Friday, August 31, 2012

I thought I would share this September wall paper from Gooseberry Patch tonight as I have to up and on the road in the morning.  Doesn't it make you smile????
I think most of us are ready to decorate our homes for fall. I usually put all my fall things out on Labor Day Weekend but we will be traveling this year so it will have to wait until I return. However, I decided to "decorate" my Facebook page by placing this picture in my banner and I got so many compliments on it!! Actually this picture is from last fall! I purchased a ready made wreath at Pineapples here in Decatur. I had the wreath up on my front door when I saw an idea on Pinterest.  Some clever pinner had purchased the Initial for their last name, painted it and included it on their fall wreath. Off I went to Hobby Lobby to get a G and using paint I had in my craft room, allowed Miss Kendall to paint it for me. Using grossgrain ribbon I had on hand, I just hung it on the wreath. It really makes it look like a custom wreath.  It will return to my front door while my pumpkin mesh wreath will go on the door leading to my garage. Seasonal items around the house just make me happy.

Thanks for all the prayers for our vacation plans!! I spoke with the owner of the condo we are renting at Gulf Shores and she assured me that everything is just fine at the Beach!! I went to the library yesterday to get some books to take along.(All the ones I have downloaded on Kindle are not enough!!:)) I sometimes browse the Large Print section because they carry books not found in the regular shelves...and to be honest, at my age I am getting to like large print books. While looking at the large print offerings, I found a cute new series called A Queen Bees Quilt Series. It is a mystery series set in Kansas and The Queen Bee Quilters solve the mystery while making quilts. I started Murders on Elderberry Road last night and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This series is written by Sally Goldenbaum.   I also found a Mignon Ballard book that I have not read that features Augusta Goodnight, an angel who  helps solve mysteries. Normally I am not a big fan of such "fantasy" books but these are well written and you cannot help but love Augusta.  My 31 organizing bag is packed to the brim with books to take on vacation. I will also be taking my L L Bean cross stitch bag filled with threads, needles and the fall sampler I am working on!  My dear Hubs and I are hoping to just rest, relax and recharge. That said, I may not be blogging as often next week, but I hope to share some pictures of the beautiful Alabama Gulf.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

 Here is Landon, standing in the middle of the room at Meet the Teacher Day in the Purple Puppies Class.  He was not really sure about this new experience.
 Miss Sherry was so sweet to him....she has taught preschool for many years and knows how to win over the little ones.
 Playing with cars...
 And puzzles...
And finally making a new friend in the Purple Puppies Class.

It is hard to believe that Landon is going to preschool. It seems it was just yesterday that he was born!! I think once he settles in, he will love school. Change is not Landon's friend and it always takes him a while to process and adapt to new experiences.  Here's hoping he has a great year and learns many new things!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have a busy day planned for this last Wednesday in August! Landon and I go to "Meet the Teacher" at his preschool this morning. I went to orientation last night and I met both Miss Sherry and Miss Leslie, the three year old teachers.  I think they are going to be great teachers for Bubba. He tends to be shy until he gets to know someone so I hope he settles in after a few weeks of school. It looks like there are lots of girls in his class so I am also hoping he finds a little boy to be friends with this year.

I am also cooking dinner tonight so I have some prep to do. I am making grilled pork loin, one of our favorite main dishes. I found a really good recipe on grilling pork loin from the Cotton Country Too Cookbook. It was published by the Morgan County Junior League several years ago. The original Cotton Country Cookbook which was published in the late 60s is a MUST have cookbook here in Alabama. It is filled with wonderful recipes and tips for entertaining. Cotton Country Too has a more modern take on cooking and entertaining...more informal than formal. The Grilled Pork Loin recipe was submitted by a friend of mine and it really changed my thoughts on grilling pork loins. The secret is butterflying the loin and it cooks evenly and is very tender and not tough. I usually butterfly my meat in the morning, pour some marinade on and let it sit all day until I am ready to grill. I often marinate in Big Bob Gibson's White Sauce but today I am going Savannah Style with Johnny Harris BBQ sauce. It is my hub's favorite.  Another tip for grilling a medium sized pork loin is only grilling it about ten minutes on each side. In the past, I tended to grill the meat much too long, resulting in tough meat. After I grill it I use an Ina Garten tip and wrap it in foil for about 20 minutes before slicing it. Letting it rest is another tip for juicy meat. Also on my menu for this evening is Hash Brown Casserole, Different Slaw(also known as Asian slaw), sliced Cantaloupe, Rolls and a Weight Watchers Dessert. Our missionary guest is a diabetic  so I wanted to make something that was light and is a trifle made of layers of angel food cake, sugar free vanilla pudding, strawberries and Cool Whip.

On the Isaac Front, I am thinking we will be in the clear to head to Gulf Shores this weekend. I look forward to week of peace and quiet with my hubs, my books and my cross stitch for company.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It is voting day here in Alabama. Be sure and get out to vote. Today we vote in local elections. Priceville is the little town we live in now(though our address is Decatur) and we are electing a mayor and some city councilmen. I plan to go and vote when I do errands this morning. I took this picture of Kendall back on the 4th of July. Our newspaper always puts this big banner in the Independence Day edition. It is a good reminder for all of us that we are PRIVILEDGED to live in America. I for one want to see our nation go forth as a light for democracy in the world. Unfortunately, I see so much socialism creeping into the mindsets of Americans. I think our forefathers would be very surprised to see how modern men have twisted their words written in Colonial Times.

