Thursday, September 20, 2012

 Yesterday was a "tweak" day at my house.  I cleaned, tidied and did some organizing.  First I want to share this cute little pillow with you...Count Your Blessings. As I clean my house, I am always reminded how blessed I am to have a nice home.
 I have had my eye on this comforter that I saw at Tuesday Morning....I thought it would be perfect in my guest room. I had been using the old comforter that had been on my bed before I redecorated the Master Bedroom last spring.  It was a light green, almost the same color as the walls.  It did the job but was rather boring. I love the warmer tones in this comforter and it coordinates with the shower curtain in my guest bath as well. You can see a close up of the print below.
 Now on to some organizing....Thanks to Thrifty Decor Chick( you can find her on my blog roll) I was able to take one of her helpful hints and apply it at my own house. Recently she was organizing her closet and she found that Drapery Holdbacks work great for hanging scarves, bags etc in the closet. They are much deeper than normal hooks and they look pretty too. I found this package at Ross for $4.99. All the hardware needed to hang the holdbacks are included in the package.
 Find your spot, drill two holes. Now I am lazy and I have found that a hammer and an awl works well for most small holes needed for anchors.  One great thing about the drapery hold backs is that the finial screws off allowing for easy installation. Once you have the hook attached to the all, simply screw the finial back on to the hook.
 Here is is all finished and waiting to be utilized.
 Here are some of the bags that had been laying on the floor of my closet...taking up valuable floorspace.
 Here they are all neatly organized and hanging in the guest room closet which is seldom used. Now when I need a bag, I can get it easily and the bags do not get dirty from laying on the floor!!
I also added one to my closet to hold all my perfectly. I may be heading back to Ross to get some more holdbacks to use elsewhere around the house. Thanks Thrifty Decor Chick for a winning household hint!!


Anonymous said...

Arlene, so pretty! Where did you find that precious pillow? And I love the pumpkin colored bedspread. Perfect for autumn!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I think I got the pillow at Kirklands several years ago. It just had to come home with me!!