Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Stream

  Let's run away from reality this morning. I don't know about you but my go to mode these days is ostrich with head in sand.

1. Have any of you watched the new All Creatures Great and Small on PBS? Marvin and I were dubious as we watched the original series back in the day. However I give this one a thumbs up.  The Yorkshire Dales are the perfect place to visit and escape from the cares of the world.

2. Marvin and I settle down every day after lunch to watch Shtizel on Netflix. It is a Jewish soap opera set in the Haredi Orthodox community of Jerusalem. Subtitles are needed but it is neat to see Jerusalem today and hear the Hebrew language. ( Some yiddish thrown in as well)  We call it "our story" just like our grandmothers and mothers called their soap operas.  Right now we are pulling for poor Akiva to find a wife. 

3. Recently I found some Adult Bedtime stories on You Tube. My favorites are Agatha Christie stories read by Hugh Fraser. Mr. Fraser was Captain Hastings on the Poirot series.  The down side is I fall asleep, then spend the next day finding where I need to start over at in the recording.  A soothing British voice is perfect for nodding off to dreamland.

4. Speaking of Agatha Christie, that woman was a prolific writer. I found  a new Christie character or at least new to me, Christopher Parker Pynes.  He is featured in several short stories and he is very entertaining. Quite different from Poirot and Miss Marple.

5. Well from the tone of this Stream, you can see that I have been escaping from all the news of the world. I promise that I do clean my house and keep up with the laundry. Having a husband who helps out is a nice benefit of retirement.  Marvin mops the kitchen floor for me, empties the dishwasher and keeps his man cave tidy. However I do not look too closely at the man cave when I venture up there.

6. One last holiday task awaits me this week. I need to organize our attic storage/craft room/ seasonal decor room. I will admit that when we took things back up after Christmas I just sat boxes down willy nilly. I am thinking of getting rid of some of the craft supplies. Kendall and Landon are not really interested in crafts anymore and the other grands are seldom here.  It is a good thing to recognize there are seasons to life and sometimes we have to move on whether we like it or not. So I will toss bottles of dried out paint, put some things in the thrift store pile, then clean and tidy so everything is in its place.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Feeling Fancy

 Since I can never post pictures of the teens, I am taking this opportunity to post one of Kendall. She went to a dance at the local country club last weekend. Some of the mothers from the high school put this socially distanced dance together for their teenagers.


Kendall is the one with pink hair.  As a Nana, I think she is beautiful no matter the hair color but I am hoping this is a phase and that one day she will let her mom take her to the salon for a blonde or auburn color.  But as a seasoned Mom, I know NOT to mention this at all because then it becomes an instant NO!! 

Landon was teasing Kendall about going to the country club. Here he is showing us all how to be fancy. Note the raised Pinky Finger. Frankly we are not the country club types but we can put on with the best of them!

And another picture of Landon wearing his new Russian Hat. He is ready for cold weather. 

I am so glad I raised my children in the dark ages before cell phones. Seeing all the new challenges parents must deal with in raising teen agers reminds me to keep praying! 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday Stitching


It has been a good stitching week here at Nanaland. With the cold dreary weather, it is nice to sit in my recliner, turn on some classical music and pick up my needlework.

Mary Engelbreit drew this cute picture. Sewing does bring rest to my soul especially in this last year of uncertainty and now in the change of seasons in Washington, DC.  I keep hearing all this talk about self care during the pandemic. Well Cross Stitching is my Self Care.:)

I completed the stitching on my Valentine's Exchange in North Alabama Stitchers. Now to finish it and start collecting some goodies to include in my box to my stitchy friend. 

My sampler in honor of my daughter and granddaughters got another line this week.

Valentine House by Waxing Moon is coming along. Soon it will be ready for the dough bowl.

One of my Two Red Houses is complete. 

I was reading online that this years Needlework Market has been cancelled. This is the big event that usually takes place in March, was moved to May this year and is now cancelled.  They are hoping to make it an online market.  I was rather sad when I read the news as we all look forward to the new releases at Market Time.  But we must do what is best and putting it online may be even more fun for the vendors and the stitchers.  Word is the Market will be back in 2022.  

