Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am a little late posting today as I had a doctor's appointment at 7:30. I like to do appointments early in the morning so I do not have all day to "stew" about it and get my bp up!! I am one of those people who suffer from White Coat Syndrome...and I am an old nurse no less. For some reason going to the doctor's office just makes me nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  I have a wonderful doctor and a great nurse so I am not sure why I get so worried.  I think part of the problem is that I know how many things can go wrong with the human body.

And now I am home, having some coffee, finally. I had to forego breakfast for fasting bloodwork and let me tell you McDonalds has some of the best coffee you will find! I am not a big Starbucks(or Fivebucks as a friend of mine refers to it!) fan as it is just too strong for me. McDonalds, Panera and Cracker Barrel are my favorite places to get a cup of coffee.  I have a little time to clean before the carpet cleaner comes this afternoon. I got my garage all organized on Saturday and now getting my carpet cleaned will make me happy to get ready for the holidays.  We only have two rooms with carpet but they are big rooms so it is a job that I can no longer do on my own. My friend, Lori M, recommended this company. She uses them regularly and is very happy with their work so I am sure I will be too.

Well this has been a rambling blog post so I will ramble on and comment on the election results.  I think the election results demonstrate how far our culture has strayed from the foundation that our country was built upon back in 1776. When God is not honored and His Name is used frequently as a swear word it breaks my heart. We should be ashamed that abortion has become a form of birth control.  When marriage is no longer considered to be between a man and a woman, God's Word is mocked. Hopefully those of us who claim to be believers will stand up and show the world that God is still ALIVE!  I am going to pray for revival in our is the only answer to today's problems.

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