Friday, October 5, 2012

Now that I am keeping Kendall and Landon a couple of days a week, I am getting back into helping with homework!! Reading aloud, practicing spelling words and doing math papers are once again on my agenda. Kendall loves to be the first to finish her work at school and as a result her handwriting is not the neatest so we have been working on that! I can see an improvement this week. Unfortunately poor penmanship is pretty common in the Grimm family. Her Uncle Ben did not make the ALL A's honor roll because of his poor handwriting. Now Nana has good handwriting thanks to Mrs Macie Jackson, my second grade teacher. What beautiful copperplate penmanship that dear lady exhibited daily on our chalk boards. She expected boys and girls to master proper penmanship.  I have been disheartened to hear that cursive handwriting is becoming obsolete. Many schools do not even teach penmanship these days. Every one "prints" now...I guess the computer age has contributed to this method of writing. I am old fashioned but I like nothing better than to receive a pretty card with a thoughtful note inscribed in "real writing". When I was in school we could not wait to learn how to do real writing versus printing!! It was a sign of maturity to me.  I guess this is just another confirmation that I am an old fogie!:)

I am looking forward to the weekend. I have several projects that I hope to work on. We are supposed to get some cool weather next week and I want to get some pansies planted before it gets too chilly. I have yet to purchase any pumpkins so that is another fall project on my list.  And I also have some crafts on my craft table that are in need of my attention!! Weekends always seem to go by TOO FAST!

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Anonymous said...

I wish that they would teach handwriting again. I remember learning with a cartridge ink pen. You had to be so careful or your ink might blot. What a mess but it would make!