Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 I had been puzzling over a gift idea for Granddaughter Margaret's third birthday which comes on December 2nd. As she is a Dora the Explorer fan, I thought that a backpack might be a fun gift. For those of you unfamiliar with Dora, she carries a backpack that helps her do her exploring! I found this cute girly backpack at Cheldens here in Decatur. It even had a little monkey on the front. Dora has a monkey friend, called Boots so it was another link to Dora, although the monkey on the bag is a girl monkey!

 I love that Margaret's backpack is personalized with her sweet name.  In the south, we love anything personalized with a name or a monogram.
I am filling her backpack with lots of books, coloring books and twistable crayons.  I may also make a "map" to include as Dora's backpack has a map tucked inside! That would be a fun project for Nana. I would draw a map of Alabama and a route from Margaret's house to Nana's house!  I will get it laminated to that it will survive a sweet little preschooler!

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What an adorable gift!