Thursday, October 4, 2012

This would be me!! I am off to the library this morning to make sure I do not run out of books to peruse!! I am taking A Casual Vacancy to a friend who reads books and reviews them for the Decatur Daily newspaper. I will be interested to read her opinion of the book. While I am at the library, besides checking out books, I will visit the Book Sale Room where I can find so many bargains. Most of the books are fifty cents and one dollar in price! I seldom leave that room without one or two books.

I am also a member of Paperback Book Swap online. This site was created for book lovers. By "swapping" books with other members I have saved a lot of money and I have found many older books that I have loved but are now out of print.

And lastly, I am learning to love my Kindle. Books that I can hold in my hand will always be my first choice but I have gotten some good "free" books from Pixel of Ink and EReader.

It is doubtful I will ever run out of books to read as I have so many on my bookshelves and on my Kindle but books are my favorite things! Through the pages of a book I can sail away from my cares for a bit and return refreshed.  The next time you are feeling low, grab a book and READ!

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Anonymous said...

Oh the library! What joy! I look forward to my library day (Tuesdays).