Thursday, October 11, 2012

I tried another Pinterest recipe this week. I want to try some new recipes instead of the same old same old that I have made for 36 years!  I saw an interesting "pin" for a pizza dough and it was so simple I had to test it out.  It is just one cup of self rising flour and 1 carton of plain greek yogurt.( I used Chobani) The pin pictured a medium sized loaf of soft dough. My dough did not look like the picture but it did roll out well and it made a thin crust for a rectangular pizza. I used my cookie sheet as my pizza pan bit the dust and I have not replaced it yet. To be honest, we have a Pizza Hut near by and most of my pizzas come from there!   As I mixed my dough, I found it to be rather dry and took a good bit of mixing to get it to "come together". If I make this recipe again, I will add a bit more yogurt or maybe a splash of buttermilk to make the dough more pliable. And if you like a thick crust pizza, I would double the recipe. I did let my dough sit for a while to allow the yogurt and the flour to do its work but still it was a bit dry. The pizza was very tasty. As I had Margaret visiting, I just made a cheese pizza and everyone seemed to enjoy it.   One of my Facebook friends just left me a note telling me that she tried a tuscan soup from Pinterest and it was delicious. So I am heading over to her board to look for it!! Soup Season is upon us!

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Anonymous said...

I tired to make pizza dough once - never again! Now Tuscan soup does sound intriguing!