Thursday, September 13, 2012

When I rolled out of bed this morning, put on my walking clothes and headed out the door it was still dark. It is hard to step out into my dark street with only the street lights for company. But as I walked I enjoyed the colors of sunrise. The soft pinks and lavenders are so beautiful. It always reminds me of the Creator of the Universe. How anyone could think that this beautiful world "just happened" is beyond me.  Once I make myself hit the pavement, I enjoy the solitude of early morning...I hear the birds begin to sing, I notice that the dogwoods at the end of my street are beginning to turn the lovely red color they wear in the fall.  I use this time to pray for my family and friends. It is a good time...but why is it that it is so hard to make myself do it every morning? Discipline is one the things I struggle with! I am disciplined in many areas of my life. My house is organized, I keep a schedule in my homemaking so that we have clothes to wear, the house is clean and there is food to eat. My children laugh at me because I start Christmas shopping in why is it so hard to be disciplined in the area of food and exercise? I started walking at 5:45 in the morning because it is so hot in the summertime that if I did not walk early in the morning I would not walk at all. I recently read an article about the top ten benefits of helps your metabolism, boosts your spirits and you get a good dose of Vitamin D. I know all that...but still I struggle.  In the winter, I often use the cold temps as an excuse to put off walking but this year I am going to keep going...I have a nice warm gloves, a cozy hat and layers of clothing guaranteed to keep me warm! I have a friend who walks five miles each morning...the only reason she does not walk is if it is lightening!! Now that is discipline(although her daughter says she is obsessive compulsive!!:)) I think I am very virtuous for walking two miles five days a week!!  Now that I am keeping Kendall and Landon more often, it has motivated me to be in better shape so I can enjoy them and encourage them to be active as well.  Here's hoping for a healthy fall and winter!!

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Anonymous said...

Arlene, you are an inspiration! Walking does do a body good!