Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A Little Break

I will be at Grimmwood for a few days so taking a blog break. My mother who is 89 has not been feeling the best and we are going to check on her. I would appreciate your prayers as we continue on this path of caring for an elderly parent. Most of you have been there or are on the same path. We want to be respectful yet firm as we discuss future plans. So thankful for my sisters who go above and beyond in caring for Mother.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas in the Kitchen

My last post on Christmas at Nanaland....

The Breakfast Bar.

My Mrs Meyer Snowdrop products on a red stand by the tree. My favorite snowman from bestie, Deborah, is keeping the Snowdrops company. I found this scent at Target back in October and I have not seen it since....even on the Mrs Meyer Website. It smells so good. I will enjoy it through the winter.

All my besties in one place!! My good friend, Terry T, gave me the Joy plaque.

Christmas mugs on the hutch.

I had to move my nativities to two shelves....

And finally my little Christmas house

Merry Christmas from Nana's kitchen! 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Saturday Stitching

It has been a busy week here in Nanaland but not much stitching on the schedule. I have been busy addressing Christmas Cards and finishing up my shopping. As I type this post, all the shopping is done, packages mailed and cards winging their way to friends and family.

I received a very special package last week from my blog friend and fellow stitcher, Georgia.( You know I LOVE her name!). Like me, Georgia is trying to organize and look realistically at her stash of charts. For those of us who love to stitch it is a hard thing to say, "I  love this pattern but I will probably never stitch it."  And who has not purchased two of the same chart at some time or other? So Georgia sent some lovely charts and magazines to me. She said I could keep them or give them to someone who would enjoy them. I have already sent some of them on to new homes where they will be loved and stitched. I kept a few for myself and I decided that Georgia and I would do a giveaway here on the blog. To enter you must be a follower of my blog and you will answer the question, What is your favorite Christmas Cookie? I will announce the winner here next Saturday.

Georgia contributed the Leisure Arts Magazine and the La D Da chart, And Rudolph. I tossed in Henry as I finished him up and I am started on Jack. I was too lazy to take it out of the q snap to get a picture but I will share next week for sure.   Good Luck my Stitchy Friends.

I did finish up Plum Pudding and decided to make it into an ornament for the tree. I have enough pillows and smalls. It is a large ornament but I was inspired by Priscilla Blain who uses large and small pieces on her themed trees.

I was very happy with it. I also finished Cranberry Christmas into an ormanent. Just changing things up this year! As I look at this section of the tree I see some other hand made ornaments. Look at the red and green ball in the upper left of this photo. My sis in law, Mina, made that for us in 1976, our first Christmas. Just to the right of Plum Pudding is a navy clothespin soldier. One of our cousins who was a Navy Pilot gifted everyone in the family with this reminder of him during the Gulf War. To the bottom left of Plum Pudding is a Polish Star I made several years ago. They are pretty but involved. You can find a tutorial on You Tube.  To the upper left of Plum Pudding there is a navity ornament that I made  with my Mops Girls one Christmas.  I could never have a themed tree as I have so many memories in each and every ornament on the Christmas tree. And those two baby boys are Joshua and Landon. I love remembering how the grands looked on their first Christmas. Thanks for indulging me in a walk down memory lane.

Have a good week friends...enter the give away if you are interested. Please just answer the question about Christmas cookies and do not use the word giveaway. Trolls love to enter them and spoil the fun for the ladies who read and comment each week.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday Five

1. New Mulch

So thankful for Joe Garrison who came to put out new mulch for the front flower beds. It has probably been two years since we have put any new mulch out. Joe works for many people in our neighborhood and does an excellent job at a reasonable price. My nandinas are looking pretty and red for the Christmas season. The hostas almost crowded them out during the summer. Joe will come back in the spring and divide the hostas for us. And the way time is flying by...spring will be here before we know it.

2. Christmas Door Hanger

After Joe got the flower beds looking so nice, I hung up my stocking for the season. I believe I got this from Etsy several years ago.

