Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It is hard to believe that it has been eleven years since 9-11. I have lived through many sad days in history but I must say that 9-11 stands out from them all. I was in second grade during the Cuban Missile Crisis and though I did not really understand what was going on, I picked up on the fear of the people around me. I can remember my parents and their friends debating the issue of building a missile shelter. Who would want to live if everyone else died in a nuclear missile attack was the conclusion that was reached.  I remember that my second grade school teacher calmed our class by reminding us that God takes care of little children, that we had to trust God. In present day America, Miss Macie would probably be taken to court and would lose her job over such a comment. I was in the third grade when President Kennedy was killed. Who would kill our president? It was unthinkable in my little mind. I remember watching the funeral on television. I was home alone in Huntsville, Alabama when I heard that the Space Shuttle had exploded after lift off. Again, such horror right in our living rooms via tv.  But 9-11 stands out as a truly terrifying day in my memory. I was working at Central Weekday School and I had no access to tv, so I had to rely on the information all the moms gave us as they dropped their children off at school. When I got home from work and saw all the television footage, I was just sick to my stomach. Later the anger kicked many innocent people who lost their lives. I also remember the "good" things from that week, Congress singing God Bless America, all the flags flying proudly and a patriotism that lasted for a while. Today as I remember 9-11, I pray that God will bless our Land and that we will return to the roots that our country was founded on back in 1776!

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Arlene, this day is always difficult. My prayers are with the families left behind.