I am still keeping an eye on Isaac. I am hoping that we will be able to proceed with our vacation. I plan to make some goodies to take along. My Hubs loves oatmeal cookies so I am going to make some of those along with some chocolate chip cookies for moi.

Marvin and I are looking forward to hosting a missionary for dinner tomorrow evening. Michael Stephenson, who serves in Guatemala, will be visiting our home. Our good friends, the Gosnells, will be joining us too so it will be a fun evening. Our church is very missions minded and I really enjoy getting to know the missionaries that serve all over the world.

Off to do my civic duty!! Have a grand day friends.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Isaac is in the news here in Alabama. I am watching the forecasts closely as Hubs and I are supposed to go to Gulf Shores for our anniversary week. Our plans are to leave Sept I am hoping that Isaac will not rain on my parade.

We had a great kick off  meeting at MOPS Friday. I really enjoyed seeing old and new is going to be a great year. I am hoping some of the other ladies post some pictures that I can borrow for my blog. I was so impressed with all the great themed food that the steering team came up with for our first meeting. Pinterest has really changed the lives of all who like to craft and cook.

I have added two new blogs to my blog roll. The first one is Creations by Michie(MaShay). Michie is the other new GOP(Grandmother of Preschoolers) at MOPs this year and I have enjoyed getting to know her. She is so creative. She sews and smocks the most beautiful things.

The second blog is What to Wear Wednesdays. Several of the ladies in our Sunday School Class were talking about how hard it is to find cute, modest clothing. Most of us are in our 40s and 50s but we want to dress stylishly. My friend, Alana, told me about a book called, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad. It is byShari Braendel.  Shari also blogs so I checked out her blog and decided to follow it for a while.  I wore a new dress to church yesterday and I got several compliments on it so I was feeling happy. I have found a designer that I like on QVC. Susan Graver is her name and she designs clothing that I feel comfortable wearing. It is so hard to find dresses so when she had some cute dresses on several weeks ago I ordered two! One in Black....can you have too much black? And one in what Susan calls, Kate Middleton Blue which is a deep sapphire blue. Now that I have silver locks, I like to wear deep rich colors to keep my fair skin from looking washed out.

As usual, Mondays are busy days for me, catching up with laundry and housework. Darling Bubba will be here soon too!! Gotta get some hugs from that sweet boy to get the week off to a good start!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I love Saturdays because we can sleep in!! As I have gotten older sleeping in eludes me sometimes but lately I have been enjoying the extra rest. I have recently updated my Good Reads app on Facebook. If any of you are on Good Reads please add me as your friend. I enjoy seeing what everyone is reading. I have finished several books this week so I thought I would share them with you.

The Real Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait of Queen Elizabeth the Second by Andrew Marr was an interesting read. I saw it at the library and checked it out. I love all things English and I really enjoyed watching all the Diamond Jubilee celebrations honoring Queen Elizabeth this summer. The book is not a fast read by any means. While it does give a lot of information on the queen, it also relates the inner workings of the monarchy through the ages. So if you are not a history buff this book might not be for you. There are several good biographies of the queen that are available today. One interesting tidbit that  I read concerned the Romanov family. Nicholas the Second was first cousin of Queen Elizabeth's grandfather. Nicholas asked for asylum in England for his family when the political uprising against the royal family of Russia became heated. Queen Elizabeth's grandfather refused(fearing a backlash against the British Royal Family) and as a result the Romanovs  were assassinated. The English Royal family has never commented on this moment in history but Queen Elizabeth has allowed this incident to be noted in her biography by Mr Marr. Apparently The KING was very upset upon hearing of the deaths of Nicholas, Alexandra and their children. He did not think that the dissidents would kill the czar.  The main topic of this book is the God Given duty the Queen takes very seriously and how she has carried out her role in history with honor and dignity.

And now a "fluff" book as we call them at our Tuesday Afternoon Book Club...What Alice Forgot by Laura Moriarty. Imagine that you took a fall and as a result you lost the last ten years of your life. That is what happened to Alice Love.  Alice wakes up from her head injury thinking that she is 29 years old, happily married and expecting her first child. In reality she is 39 years old, divorcing her husband and has no memory of the three children she has given birth to along the way! I found it a nice read...Alice's sister, mother, husband and best friend all figure into the equation of helping Alice regain her memory. This would be a great book to take to the beach!

Right now I am reading Dead is the New Black. It is a mystery that takes place in the world of clothing design in NYC. One of our club members recommended it at our Tuesday Meeting and then I found it was free to download on my Kindle at Pixel of Ink. I have lots of books downloaded on my kindle, I really need to get busy reading some of them!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, maybe you can sit down with a book for some "me" time today.

