Unpopular Opinions Post

I saw this meme going around on Facebook and thought it would make a good Monday post.  So here are ten things I do not like that most people enjoy.

1. Talking on the phone. I  am just not a big phone talker. My kids are not either. If I want to communicate with them, a text is the best way to get in touch.

2. Alcohol   I have never found the taste of any alcohol appealing.  I am glad I do not like it as we have had several alcoholics in our family tree. I really prefer Coca Cola.:)

3. Grits. Most southerners love grits. I can eat them if there is enough cheese in them as in Cheesy Grits or Shrimp and Grits.  But plain grits for breakfast is not appealing to this Belle.

4.War Movies.  I tried to watch Unbroken with Marvin but I could not take it. He watches war movies upstairs in the man cave.

5. Church Choruses.....sorry...give me the old hymns any day.

6. Exercise. Basically I am a slug by nature. I do make my self walk and I will go to the gym when they re open as I want to use my Silver Sneaker membership but I will never enjoy it.

7. Chinese Food. I avoid these restaurants like the plague. I have tried but it does not appeal to me.

8.Egg Salad. UGH! I cannot even think about it without gagging.

9. Baseball.  This game could go on forever!! I love college football, basketball is okay but, no.

10. Camping. Why sleep outside in a tent when you have a perfectly good bed and air conditioning at home. Amelia says she is going to get tee shirts for me and Kendall that read, INDOORSY! Yes that is me.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning....Let's get this April quarantine Saturday started with a giveaway. I have two things to pass on. Here are the not use the word giveaway in your comment. Put the number 1 if you want the chart and 2 if you would like the hoops and 3 if you would like to be entered for both items. Answer this question...Other than church, where is the first place you plan to go when the quarantine is over??? Good Luck. Now here are the pictures of the items.

Remember that the farmer and the wife on on one piece of paper....dont go crazy like I did and decide you have lost one of them!!

Now this item is donated by my friend, Susan. She found an old bag of stitching things in her closet as she was tidying.  She graciously gave it to me to go through and keep anything I could use. It contained lots of goodies,  some crewel work, a pattern that I kept for myself and these two lovelies.

They appear to be Duchess hoops as they have cork on the inside ring. I offered them back to Susan, as I know you can sell these on Ebay for a good price but she wanted a stitcher to have them. I cannot use a hoop as I need a magnifier so I am passing them on to a lucky reader. Thank you Susan for your donation to Saturday Stitching. I also had to get onto Susan...her stitching was lovely. She said she just got bored with it.  Don't get mad at  So follow the rules stated above and I will announce the winners next Saturday.

Well one thing I can say for Quarantine get some things done!

Here is the Farmers Wife. I left off some of the flowers as I was most interested in the chickens. I used some Lady Dot trim that I had on hand and I also used a pretty piece of fabric I purchased in the fat quarter basket at Patches and Stitches. I should have shown the back! That little bow at the top is from the same fabric.  This is going to the dough bowl at Grimmwood. Sis Leta, also found some more of her stitching that she is sending to me. I may have that bowl filled up in no time.

I also worked on Christmas ornaments for the Grands. I finished Hampton's and got Kendall's almost completed.

Seth Hampton and Kendall Elizabeth.....I am trying to do them in birth order to keep things straight. Next up will be Landon Nicholas and Brock Hudson.

I got some work done on Riley's Harbor as well.

Pardon the lighting as I took this one at night!! I have most of the houses done on this side of the chart. I need to fill in the olive house. Marvin has been bored and I offered to teach him how to do my fill ins! He was not interested. Now I will get to do some boats and waves. I love houses but I have to admit, I am ready to stitch some boats for a change.

I remembered to get out April Flowers. I just put it by the bunny for a photo op. It is now by the Big Bunny on the Breakfast Bar.

I had one purchase this week. Stephanie Webb, owner of Lindy Stitches on ETSY had a quarantine sale and I downloaded this chart that was one of her market releases.

It is one of my favorite hymns. I love the font she used here...she has some unique things.

My stitchy friend , Meg, sent this to me....

White Lily is certainly a Holiday Perennial in the south. Meg said she would not have totally understood this chart without my sharing my love of White Lily!!

Ann at Shepherd's Needle in Little Rock shared this on her shop's Facebook page.

I also saw this sweet Winnie the Pooh quote on FB this week.

