Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I think I am going to make this PINTEREST week on my blog. I have done several recipes and projects from the Pinterest site in an effort to "do" more homey things as fall is upon us.

I have loved all the Subway art I have seen on pinterest as well as on several blogs. I am not a good "letterer" with paint so when I saw a "pin" that suggested using stickers on canvas for the lettering, then paint over it...I was onboard for this project. The canvas shows the  names of all the streets you have lived on ( and as you can see I have lived on several!!) and they are listed like Subway Stops. Alas...I was not very happy with painting over the stickers. Some the paint bled under, others I had a hard time getting off the canvas.  I had to touch up and still I was not happy with it, being the type A person I am when it comes to crafts. I want them to be perfect.  Every now and then I have to remind myself of the Amish way of doing things. The Amish know that only God is perfect so they deliberately add a few "errors" to quilts so they will not be perfect.

When it was finished it was bright black and white...and there was a space between Brandywine and Jackson Way that was bugging me. Frankly I was tempted to toss it but decided that I would work on it some more. I added the little red heart to indicate our present home sweet home and I thought that worked well. Then I was upset because the bright black and white showed every blemish and bleed through, I decided to "rough" it up to make it look old. I took out some fine sand paper and gave the piece a light sanding.  Then I looked through my paints for some burnt umber...mixed a little with water and rubbed it over the whole thing, giving it a weathered look.  Finally I could live with it and hung it in my closet last week. Hubs saw it when he tossed his workout clothes in the laundry basket there and he asked me where I got that!! I told him I painted it and I think he likes it but then he is easy to please.

So there you have it...I want to share the good the bad and the ugly of my Pinterest projects this week. Don't get discouraged when things do not turn out as you wish, just realize that many things can be salvaged and enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon friend! I love what you did with the sign. I just started a pinterest and it is quite bare. I didn't know you have one. I'd love to visit. :)

Mine is at

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Please check mine out Mrs R. It is listed as Arlene Grimm.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I will look for you!