Friday, August 24, 2012

 I thought I would share some great cross stitch tools with you today. In the last two weeks I have been doing a lot of cross stitch. If I get in a cross stitching MOOD, I can get a lot done!! I have to say that Q snaps make stitching so much easier. What an improvement on the old embroidery hoop. Basically Q snaps are pieces of small plastic rods, similar to PVC and the "snaps" clip over the rods to hold your fabric in place. They hold the material taut without leaving creases!
 Last week when I visited Cross Stitch Peddler, Marlene showed me this new product. It is fabric that stretches around the Q snap making it easier to hold and it also keeps your cross stitch material clean!  One of the things I like about this gadget is that you can tuck extra material into the little pocket and it stays out of your way while you stitch. Those are little things to most people but if you are a stitcher, it makes the hobby much more enjoyable. The only down side is that my clip on magnifier does not "hold" on to the Q snaps as well when I use my pink cover.  And at my age, I have to have my magnifier to cross stitch on linen.
Here is my latest project. Sis in law, Lanier asked if I would cross stitch her granddaughter's name so that she could get it framed for the nursery. I had several girly patterns so Lanier and Dottie's mom, Sarah, looked through them and choose this old pattern from 1979! It was easy to stitch and I plan to get it in the mail to Lanier next week. I cannot wait to see it framed and hanging in Dottie's nursery. Last night I started a "fall" cross stitch that will take me quite a while to do. I love working with the rich autumnal colors in my new project. It is always a pleasure to see the pattern come to life on the linen.

Today is also a kick off meeting for MOPs....I am looking forward to seeing the girls and I will be giving this morning's devotion. TGIF!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

 Ok, I had to do a follow up to this morning's post by telling you that I took a trip to Ellijay, Georgia via my computer and found pictures of some of my ancestor's gravesites. And I made the trip while sitting on my corner of the sofa in my living room. I decided to see if I could find any pictures of my family gravesites on Findagrave. com. Ok...there really is a website by that name and thanks to people like me who like to visit cemeteries and document gravesites, there are records on Findagrave. I simply typed in
Farmer Orr.(And yes my great great great grandfather was named Farmer....surprisingly no one has kept that name going!) His stone is very old and it is hard to read the engraving on it.
 Next is Rosa Orr....wife of Farmer. Her real name was Rosalind....too bad it was shortened to Rosa!
 And here is the marker for my great great grandparents, Henry and Jane. My little grandson, Henry Baylor is named after my grandfather who was named Henry Clifford after his grandfather, Henry. Maybe future generations of the family will carry on the grand name of Henry. My son Charles is named Charles Clifford after my granddaddy, Cliff, one of the dearest men ever to walk this earth!!
And is a picture of Tails Creek Baptist Church today. I am always amazed at the vast amount of information that can be found ONLINE!! Check out Findagrave for yourself, you might just be surprised to see the final resting place of your own ancestors.
Several of my cousins have posted some interesting pictures this week on Facebook and I thought I would share them here on my blog.  One of my Tankersley Cousins, Ray Langley, shared this picture of Tails Creek Baptist Church in Ellijay, Ga. It is the church that my Tankersley and Orr family members attended.  My branch of the Tankersley family journeyed across Fort Mountain to settle in Chatsworth(Murray County), Georgia.  Being an amateur genealogist, I have long wished to head over the mountain to see this church and get pictures of burial places of my ancestors. I am sure that the church looks very different today! I know that many of the old wooden churches were destroyed by fire or torn down and new buildings took their places.  I just love this picture of all the members arriving for a Sunday Service. Ray assures me that some of our kinfolk are present in this photograph.
Another young Tankersley cousin, David Hooper, shared this beautiful picture and he titled it Sunrise over Grassy Mountain.  Many of my family members live in the Cool Springs Community of Murray County and it is a pretty valley at the foot of Grassy Mountain and Fort Mountain. I grew up surrounded by the beauty of the mountains but I admit I took it for granted until I moved away.

So I am in a reflective mood this morning as I think of the blessings of a godly heritage. I think my interest in genealogy has really given me an attitude of gratitude as I look back at all the faithful Christians in my family line.  Many of my ancestors were Presbyterians from Northern Ireland( My late Baptist Grandmother would faint! I do not think she knew about that as she was not interested in genealogy!) One branch of the family started a Moravian church in Bethbara, NC. A branch of my Henderson family was Episcopalian. I am glad that their faith was so important to them that records of it are left behind for descendants like myself to find and be encouraged in our own faith.

Off to meet the BFFs for lunch today, that makes Thursdays a special day for me! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

 I am sharing my Boopie adventures today! As you may recall a friend(Maria) who sells antiques informed me that the glass ware that my mother gave to me was called Boopie. It was made by Anchor Hocking back in the mid 20th century. My mother and daddy received a set of these glasses as a wedding gift from my mother's Aunt Lois and Uncle Webb( or Auntie and Uncle as we called them). They were always "special" and I do not remember using them at all as I was growing up. But when I got married, I used two of them for our "wedding punch picture" so they are special to me. My mother gave them to me several years ago and they have a place of honor in my china cabinet.  I never really thought about any value they might have because they were precious to me! It turns out that they are not very expensive so I thought I might add to my Boopie Set.  Maybe one day I will pass on this set to Kendall and Margaret.
 I went to the Bank Street Antique Mall yesterday and purchased these candleholders from my friend Maria's booth. The Balls look like they are red but that is just the cherry wood shining through the glass.
I told Maria to be on the lookout for any other Boopie pieces she might come across and I will be looking for it as well. We have lots of antique stores in Decatur and Hartselle so I am hoping I can add to my collection. If you live in the North Alabama area, the Bank Street Antique Mall is a place you must visit. It is located on historic Bank Street and the Mall is located in an old three story building. Each floor is filled with great glassware, furniture, quilts etc..

