Monday, November 5, 2012

 Here is our pile of "stuff" for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. Our church supports this ministry every year in November. This year the ladies in charge of this project decided that they would make the Christmas Child project a bit more fun by having two Sunday School Classes competing against each other to see who could donate the most boxes.  The losing class has to make breakfast for the winning class!! Yesterday our class had 12 boxes and I am not sure how many boxes the other class has donated. We have one more week to turn in our boxes so we are hoping to win the competition and help lots of children have a happy Christmas.
Kendall and Landon were glad to help fill the Christmas boxes. I found some decorated shoe boxes at Target...aren't they fun? And hopefully the child who receives these boxes can use them to brighten up their little corner of the world. Kendall and Landon did not understand why we were putting tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, washcloth and comb in the boxes. That is not what they think of when they think of Christmas. It was a good introduction to talking to my grands about how we are blessed here in the United States and that many children around the world are happy to have their own hygiene products. We also put in lots of fun things as well...candy and small toys, crayons, pencils, fun pads etc.

If you would like to participate in this wonderful ministry just go to Operation Christmas Child is a branch of the Samaritan's Purse ministry which is headed up by Franklin Graham.

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