Wednesday, November 28, 2012

With the library being closed for renovations my reading has been limited to re reading books that I love in my own collection but thanks to friend,Susan, I did read a very good book by M L Stedman. It is titled The Light Between Oceans.  Tom Sherbourne is looking to find peace of heart and mind after serving in World War One. He becomes a lighthouse keeper and volunteers to take the post on Janus Island, a remote Australian lighthouse. It is so remote that the supply boat only comes every three months. Tom would be totally alone and that was just fine with him. While on one of his leaves from duty he meets a local girl, Isabel. They marry and move to Janus. Isabel has hopes of raising a big family on this beautifully wild island. But sometimes things do not work out the way you plan. After several miscarriages Isabel despairs of even having one child. Then a miracle happens. Or at least it is a miracle in Isabel's eyes. A boat washes up on the island and inside is a dead man and a crying baby girl of about three months old.  Isabel feels that God has sent this baby to her. Tom is not so sure. Being a meticulous lighthouse keeper, carefully logging in all the details of their everyday life on the island, Tom feels he should report this event. Isabel assures him that people will think it is her baby. Unwilling to see his wife disappointed again, Tom agrees to her plan. Tom buries the man and they fall in love with this tiny girl. Isabel seems to forget that Lucy is not their own child but Tom is fearful that one day they will pay for this deceit.  While home on leave to have Lucy baptized, Tom and Isabel learn that Lucy is actually the granddaughter of a very wealthy man and Lucy's biological mother has gone almost mad with grief over the loss of her husband and baby.  This book is a story of love and hate, war and peace and right and wrong.  You can understand the viewpoints of each character and you sympathize with them as they each try to do what they feel is right in this situation.  I will be looking forward to more books by M L Stedman!!

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