While I was downtown, I went to my Tuesday Afternoon Book Group and came away with a list of books that might be right up my alley. One of the ladies  told us about  The Meryl Streep Movie Club by Mia March. I love Ms Streep and her chameleon acting abilities. She is a great character actress who can make any role come to life.( My favorite Meryl Streep movie is One True Thing.) The book is about an inn keeper who shows Meryl Streep movies each Friday evening with a group discussion following the movie. The discussions have quite an impact on some of her boarders. Sounds like a winning plot to me!  We always have a good time at our Book Group because there are so many ladies with varied reading interests.

Well I need to grab a cup of coffee before Bubba arrives. It is such a beautiful morning, we are going to the park to enjoy some sunshine. Have a great day Friends.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 I have to share this picture of my girlies...Amelia took it last week when Margaret was visiting. Landon did not want to join Margaret and Kendall as he was watching Rio!
And her is my big girlie on her first day of school yesterday. She was so excited to be going back to Barkley Bridge. It is hard to believe that she is in first grade.

I have a busy day today...first some cleaning here at the old homestead, then a trip to town to have lunch with a dear friend before heading to the library for our Book Group Meeting. I  enjoy this group of readers. I always come away from the meetings with a list of books to "look for". I am also planning a stop at the Bank Street Antique Mall. Another good friend has a booth there and she has some "Boopie" pieces that I want to look over. Since finding out that one set of glasses I own is Boopie I am on the hunt for more. I have been assured that it is very reasonably priced and I know it can only go up in value.

It is beginning to feel like fall here...I can tell the seasons are changing.  And I think when School starts, we are in the fall mood. My hubs was watching football on tv over the weekend (preseason football) and that always makes me think fall has arrived. I see lots more football weekends in my future!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

 We had a nice weekend with the fam. I had to include this picture of Bubba and Margaret at our Thursday Cousins Spend the Night Party. These two sit and  look at the ipad together. They were laughing at Ben the Talking Dog. I love seeing the cousins enjoying each other!
 Kendall is our party planner and she made a crown for Uncle Charles to wear at his birthday dinner. With Uncle Charles' big Grimm head, it was quite a feat!
 Amelia, Nancy, Kendall and Charles.
 Katy's mom, Granny Pat, joined us for dinner. Margaret had both grandmothers at her beck and call.:)
 I LOVE this picture of Marvin and Landon. Both were tickled at something.
And last but not least, here is a picture of the Ben Grimm family. Baylor was not really interested in having his picture made but we got a couple of good ones.

There is nothing like family time...I am a blessed Nana.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Preparing for Charles' birthday dinner today so I have lots to do...the house could use a touch up too after having the grands yesterday. I keep finding toys all over the house, they migrated from the play area!!

Thought I might share my Peach Ice Cream recipe with you today as it is on my menu for this evening.

Arlene's Peach Ice Cream( I use that title as I made this up from several recipes)
3 cups peeled peaches(Pureed) This is about 8 medium peaches.
2 c sugar
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup whipping cream
3 egg whites beaten until stiff
1 can peach nectar
6 drops of red food coloring
1 tsp almond flavoring

Mix together and put in ice cream freezer...add enough whole milk to reach the "fill" line in the freezer and plug it in! When the freezer quits, ice cream is done.(Unless you prefer to hand crank it!!) I make mine ahead and then put it in a container in the freezer to allow it to get hard. The key to this recipe is the almond really boosts the peach flavor!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

No pictures this morning....I am just hoping I get this post finished before the grands come barreling out of bed! I hear stirrings! Kendall and Margaret slept together on the trundle bed while I slept with Bubba in the guest room. He still does not like to sleep by himself at Nana's house. Despite the storm last night, all slept like logs. We had hoped to go to the park this morning but it is very wet so we will have to make other plans. I will take Margaret to north Bham to meet her parents this long as I do not have to deal with Bham traffic I am a happy camper. We are meeting at a Cracker Barrel at the Gardendale exit. We made many trips to Gardendale when our kids played basketball at Cornerstone Christian School. One of our big rivals was Tabernacle Baptist. After dropping off Margaret, I have to get to the grocery store to buy groceries and stock up for Charles's birthday dinner tomorrow evening. We will have pork loin, hashbrown casserole, Different Slaw and Corn on the Cob. Dessert will be Homemade Peach Ice Cream. It is hard to believe my youngest child will be 29!!

Summer is coming to a close, Kendall starts school on Monday so it will just be me and Bubba here at home on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  Even though it is still quite warm here, I always consider it "fall" when school starts. At least my fall routine is in place. I am hoping to get some serious cleaning and sorting done before I decorate my house for fall. Oh my, here come the little girls...better get going! Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

 Here is our proud swimmer, Miss Kendall! She is finally mastering swimming.Thanks to all of you who whispered a prayer in her behalf!  She still prefers swimming on her back but as long as she can swim, I am happy. She has a great backstroke!
And here is our visitor, Miss Margaret. She is staying with us until Friday. We had a good first night together. She finished up the last of our Muddy's Cupcakes or Happy Cakes as she calls them! We spent the night on the trundle bed upstairs. Margaret was on the trundle and I was on the top bed. About four am I felt little arms reaching out for me and we both spent the rest of the night in the top bed. Precious times!!

