Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy 61st birthday to my dear husband, Marvin. These photos are from some that we scanned to a cd for the whole Grimm family, that is why they are labeled.  I love looking back at old photographs. In photo number one, you can see baby Marvin. Wasn't he a cutie? In the second picture, Marvin and his older sister Mina are enjoying some food at the beach with their mom and grandmother. And the last picture is from an Easter Sunday in the mid 1950s.  Mina was born on Oct 20th and two years later, Marvin was born on Oct 19th! They have no excuses for forgetting their birthdays!

We plan to have a big dinner tomorrow with our children...I am off to the groceries store to buy all the fixins. And by the way, Carrot Cake is the Big Guy's choice for his birthday cake every year!

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Susan Graben said...

You can tell we are from the same era. I have a picture of me as an infant in the sepia tone propped up against something to hold me up and quite a few of me in front of a very similar fireplace and mantle with black tiles.