What a lovely thought for this unsettling time.  Winnie the Pooh is my favorite philosopher.;)

Happy Stitching.....please comment to enter the pass the stash.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Five

1. Plastic Scrapers

I purchased these from Amazon after seeing a housewife on You Tube using them to clean her glass stove top. I have used razor blades in the past but I worry about injuring myself so this seemed like a good solution. I used them with some Cerama Bright and I was very pleased with the results. You get two scrapers along with refills for the blades.

2. Method Degreaser

I purchased this from Grove Collaborative after hearing it recommended by another You Tube friend. This is great for cleaning around the cook top.  I also used it on my kitchen cabinets with great results. I looked for this product at Target but I could not find it there so I went to Grove for it.

3. Flip Flops

Since ya'll said it was okay to wear flip flops I got this cute pair for the summer. They are Granny Flip Flops as they are made by Clarks.:)  But they are very cute and so comfortable.  I love hot pink as it adds a pop of color to my mostly black wardrobe.

4. New Top

My high school friend, Sharon, told me about some cute tops etc that she had purchased from Amazon. So I went looking at some of their things and I loved this top as it has all the colors I like!! And it will be cute with my black capris. I was happy with this purchase. Their prices are very good as well.

5. Neighborhood Prayer

Sunday afternoon at five, neighbors were invited to walk to the end of their sidewalks for silent prayer. We have a neighborhood facebook page which is a good way to communicate all the neighborhood happenings.  It was so encouraging to look up and down the street as neighbors gathered for prayer. I  hope it is something we will continue to do even when social distancing is over.

I have to take a moment to remember my parents wedding anniversary. Mother and Daddy were married on this day 66 years ago.  I always try to call my mom and tell her happy anniversary. Even though Daddy is in heaven, it is still her anniversary!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

World Autism Awareness Day

I thought I would drop in to remind everyone of Autism Awareness . April is the month of the year that this strange disease is in the news.   I thought I would share our Autism story...just as with this syndrome, every story is different.

We were so excited when we found out Ben and Katy were having a BOY! Our first Grimm Grandson. He arrived on time and was perfect in every way. Things seemed to progress normally until he was about 18 months old. I noticed that Baylor did not respond to his name. As an old nurse that was when the alarm bells started going off in my mind.  But we can always make excuses for things we do not want to think about.  Other signs were popping up as well...speech delay and disinterest in what was going on around him  to name two. Doctors will not diagnose autism until the child is three years old. We lost at least a year of early intervention because of this timeline. I hope in the future it will change. Katy and Ben took Baylor to an ENT to make sure he could hear.  Tubes were inserted and we hoped that his speech would come. It did not.  Finally he was evaluated for Autism and was diagnosed as moderate to severe. I can still remember hearing those words.

After diagnosis, Katy and Ben started therapy for Baylor....speech therapy, occupational therapy etc.Over the years we have seen some improvement but there is no miracle cure for Autism.  Puzzle pieces are a great symbol for autism as it is very puzzling and challenging. My hat is off to Ben and Katy as they have parented their special boy. When Katy found out she was expecting another boy, we were all concerned because if you have one son with autism there is a 20% chance that the next son will also be autistic.  We are thankful that Elliott is neurotypical. That is the name for those not affected by autism.  I have to say that I could not fully enjoy Elliott as a baby because I was always on the look out for signs of autism.  As he passed the danger year and progressed with speech and motor development we breathed a sigh of relief.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am more aware of those suffering with Autism these days. I can usually spot it immediately.  Here are some tips for you if you encounter an autistic child or adult.

1. Make eye contact, smile and say hello. They probably will not react to you but the parent appreciates the interaction. So often people stare or just walk away.

2. If you see a child having a complete melt down in may not be a temper tantrum. It could be a sensory overload moment.  I used to be the person who walked by and thought, that child needs a good spanking. I am not so quick to judge anymore.

3. Teach your children to be kind to those who are different. Katy and Ben would rather people ask them questions about Baylor than to stare and gawk. Recently a little girl asked Katy why a big boy was in a stroller. Katy graciously explained that Baylor had a problem with his brain and the stroller kept him safe. The little girl said, "COOL" and went on her way.

4. Be kind to the parents. They are often at their wits end. Open a door for them....say an encouraging word and whisper a prayer for them to have a good day.

5. Be aware of signs of autism. As I said before, we thought Baylor was perfect when he was born and we wanted to ignore the signs in front of us. Early intervention is very helpful to the whole family.

