Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One of the things I like most about being a homemaker is my ability to be available for friends and family. Yesterday reminded me of this fact! I did not have the grands so I planned to do some laundry and cleaning. Around lunchtime, a friend who lives nearby called me on the phone. Could you come over and look at my house? My friend is beginning the process of selling her home as her husband got a job in Tennessee. She knows that I am a big HGTV fan so she thought I could give her some input. The house was just lovely as my friend has excellent taste but her kitchen and the bathroom in the master bedroom needed attention. My friends had planned updates in these areas but they had planned to do it over time and not all at once. I am sure the house will be gorgeous when they complete their remodeling. As HGTV realtors say over and over, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses! After visiting a bit, I came home to finish cleaning. Then I had a call from another friend, could she stop by? She had received some sad news regarding a family member and she needed to talk. Once again I was reminded of how important friends are to us.  Later in the day, I was able to prepare a meal for a friend who just got home from a three week stay in the hospital. I had planned to deliver it to the home but his wife called and said she was on her way home from work so she would stop by and pick it up. We had a nice chat about her husband's progress. As she was leaving, I saw one of my neighbors out walking. She lost her husband about three weeks ago so I wanted to see how she was doing...this led to another short visit. Just before going to bed, I was thinking about my day and I thanked God for the blessing of being at home! I often take it for granted and even complain about the "sameness" of my days but yesterday was a good reminder for me that God can use anyone who is available to be used. I want to be always be available!

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Mrs.T said...

I want to be available too, Arlene. It was so encouraging to read your account of your day and to see how God used you in the lives of so many. What a blessing!