Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary! We were married in 1976...The Bicentennial Year! What a great year that was all the way around. So many people were feeling patriotic and celebrating the 200th birthday of America. We were married on Labor Day Weekend and the fourth birthday of my little cousin, Holly, who was my flower girl. Today she is 40!! So hard to believe that many years have passed by!

We are having a wonderful time at the restful. My sister in law, Lanier, told us to rest, relax and hold hands. Daughter in law, Katy, told us to forget that we are Mom and Dad, Nana and Grandpa and just relax and be Marvin and Arlene. We are trying to take all that advice.

I have been collecting some shells from the beach. Marvin has laughed at me as I have picked up many broken shells. After Hurricane Isaac, lots of big broken shells have washed ashore here at the beach. The "inside" of many of these shells are just beautiful. Some are very worn on the outside but polished to a sheen on the inside.These shells remind me of our marriage in some ways. Over 36 years we have been through storms and we have been broken by the Master. But in the breaking, I hope our insides are becoming more beautiful.  I know we were prettier on the outside 36 years ago today:). But we have earned our gray hair, the wrinkles that show where smiles have been as we have raised our kids and are enjoying our grands are precious to us. Our sorrows have sanded away our rough edges and have taught us to have more charity toward others who are in deep waters. The adage, "I am a work in progress" is so true. We have gained wisdom as we have grown older and we have a stronger desire to be conformed to Christ. I am hoping God grants us many more years together. Other than my salvation, Marvin is God's greatest gift to me in this life. Happy Anniversary Dear One.


Mrs.T said...

Lovely post, Arlene, and I love the analogy of the shells that are broken on the outside but beautiful on the inside.

Keep on taking that great advice from Lanier and Katy, and enjoy every moment of your time away!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for the sweet comment Mrs T....I value our Blog Friendship! Maybe one day we can meet in person!

wvatwin said...

Hi Arlene~ I feel blessed to find your blog; in my search for ideas for our 36th anniversary. May 15th. will be 36 years for us as well. We enjoyed a very beautiful Bicentennial wedding; May 15, 1976. a second marriage for each of us; we put my 3 daughters and his 2 sons together and became a happy family. We have one daughters of this marriage and 10 precious grand children all together. I too love the shell description; we share the feelings. We want to stay with the red, white & blue theme and are trying to get some plans & ideas together on a limited budget as seniors. Wonder if you have any ideas. We love the outdoors, cookouts, camping, fishing. Thanks. Louella

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog Louella. And congrats on almost 37 years of marriage. I think the bicentennial colors would be great. i would go with paper products that reflect the season. I know many party stores and Hobby Lobby have patriotic themes out right now with Memorial Day and july 4th coming up. Sparklers for candles might be fun and pint mason jars would make cute drinking glasses. Check out pinterest as well..they always have the cutest ideas!! Happy Anniversary.