Friday, November 30, 2012

I got a sweet book in the mail on Wednesday thanks to  Donna, one of my book loving friends shared a list of childrens books that everyone should read with our Tuesday Book Group. Well I had read most of the books but one title caught my attention, All of a Kind Family by Sydney Taylor.  I have had that little book on my "wish list" for quite a while and I was so excited when PaperbackSwap notified me that someone had posted All of a Kind Family and it was mine if I wanted to order it!!

When I was a child, Friday was library day during our summer breaks from school. My mother took all three of us girls to the library and we checked our books for one week. Usually by Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, I would have read my books. I loved reading! I felt rather like a child again as I sat down with this book Wednesday evening after dinner. I found myself gobbling up this sweet story and I could not put it down.

All of a Kind Family is the story of five sisters, Ella, Sarah, Henny, Charlotte and Gertie. They are the daughters of a young Jewish couple who live on the East Side of New York City.  Their father owns a junk shop and their mother takes care of the girls and the home. Ms Taylor includes much information about Jewish festivals that the girls enjoyed celebrating with their family and I found that very interesting.  I enjoyed reading about the lives of these girls in the early 1900s and all the ups and downs in their young lives. Ms Taylor's writing style is similar to Laura Ingalls Wilder in that she really brings the time period to life.  I wanted to read the next two books in the series but the prices on Amazon were quite high. I am thinking that the other books must be out of print.  That is truly a shame as these books are so lovely. If you want to escape the 21st century for a bit, visit with the All of a Kind Family. It will leave you with a smile on your face.

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Dewilla Hooper said...

I remember reading that book as a child. It was fun. I never did a lot of reading, but that is one that I remember.