Margaret and I are off to have lunch with the girls this morning, then an afternoon of errands and play.
I am so glad her parents are willing to share her with us!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two days without the kiddos...oh my! Monday Kendall and Landon went to the dentist with their daddy. They both did great, no cavities! But Miss K will need a tooth pulled to allow her new teeth to come in properly. Amelia had the same problem, big teeth, little mouth! Yesterday I took advantage of my day off to run errands. I went to The Cross Stitch Peddler to pick up some cross stitch supplies and Marlene had lots of new cross stitch patterns on display, mainly Fall and Christmas. Of course I could not resist so I had to get a new fall graph! Then to the Farmers Market for peaches...son Charles will be 29 on Sunday and we are having a bd celebration on Saturday evening. He always asks for Peach Icecream. The peaches I purchased were beautiful but a bit firm, hoping they will be just right by Saturday! And what is errand day without stopping at TJ Maxx, my favorite store ever?  I found some cute glasses and a LaLa Loopsy back to school kit for Kendall. LaLa Loopsy notebooks, pencils etc that will make a little six year old girl very happy. And as a final treat, I stopped at McDonalds for a Big Mac. I have been craving one of those gooey messy burgers so I caved and got one for lunch. It was so good. I can remember when I was a senior in Nursing School, that my suitemates and I ate dinner at McDonalds every Monday night. McDonalds was doing a "glass" promotion and you could buy a glass for a nominal fee when you ordered a big sandwich. Today I am not sure why we wanted them but we did!! And I have no clue where they went because I certainly do not have them today. (And they would be antiques now!)  A busy day but a fun day!

I am expecting Kendall and Landon this morning. We will go to swim lessons and I am happy to report that Kendall is doing great with her swimming. This afternoon, Miss M will arrive to spend two days with Nana and Grandpa. I cannot wait to see her!! She is going with me to our Ladies Lunch tomorrow. I look forward to showing her off to the girls.

I must say I am loving the cooler morning temps. When I go to walk in the morning, it is so refreshing to step outside to brisk morning air. Fall is on the way...Kendall starts school on Monday. Landon will start preschool on the Tuesday after Labor Day.  I have to admit I am looking forward to decorating my house with all my fall decorations! It makes it so cozy....and I love that!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

 Here is a picture of the big group of family who had lunch together at Huey's on Saturday in Memphis. If you are looking for a good hamburger while visiting Memphis, this is a good place to start!  Nephew, Trent's brother and his two precious little girls were visiting Memphis too!
 And I mentioned that Lee and Lanier were expecting another grandson...well here he is! Paul Buckner Grimm was born yesterday in Dallas. I need to get busy on his Christmas ornament.
And finally here is the precious great niece that we went to Memphis to see. Dorothy Sykes Grimm "Dottie" is one month old now and just the sweetest baby! She is named after her great grandmother.  I am pretty sure she will be the only Dottie in her class at school.

We had a great time in Memphis...hamburgers, BBQ and Lee made us a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning. I told Lanier that we would not want to leave, we had been treated so royally!!  Lee and Lanier will be coming to see us in the fall. I am planning a trip to  The Old Cook Stove...a Mennonite restaurant out in the country that serves an awesome buffet on the weekends.  It is good to spend time with Family!

Monday, August 13, 2012

 We are back after a wonderful weekend in Memphis with Lee  and Lanier. We ate SO much I may need to walk about five miles a day for a while instead of my normal two miles per day!  I thought I would show you the Hostess Gifts I took to Lanier. (We took Lee some Conecuh sausage that is only made here in Alabama!)
 Lee and Lanier have seven grandchildren under three!! And they are expecting a new grandson today and another grandbaby in February. I saw these cute ornmaments on Pinterest and I knew Lanier would like to showcase her grands.( Nanas can never have too many things with the grands names on them!) I purchased the round wooden ornaments at Hobby Lobby and they were very reasonable, only 99 cents each! I also bought some scrap book paper...price depends on how fancy the paper is!  Instead of lettering them myself, I bought some scrapbook stickers with the alphabet in red. I had green and white acrylic paint in my craft room as well as Modge Podge so I was set to go. The ornaments came with a twine hanger but I cut those off and got this cute red ribbon instead. They are easy peasy to make, just sand off the rough edges of the ornament.( Since they are so inexpensive, they can be a bit rough.) Paint with your chosen colors. I went with white on the  body of the ornament then green pearlescent for the top. Once they are dry, use craft glue to adhere the scrap book paper to the front of the ornament. Allow to dry, then add the stick on letters. At this point I did three coats of modge podge, allowing the ornaments to dry completely between coats.  I added the red ribbon. I did use my awl to make the hole for the ribbon a bit bigger...just be careful that you do not make it TOO big!! The top portion of the wood can break so use care in this step. I added each child's birthdate to the back of the ornament, put each ornament in a sandwich baggy and put them in this cute gift bag along with some red tissue paper. I have learned that if Modge Podge gets hot, it can become sticky again so that is why I packaged the ornaments separately.  I am going to make some for my self next!! Lanier is going to do a grands tree so these will be perfect for displaying on that special Christmas tree.
 I also took my sis in law a little nativity set from Guatemala. We have some good friends who were missionaries in Guatemala and I have a similar set that Johnny and Maria got for me. Lanier saw it last Christmas and just fell in love with it. This summer the Cokers went back to Guatemala on a short term mission trip and I asked Maria if she could look for another nativity set. What good friends we have, she came home with this one just for Lanier! Isn't it precious? Lanier put it on the table with all her other treasures...her grands!
Here is a close up of the set...Merry Christmas in August!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I thought I would do my Saturday post tonight as we are leaving for Memphis in the morning. I just finished the book, Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert Goolrick.  You may have read his first novel, A Reliable Wife.  When I saw Heading Out to Wonderful on the shelf at my library, I had to take it from the shelf and read the first few pages. I was hooked. But Wonderful is not a novel for the faint of heart...let me just warn you before you rush to the library or bookstore to get this tome.  Mr Goolrick is a talented writer, one of those novelists who write so descriptively that the book seems to become a movie showing in your head. Heading out to Wonderful introduces the reader to Charlie Beale, a 39 year old man who comes to Virginia looking for peace. In his pick up truck you will find a suitcase full of money and a set of sharp butcher knives. Charlie takes his place in the small closeknit community. He finds work at the local butcher shop and eventually buys himself a house with the help of Will and Alma, his closest friends in town. Of all the people, Charlie meets he is touched most deeply by Will and Alma's young son, Sam. Five year old Sam adores Charlie, follows him everywhere and gives Charlie the nickname, Beebo.  The first half of the book lulls you into a wish you could go and live in this little town, maybe next door to Charlie or Will and Alma. But there is no perfect place and soon human nature rears its sometimes ugly head. Charlie embarks on a romance with a married woman. A woman married to the richest, meanest man in town. The results are not pretty. When I read the last page of Heading Out to Wonderful and closed the book, I had to wonder, 'What in the World?" I still cannot really figure out the message that Mr Goolrick is sending to readers. I googled the book and read several reviews by critics and one interview with Mr Goolrick. I am still scratching my head over the things that I read.  The author is a self admitted oddball who came from a home where children were not allowed their innocence. This helped me to understand more about Beebo and Sam. As many reviewers pointed out, how did Charlie get that suitcase full of money? It is never addressed in the book. Mr Goolrick is writing a prequel to Wonderful so maybe when I am able to read that, I will get some sense of who the REAL Charlie is. One point this book makes that I did "get" is the fact that sometimes we do not really know the people we see everyday.   And to sum everything up, Mr Goolrick is a good writer. He crafts characters that you genuinely care about, flaws and all. I will continue to read any book that he may write in the future.

