Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Everyone who knows me knows that I loved the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.  I think she is such a good writer and her story of the boy wizard captured the hearts and minds of readers of all ages. So when I heard that she was writing an adult novel I could not wait to read it. When it was released here in America on Thursday morning, I had to run to Target to pick up a copy.  As soon as I could sit down with it, I began this promising book. Well it only took me about forty pages to decide that Ms Rowling had made a big mistake. Unfortunately she must equate an adult novel with lots of bad language and gritty scenes of all types.  Her premise was a  good one...small English village, lots of quirky characters and several members of said village trying to get a position of political power.   But she reverts to the use of every cliche imaginable in our politically correct world and that really turned me off. You will meet the well to do members of the village who are offended by the people who live in the subsidized housing nearby, there is an abusive father who terrorizes his family, a weak man who is looking for love without commitment, teenagers who have no respect for their parents and a drug abusing mother who leaves her children to their own devices.  If I had not purchased the book I would have put it aside after the first 50 pages and that would have been that. However, I also considered that maybe things would begin to make sense and surely JK Rowling could not write a complete stinker. I have to admit there were several passages in the book that showed the real talent of Ms R so I rated the book two stars on Good Reads instead of just the one star I might have given this sad little book.  One of things missing in this book is the lack of even one character you feel like rooting for! All the characters seem to be looking out for number one and while that may be a true reflection of today's society, it is not what I want to read about in my leisure.  Ms Rowling, I expected more from you.

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Arlene, I loved the Harry Potter books. I read in the news about her new book. I have a number of "good" books I'd like to read so I won't even add this one to my list. Thank you for the head's up!