If you have not checked out the Hoffman Friday releases, I noted that an old Prairie Schooler chart, Christmas Traditions, was re released.  The old Prairie Schoolers are New Again to some younger stitchers who have come to love this designer. 

  Haul....this week I can report that I only received one chart, Lizzie Kate's Christmas ABCs. It was back ordered so I was not expecting it until February. It was a pleasant surprise to find it in my mail box this week. 

Happy Stitching Dear Friends.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Five

 1. Snow

When it snows in NoAla we have to record it. It is a good thing we did as it was gone by one pm.  This is the best kind of snow. It looks pretty then leaves.

2. A Boy and His Barn

We got Joshua a Melissa and Doug Barn with animals as part of his Christmas gift. Charles says he plays with it for hours at a time. I guess he got some of his great grandfather's farming genes.

3.Swig Cup

I came across this pretty red cup at Sass and Company here in Priceville. I love a pretty cherry red and can you have too many Yeti like mugs? I am addicted to insulated drink ware. It keeps everything so hot or so cold. 

4.An Unexpected piece of Decor

I purchased this little wreath for a song at Tuesday Morning recently. I planned to use it in some crafts come spring but in the meantime, I tried placing it in this basket on top of the armoire in my bedroom. Instant cheeriness.  Now I may just leave it there and craft something else.

5. A New Book Series

This is the second in the Winsome Series by Katherine Reay. The first book was The Printed Letter Bookshop. I cannot resist a book about bookshops.  The cover of this book was just so pretty. Also I am a sucker for pretty book covers.  This is a Christian themed series without being too syrupy sweet. I am hooked and my friend, Deborah, enjoys them as well. She says you can download them on Kindle for a very reasonable price. I got mine from Thrift Books because we all know I like to hold a book in my hand!! So far there are just two books in the series so you have time to visit Winsome before the third book is published.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Roll Tide

 Well the Alabama Crimson Tide is the National Champion and made history for their number of wins. This Mama always buys son, Ben, a commemorative tee if his alma mater wins and this year, Miss Margaret wanted one as well. 

Ben's tee.

Margaret's tee.

By the time I arrived at Academy the shirts were picked over and only Margaret got the locker room shirt. Here in Alabama, fans line up even on a cold January night to be first in line to get their team shirt. Academy should know that most Bama Fans are not smalls and mediums. If you wear that size, you were in luck.:) I had to get Ben a bigger shirt and I hope after it is washed for a while, it will shrink. 

After buying the tees for the Bham Grimms , Nana stopped at a little shop called Sass and Company located in a shopping center near the Glens. I had eyed it for a while and decided today I had time to browse. I was the only one in the shop but I left with my own Alabama long sleeved tee. 

You may be wondering why Elliott did not get a tee. Well Elliott is an LSU fan. That stinker. Ben told me that last night, E was pulling for Ohio State. So no shirt for him until he repents. :)

When we first moved to Alabama 36 years ago, we were surprised by the rabid allegiance to Auburn or Alabama. In Georgia, there is a one sided rivalry between Tech and GA. Every now and then Tech will pull out a win on Thanksgiving weekend but it is seldom.  I used to tell my family in Georgia that when you apply for your Alabama drivers license you must choose to be an Auburn fan or an Alabama fan. For many years we really did not care for either team but when Ben went to Bama, we became Bama Fans. 

To my friends who were pulling for Ohio State, your team is a good team. They cleaned Clemson's clock. Most Bama fans thought it would be a rematch of Bama and Clemson in the final game.  I did not think it would be an easy game and it was not....but Alabama is just a hard team to beat when they are determined and this year they were fighting to reclaim their title. 

Roll Tide.....Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!

Monday, January 11, 2021

At Home

It seems since we are all at home more, there are many blog posts and instagram accounts with decorating tips for us.  I have seen many posts about Winter Decorating. It seems everyone hated to put away all the sparkle from Christmas. I can see what they mean....the dark winter days are hard especially in a pandemic and in a world that seems very topsy turvy right now.  I do keep out my snowmen for January, then I change up a bit for Valentines Day. I would be lying if I did not admit, I am looking forward to warmer weather and the cheery pastels of spring. 