When I completed Wonderful, I started on 1000 Gifts by Ann Volkscamp.  I have heard so many people praise this author for the poetry of her words. To be honest, it took me a while to get into this book and I think it is not a book you sit down and read for enjoyment. It is a book that you might keep on your bedside table and you read a portion each night, reflecting on it as you fall asleep.

So, that is my latest adventure in reading. If you read Heading Out to Wonderful, I would be interested to see what you think of this book!
 Lots of new goodies at my house yesterday.  I stopped by Books a Million and they were having a sale on the $3.99 children's books, buy two get one free so I picked up some Berenstain Bears for the Grands. Lately they have been enthralled by Brother and Sister Bear and their antics. I love the Berenstain Bear books because they always teach a lesson in character. Something we could use more of in this day and time! While at BAM, I spied the Celebrate Autumn magazine published by Hoffman Media. Hoffman Media publishes Victoria and Southern Lady, which are two of my favorite magazines. And when I got home from my errands, a package was waiting with two new Patch the Pirate cds for the grands to listen to in the car. Right now we have Patch the Pirate goes to Camp Kookawacka Woods. I love Patch but if I hear Camp Food one more time, I may go kookawacka myself.:) Now we have Patch in Outer Space and Kidnapped on I Land. My own children listened to Patch when they were little so all these songs bring back precious memories. I think Charles still has all his Patch "tapes" from his childhood...maybe he can find a cassette player so he can listen to them. My Majesty Music Package also contained a Christmas cd I ordered called "It's Christmas". I listened to a sample of it online and this cd offers beautiful instrumental Christmas music. If you are interested in some quality sacred music, check out Majesty Music online.
And here is my mesh Pumpkin made by Amber! It is sitting in a Cracker Barrel Rocker so that gives you an idea of its dimensions. It will go on  my back door, heading out to the garage.  It will brighten my kitchen area and I will see it and enjoy it every day.

No big plans for today. Kendall and Landon are coming as usual. I have a little craft to finish up and I need to get my house in order before leaving for a weekend in Memphis. We are looking forward to seeing our new grand niece, Dottie, and visiting with brother and sister in law, Lee and Lanier. I am also hoping to get some delicious Muddy's cupcakes while I am in the River City!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

If you are like me, there are television programs you like to watch but for some reason, the date and time often escapes you! Help is on the way. My friend, Susan, told me about Locate You simply create an account....type in all the tv shows you like to watch as well as actors and actresses that you enjoy and once a week you will get an email with your own personal tv schedule for the week. I found it was easier to bookmark the site and I can go to my tv schedule whenever I want to have a look at it! I love old movies, actors like Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart etc and actresses like Norma Shearer, Myrna Loy and Greer Garson...I simply type in their names and any movies featuring my favorite actors and actresses pop up on my computer screen. Since you type in your cable provider, Locate TV even tells you the channel to turn to! With so many channels on my cable, this is a great feature. I also have added new actors and actresses to my favorites, Bill Pullman, Renee Zellweger, Sandra Bulloch, Reese Witherspoon etc...Now I know these are not "new" actors and actresses but to be honest, I have not found many of the popular actors and actresses to be my cup of tea. I guess I am turning into an old person.:) I have dvr'ed(is that a word...if not it should be!) several movies that Hubs and I can watch during the summer reruns. Right now we are watching the Olympics so when they are over, we are set for some movie nights here at home. Check it out, I think you will love this wonderful site.

