Monday, November 19, 2012

 I just had to share these pictures that my sister, Kristi, made when we were in Chatsworth at the end of September. I had been bugging her to get them up on Facebook and she finally did!! Bless her heart, she has lots to do besides listen to her big sis! I just loved this picture of my niece, Laura, and Margaret. Laura is our "miracle baby". My sister, Leta, was told she probably would not have any children but God knew different and sent our "LaLa".  She is growing up to be such a fine young woman. We are all proud of her!! And isn't she pretty too!  All my grands just love LaLa, as they call her.
I love this picture of Ben and Baylor. Kristi was trying to get Baylor to smile by holding up a bag of candy. Every time the bag was held up Mr Baylor put on a big smile.  And it is rare that you catch my Ben in a real that makes the picture even more precious to me.

I am looking forward to seeing the Birmingham Grands this week. We sure do miss them!!

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful grandchildren smiles! You are blessed!