I pray that the cause of this baffling ailment will be found in time to give Baylor a chance for a normal life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday

A few pictures and a few thoughts this third Wednesday of social distancing. I am doing a Lenten study and it always states which week of Lent it is on that day's devotion. It is the fifth week in Lent, in case you are wondering.

And by the way...Happy April Fools Day!! Dont let your family pull any tricks on you while we are all stuck inside together.

Marvin and I made our week's outing to Publix.  It was not crowded and we sanitized when we got home.  I did purchase my Easter Ham.  Even though it looks like it will be a social distancing Easter this year, we are having an Easter Dinner. I was thinking of cooking on Saturday and asking Amelia and Todd to come by and pick up a plate for themselves.  Here in Alabama, they are concluding that many of the Covid patients picked up the bug at church.  So we will watch on line, and affirm He is Risen Indeed when our pastor starts the service with He IS RISEN!! The story does not change even if our circumstances do!!

And hurray, I got some White Lily Self Rising Flour. Marvin nabbed the next to the last bag on the shelf.  White Lily is the ONLY flour for most southern ladies who bake.

While we were shopping I kept hearing a child making noises like our Baylor Man makes and I even turned to Marvin and said, Is Baylor here? with a smile. Well the next aisle over we ran into a mom with a precious little boy of about three who was obviously autistic.  We smiled and said hello. We really need a secret handshake in the Autism community to say, I understand. God Bless you today. The Autism club is not one I would chose to be a member of but God chose it for me as a Nana. I love my Baylor Man....

Speaking of our spectrum boy....when he saw Elliott riding his bike, Baylor was interested in riding as well.

Ben took the chain off so he could just push Baylor on the bike. Katy said to pardon his man bun but she was not in the mood to tackle a hair cut and this got it out of his eyes. lol As you can see Ben is sporting his quarantine beard.  Katy sent me a video of this process and Baylor was really holding on and keeping his balance pretty well. Ben and Katy are so good about giving Baylor as many experiences as his sensory issues allow.

Meanwhile in Georgia...Charles and Audrey took a walk to the beautiful lake in their neighbor of Harmony.

This girlie loves her daddy. And look how light her hair is getting. There are some English and German genes coming through!!:) We take what we can get folks.

Someone left a comment that it is good to see families really spending time together without the business of outside activities. This is a blessing of this time for sure.

Be sure and check those comment boxes if you have a blog of your own. I found several unpublished comments once again.  I keep reminding myself to check that at least once a week!

Hope all are doing well....Stay home and stay safe.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday Morning Musings

Well I will share a few interesting things going on here in Nanaland.

Last week, Landon and Kendall were at their Mimi's house and guess what they caught????

A small parrot!! It actually flew up onto Landon's shoulder so they think it has to be someone's pet. It was very tame.

The pictures were made on Landon's iPad so pardon the quality.  Landon said they named him/her Polly and carefully caged her to see if they could find out if anyone was missing a parrot.  This was an unexpected occurrence and one the kids will always remember.

Elliott was so bored with quarantine that he learned to ride his bike without training wheels.

I love the look of concentration on his face.  He told his Mom that he thought bike riding would be his everyday activity.

I was supposed to meet with my North Alabama stitchers group but with Covid 19 we had a virtual meeting instead. We all got online to post what we were stitching on and then at the end of the day we reported our progress.

Let Freedom Ring by Abby Rose Designs. I got my flag done as well as some of the house and the bunting.  Oh and I must tell on myself. Remember on Saturday stitching when I reported the disappearance of the farmers wife on Farmyard Parade? Well I ordered a new copy only to find that the wife was on the BACK of the chart of the farmer!! I felt so foolish! But my mistake is your gain. Come back on Saturday for a chance to have your own Farmyard Parade. I do not need two

One of my favorite local stores posted this picture on Facebook...

She would gladly bring your purchase to your car at curbside. Oh how I love blue and white. Tammy Eddy has the best gift shop/antique store in Decatur. And Tammy herself is just the nicest lady! I have to stay out of this store even when I am not in quarantine.

Sister Leta has been cleaning out closets etc as she cannot go to her teaching job right now. She found this picture of my daddy and Charles at the pond many years ago.  We never dreamed that one day Grimmwood would set just across the pond from where Charles is fishing.  Sweet Memories.  I thank God for all He has done for me over the years and will continue to do!

Have a good day...stay safe and healthy!!