Kendall went back to swim lessons yesterday. Miss Anita is going to be tougher on her this go round and she needs to be. Our Kendall is very strong willed and needs a firm hand. I found out that Miss Anita lost all her kitchen appliances and her heat and air unit in the lightning strike. A big inconvenience but she is grateful that there was not damage to her house.

I also picked up my Pumpkin Wreath from my friend, Amber. It is very pretty. I will try to get a picture of it up tomorrow. I do not want to rush the seasons but now is the time to get the supplies you need for fall and Christmas crafts, before everything is picked over. I am heading back to Hobby Lobby today to get some ribbon for my Christmas ornaments. I plan to take an ornament with me so I can get just the right color!

Off to breakfast with the BFFs today...if you are ever in the Hartselle area, check out breakfast at Mr. Henry's. It is our favorite breakfast spot.  Have a great day blog friends!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

 Over the weekend I was in a reading mode and now I am in a crafting mode! You can see my rather messy craft room that I share with our attic space! Kendall's flower is a work in progress. My subway sign also needs more work and I am doing some Christmas ornaments as a surprise for my sis in law. We are going to Memphis to visit them over the weekend and I wanted to try these ornaments I had seen on Pinterest.  I have to ge some pretty ribbon to add to them and they will be done.  You may wonder what the big white bag is on my craft table...Jumbo Wipes!! We always need to wipe our fingers when we are crafting with paint and glue.
And hopefully today will be our start back to swim lessons. Miss Anita's house was struck by lightning over the weekend but no one was hurt. I think she lost a lot of her electrical devices in the mishap.  I am also picking up a mesh pumpkin wreath that I ordered from one of my MOPS moms. These girls are so creative! I cannot wait to see it. I plan to hang it on my back door going into the garage this fall. I have WAY too much fall decor but I cannot bear to part with it and each year, I see some cute thing that I just have to have. I do not know about you but I am ready for fall!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We had a lazy day yesterday. We did not get to swim lessons as lightning struck our teacher's house and she was dealing with all the details that comes with that! We will start tomorrow. I think Kendall was glad for a reprieve as she is not fond of swimming.

After the children left yesterday, I got busy on a project I have had in mind for quite some time. I have seen cute "subway" signs in the blog world...basically a black canvas with white lettering naming all the addresses you have had in your lifetime. I thought it was cute but I was not sure of my lettering skills. Then on Pinterest, I saw a cute way to letter using alphabet sticky letters like you find in craft stores. I thought I could do that. So I got busy plotting it out and then painting. It was a good idea in theory but some of the black paint bled under the stickies so now I need to go to Hobby Lobby to find a white paint pen to touch it up with....I just hope it does not turn out to be one big mess. If it turns out ok, I will post a picture. And I also realized that Marvin and I have lived in 11 places in 36 years. I just put the street names on my canvas, leaving off the Road, Lane, Street etc...
Coolidge, Edinboro, Tacoma, Glenn Carrie, Wimbelton, Baywood, Bayless, Coffee, Rigel, Brandywine and Jackson Way.  I think we are settled here( Marvin assures me that we are!) until we move to the nursing home or the cemetery.

Off this morning to have coffee with some friends....a great way to start the day!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

 We spent a quiet weekend but a fun one with dinner guests, reading, the Olympics and seeing all the grands and their parents!  Friday evening we had dinner with our friends, the Cokers. Maria brought me a pretty bronze mercury glass vase. It will be perfect for a fall candle. I will post a picture of it when I do my fall decorating post.  Johnny and Maria have their own booth in a local antiques mall and they were telling me a bit about some of my dishes. I have a set of Fostoria glassware that we inherited from Marvin's parents. We could never determine the pattern so I am on the hunt to find the name of my beautiful glassware. And I also have some pretty iced tea glasses that my mother received as a wedding gift from her Uncle and Auntie. They are Candlewick or Boopie. It is hard to tell the difference so I will be researching it as well.  If any of you are Candlewick or Boopie experts, please help me!!:)
And on Saturday I spent  most of the day reading! That to me is the perfect day! I was excited to find the fall issue of Country Sampler on the racks Friday as I did my grocery shopping. I do not decorate my home in a Country Style but I love seeing the homes in this magazine all decked out for fall. Fall colors make a home feel so HOMEY!! I heart Fall.

I read three books...yes I am a fast reader! I finished up The Ballad of Tom Dooley by Sharyn McCrumb. I have heard the song, Tom Dooley, since I was a little girl so it was interesting to find out some of the facts behind the song. However, the book dragged on too long and was very repetitive. Another reviewer of this book on Good Reads suggested the book should have been a story and not a book. I think I agree. Then I took on Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman. It is a non fiction work about a young woman who leaves the Satmar Hasidic community to live in the outside world. After I finished the book, I decided to research it a bit and it turns out that some people think Ms Feldman should have written a novel as they think she took great liberty with the facts. Either way, it was an interesting read. And yesterday I finished Red Hook Road by Ayelet Waldman. It is the story of a wedding day that quickly turns from a celebration to a tragedy when the newlyweds are killed in a horrific car crash on their way to the reception. Ayelet Waldman is a very descriptive writer and she catches the personalities of each character and their reaction to the event so well. After all these rather heavy books, I am looking forward to a light read...maybe a cozy mystery!

