Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A quiet start to our week but my thoughts and prayers are with many of my Blog Friends who live in the northeast. What a storm! Hurricane Sandy will not be forgotten. Here in Alabama we are having blustery winds and daytime temps in the 50s but then that is not too unusual for this time of the year. I am afraid the Trick or Treaters will be  wearing their coats over their costumes this year. Landon and I spent some time yesterday making goody bags of candy for any little goblins who stop by Jackson Way.  In the three years we have lived here, only a handful of children have stopped by so I did not buy a lot of candy for treats.  Today I have lots of errands to run while Landon is at preschool. One trip will be to the library. Our library will be closing for two months in order to install a new heat and air unit. Believe me for all the readers in Decatur, that was SAD news. Fortunately our little town of Priceville has a small library so I can go there for some books. The Decatur library will be closing at the end of November and hopes to reopen at the end of January. I am hoping the installation goes quickly and we get our library back sooner than planned.With the library closed, our Book Sale room will be closed as well. I have found many gems there so I am sad about that as well. While it is just an inconvenience for me, I feel sorry for the many people who rely on the library for internet service, students who use the library for reports and the moms who count on the library for weekly story time for their preschoolers. Our library provides so many services to the community! The library is allowing patrons to check out 50 books before the closing. I cannot imagine taking home that many books and getting them back without losing a few.

I am also heading to the post office this morning to mail a piece of cross stitch to Sutton Place. I have a lovely Christmas cross stitch that I did not really want to frame but I could not find someone locally to make it into a cushion for me. Thanks to Kim's Savy Southern Style blog, I became aware of one of her sponsors, Sutton Place. Ann at Sutton Place sells cushions and takes custom orders. After chatting back and forth via email, I am mailing her my cross stitch and she will make it into a Christmas Cushion for me. I am so excited!! By the way you can check out Sutton Place on Etsy!

And I hope to get all the supplies together today for our Christmas Shoe Boxes for Samaritan's Purse. I noticed that Christy Jordan at The Southern Plate posted a video showing how to pack a Christmas Shoe Box. I will take a look at it before heading to the store. She always has good ideas so I know I will get some hints from her video.

I hope you all check out some of the blogs on my Blog Roll...these ladies are so talented and I am always picking up some good information from each of them!

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I am sorry to hear of your library closing. Two months is a long time! {{HUGS}}