Monday, September 3, 2012

Views from our balcony. Hubs says he wishes we could just retire and live down here!! I told him if we lived here we would not enjoy it as much...remember Marmee( in Little Women) allowing the March girls to have a week off from chores? After several days they were tired of it!! We often think we would enjoy such pursuits but in reality we all need to feel that we are contributing to society! We are having a wonderful time. So far the weather is great. There was a thunderstorm this morning so we took advantage of the local outlet malls. We purchased some shoes but nothing else caught our attention.

Please look at  my blog roll and check out Sweet T makes Three. My friend, Jenn, posted some cute pictures of our snacks at the MOPs kick off meeting. There were so many creative "Beach" Snacks as our theme this year is PLUNGE!! Thanks for sharing Jenn!

We are having a lazy Labor Day...planning to hit the beach later to soak up some sun!! Hope all you are enjoying the day!


Mrs.T said...

So happy you are enjoying yourselves so much! I agree, you would probably tire of it if you lived there year round. Same thing with our favorite lake. If we lived there, where would we go to unwind? We recently watched the Andy Griffith episode (from season 8, I think) called "Howard's New Life" in which Howard Sprague moves to the Caribbean. He soon found he was somewhat bored with nothing to do but relax! I think it would be the same for most of us.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Exactly Mrs T!!! When it is a cold gloomy day this fall, we will have these sweet days to think on! I do remember that episode of Andy Griffith.....I would be right there with Howard, longing for home!