3.My favorite Santa

I think this will always be my favorite picture of Landon. His kindergarten teacher, Mrs R at Priceville Elementary School took this one. Amelia messaged her that I still put this out every year and Mrs R says she still does this with her classes and it is a hit. Also if you see the Palmers Peppermint Bark at Dollar Tree, get it. It is delicious and only a dollar. I like it better than the Ghiradelli chocolate bark squares.

4. Gum Drop Tree

This is one of my favorite decorations as it reminds me of my sweet Mama G. She had one of these out every year and my sis in law, Amy, gifted me with this one. I have to go to Dollar Tree to find spice drops. Kendall likes the gumdrops so I will have to keep an eye on her!!lol

5. Stinker Face

Charles calls this Joshua's Stinker Face. Marvin asked when I was going to get a hard copy of this one for the fridge. Mr J is also sitting up by himself now...six months old!

And I could not end this post without a Happy Birthday to Ben Grimm who is 41 today. Yes it was a busy birthday week in Hoover.

 Ben and my daddy. Everyone said they were twins.  Daddy did not have any sons so he really enjoyed his first grandson.
 Marvin and I had barely two pennies to rub together on Ben's first Easter but we were determined to purchase this hat for him to wear to church on Easter morning.
 Ben with my grandmother Henderson.  My granddad died in a car accident when I was a teenager and I so regretted that he did not live to see his first great grandchild. Be thankful for those birthdays folks.

 Sister Leta got Ben this monkey. She had one like it as a little girl and it was her favorite lovey.

Ben and hard to believe the years have flown by. He is a good looking, kind and good man. All that a mother could wish for in a son.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

In the Dining Room

I love my dining room but I must admit, it is not used as much as I would like!  It is fun to decorate in there however.

My bling bling table.

I left my blue and white things in place and just added my favorite Santas.

You may remember this from last year. Yes, those are the paper plates I put in front of my China plates. It looks festive and from a distance who can tell? The little pine cone tree is a memento from my days as a preschool teacher. My friend, Donna, made it for me and I pull it out every year.

The tea cart is pretty simple.

One more look at my Willow Tree Nativiy. I purchased this with a little inheritance I received when my daddy passed away. I think of him whenever I see it.

I added a Cracker Barrel Christmas tree to the Shepherds Scene.  They needed some light for their journey.

And today is grandson Elliott's sixth birthday.

He is a charmer and a scamp all rolled into one. He adds lots of laughter to our family.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas in the Living Room

This year I decided to put the tree in the front window.

I was all for changing things up this year. I do think it is more convenient to place it in its usual place by the secretary and it may go back there next year.

I added some pretty picks to the tree topper this year.

Another sentimental piece. These reindeer and the sleigh always sat on this table that we inherited from Mama and Papa G. Marvin had it refinished for me this year and I could not wait to put the ceramic pieces in their old place. Sweet memories. Mama G put her Christmas cards in the sleigh but I chose Christmas ornaments.

The Dough and green are my favorite Christmas colors with a bit of gold thrown in.

A Santa Side Table.

I had to show this work in progress in my stitching chair. Henry is almost finished then I start on another snowman. There are three in the series.

This is my favorite new Cross Stitch ornament for this year. Tiny Modernist ..My wish for you this Christmas Season!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Nanaland Christmas Tour

I thought I would share some scenes from NanaWonderland. I am going to share a room each day. Today I will share the master bedroom. I finally decided on my decor for the dough bowl.

I love it when some of my decor from the Target Dollar Spot can be used in other rooms. This green truck held some pumpkins in the fall. Here it is holding a miniature Christmas tree from the Dollar Tree. The plate is also a Dollar Spot find.

Here is a close up! The doily is from my friend Sharon G. She had a lot of old doilies she ws getting rid of and I gladly took them off her hands.  Christmas balls always brighten a corner and they are a frugal purchase at Dollar Tree.

This is one of my favorite things as Mama G made it for us. She took ceramics classes at her Tuesday Craft group and this is such a treasure. If my house was burning down, I would try to find this and take it with me.

Come back tomorrow for the Living Room.