After the Christmas Decor was put away, I was ready for a change. As I mentioned before Marvin and I rearranged our living room.  So far we are happy with it. I thought I might share a few pictures with y'all. I always like to imagine the homes of my favorite blog friends but then I am nosy. I am the lady who looks at local real estate listings just to see how the homes I pass by are decorated on the inside.:) I often get some ideas for decorating from the MLS. 

The sofa  in front of the window.

We live in a middle unit town home so we only have three windows downstairs. One is in the Living Room, One in the Guest Room which is at the front of the house and one right behind my cozy chair in the Master Bedroom. If there is  anything I miss about townhome living, it is the lack of windows. However, we do enjoy Grimmwood because of the windows and the front porch. We would not have Grimmwood if Marvin had not been frugal all these years. Buying a middle unit was part of that frugality.  

I moved the secretary between the two arm chairs. I also moved all my family pictures to the secretary. The architectural piece  on the right of the secretary was purchased at The Willow Tree in Henagar, Alabama. The print on the left belongs to Marvin. He purchased it when we visited a gallery in Santa Fe.  It is a print of The Hobbit House from The Hobbit. Tolkien is his favorite author.

Our recliners.

You will note my stitching basket beside my chair as well as the blanket basket.  My favorite blanket for winter is the Matilda Jane blanket I bought several years ago. The prints here are by our favorite artist, Ray Ellis. 

I moved my oils to this little table in front of the room divider. The little brown pitcher was purchased at an estate sale in Chatsworth. Some dear friends( and cousins) cleared out their parents home after their deaths. My sisters went to the sale and Kristi picked this up for me, knowing I would like to have something from the Parker home. I use it to fill my diffuser. 

This is a shotgun style house and I purchased the screen to make a room divider. I got a great buy on it from Overstock many years ago.

I got some new greenery for the buffet in the dining room. I moved my favorite blue and white box to this area.

A panoramic of the dining room.

And last, my Winter Vignette on the Breakfast Bar. It is fun to change things up with the seasons. Supposedly we are going to get some snow today. Crazy Times for sure!!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 I am back on my rotation in my stitching. I have decided to give each project two days worth of stitching. In these cold days, I get more stitching done.

I did have two new starts....

Winter Rose Manor by Brenda Gervais stitched on 32 count Vintage Country Mocha. I am using DMC on this stitch as it was so hard to get the over dyed flosses. 

Mychal's Prayer....Silver Creek Samplers stitched on 16 cont dapple. I am joing a SAL started by my friend, Georgia, to honor the 20th anniversary of 9-11 this year. I am using my Mr Rogers needle minder because Mr Rogers always encouraged us to Look for the Helpers in difficult situations. Father Mychal gave his life by going to help. He was the chaplain for one of the fire departments called to the scene. He died when a piece of debris fell on him at the site. 

My rotation included...

Strawberry Fields Forever by Blackbird Designs stitched on 16 count Gingerbread.

G Reflets de Soie stitched on 16 count aida dyed by Graham Cracker Designs. ( Kitten Stitcher's son Graham)  I just love this stitch and doing it on Aida is so much easier.  I am using DMC plus a few overdyed flosses.

Finishes this week.

Hello Winter by Hands on Design. I could not find a hoop but I found a cute sparkly frame at TJ Maxx. It had a heart cut out but I knew my stitch, once mounted on foam core would cover the cut out.  I really like how it turned out. It is sitting by my kitchen sink.

Forest Snowfall by Country Cottage Needleworks. I found this wreath in the Bridal Section at Hobby Lobby. I added a silver ribbon I had on hand for the hanger. Pardon the is hanging on the door going to the garage and it was hard to get a good picture. 

January Word Play by Brenda Gervais. I like the simple mounting on this wooden tray. I used magnets and washers to keep it in place. I think it really makes the stitching stand out when it is finished simply. 


Winds of Autumn and Valentine Cupboard Hanger.  Winds of Autumn will be put away until summer or early autumn but the Valentine piece will be stitched and finished this month as it is what I am stitching for our Stitchy Love Exchange with North Alabama Stitchers. Since my exchange partner does not read my blog( to my knowledge) I felt  I could share it.

And a final look at my Winter Dough bowl that is on my dresser. The little snowman was stitched for me by my sweet stitchy friend, RJ. It is a Christmas ornament but I thought the snowman could stay out for the winter. 

Happy Stitching Friends.