Yesterday we attended church, made a trip out to have lunch at Dot's Soul Food in Hillsboro, AL. If you cannot eat at your mama's house, Dot's is a good choice. It is good old fashioned Southern Cooking and some of the best fried chicken I have every had the pleasure to put in my mouth! After lunch, Amelia dropped by with Kendall and Landon. Grandpa had not seen these two in two weeks so he was happy to be with them. Then Ben and Katy came by with Margaret and Baylor. Katy's mom had spend the weekend with them and they brought her home to Decatur.  Nothing like time with our precious grands.

Then we ended the day checking out some of the Olympic games. I felt sorry for the American ladies gymnast who got silver last night when everyone thought she had the gold for sure. But I think we should know that nothing can be taken for granted and in sports, on any given evening someone can come out of no where to win! That is one of the things that makes the Olympics exciting.

And we are off to swim lessons this morning....hoping Kendall will be able to catch on to it with two more weeks with Miss Anita. I have had her watching the Olympic Swimmers to get motivated!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having breakfast with a sweet young lady I have known since she was two years old. Miss Sara B was in my two year old class at the Weekday School 16 years ago and I fell in love with her from the moment I met her.  When her brother, Drew, came along I was priviledged to "nanny" one day a week with him to let Mom have some alone time. This sweet family is like my family and I was so happy that Sara wanted to see me before she heads off to college today.  Amelia brought her children by Panera so that I could have more time visiting with Sara so I was able to get a photo of Kendall and Sara, two of my favorite girlies.

Sara is planning to major in special education or speech pathology, it is up in the air right now but I know she has a heart for special education. Her church has a program that offers care givers of special needs children a night out. Sara has volunteered with that evening out for many years.  I still cannot believe that Sara is 18 years old now...time certainly does fly. Take time to enjoy all the special moments that you have with the ones you love.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Here I am with my new "do". I may have a new stylist, we will see! She gave me some hints on styling it myself. I am going to try it but I have to say that seldom do I have any luck with making my hair look like it does when I leave the salon. She did suggest to me that I not fight the curl in my hair and to let it do what it wants to do. Why is it that all of us gals with curly hair want straight hair, while the girls with straight hair long for curly hair? When I was in highschool I longed to have straight hair like Marcia Brady and Laurie Partridge. I can remember some of my friends actually "ironing" their hair on the ironing board. That was when they were not rolling it on big (empty)orange juice cans. I guess we are all fickle!

I am looking forward to having breakfast with one of my favorite girls, Sara. Sara was in my two year old preschool class years ago and now she is headed off to Auburn tomorrow. As I got to know the family, I did some nannying for them and Sara and her brother, Drew, are like family to me.  It is hard for me to realize my Sara Bear is all grown up!

Then I will have the grands today too. Kendall and I are going to try to finish a painting she is working on for her mom. Meanwhile, I will be cleaning and cooking as we have some friends coming over tonight for dinner.  A busy day but a fun day! Hope you all have a great day too.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I wanted to share this picture with you all this morning. It was posted by one of the television stations in Savannah, Georgia featuring the Tybee Lighthouse on a stormy morning. I thought it was so beautiful and a reminder that as Believers we should be light in a dark world.( For a better view of the photo, click on the picture and you can see the bigger version!)

Busy day today with errands, lunch with friends and a salon appointment this afternoon to get my hair done. Getting a hair cut and a blow dry is always so relaxing. I am trying a new salon today so I am hoping that I like it. Over the last year I have been salon hopping, trying to find one that I can settle in at for a while. It seems like the first two appointments with a new stylist are good, then the quality falls off, they keep me waiting and the last straw was that my blow dry was less than stellar. As much as I pay for a haircut and style, I want to be happy when I leave the salon!! Ok..that is my rant for today.

Lastly, I wanted to share a good book with you. I just finished Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. It was all the buzz at our book group but I was hesitant to read it because it sounded pretty scary to me! Annie is a young realtor with a Sunday Open House. As she is getting ready to leave, a man wants to see the house and he abducts her, holding her hostage for a year. I admit portions of the book were hard to read but the author really made you care about Annie and what happened to her. I started it on Tuesday evening and finished it Wednesday morning. I just could not put it down. is not for everyone. But if you like thrillers, this is the book for you.  I am headed to the library today to look for Ms Stevens second book, Never Knowing.

Have a great day Friends!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Isn't it nice to go to your snail mailbox and find some "real" mail instead of bills and circulars? On Monday I was happy to find these two sweet cards in my mailbox. One is from a dear friend who is always so good at sending notes and cards. She has a real ministry of encouragement. The smaller note is from nephew, Caleb, who is a counselor at a camp in Pennsylvania this summer. I sent him a little package with a few goodies  and he sent me a sweet thank you note. Not many young men take the time to sit down and write their aunts so this was a special Monday blessing. I was impressed that it was not just Dear Aunt Arlene, Thanks for the package.  Caleb wrote a nice note telling me about camp and what he is learning there and thanking me for remembering him. I have a big hatbox on top of the armoire in my bedroom where I keep notes, letters, momentos etc...and these two cards will be added to my treasures.

Do not forget that today is Chick Fil A appreciation day. My hubs and I will be going there for dinner this evening along with some friends of ours. Hope that our local establishment has stocked up on Chicken! I want to show my support for Mr Truett Cathy and his stand for Biblical marriage.  I know when he gets to heaven, he will hear, "Well Done my good and faithful servant." Mr Cathy has always lived his faith, helping and serving others. He still lives in the modest home he has lived in since the 1950s. He has laid up his treasure in heaven. What an example for all Believers.