Saturday, January 19, 2013

 Kendall and I had fun last night decorating the house for Valentine's Day.
 We made Valentines to hang from our diningroom chandelier.

 We decorated both sides of the hearts so they look pretty .
 I felt rather like a little girl again, looking at all the pretty hearts.  The Red and Pinks  brighten up the dreary winter days.
 Here is Kendall, busy at work! She was wearing her La La Loopsy PJs because it was Pajama Day at School.
 Here is Landon, watching the goings ons!
 Our back door is all decorated thanks to Miss Kendall. She used lots of stickers to decorate her hearts.
 I told her she looked like Vanna White, posing here. When Kendall's mom, Amelia, was  a little girl, she wanted to be Vanna when she grew up. :)
And last, we added a banner to the mirror in the dining room. I found this in the $1 aisle at Target. I convinced Kendall to go a little easy on the heart stickers with this decoration.  It was a fun night...we ate pizza and had some Valentine Cakes for dessert. I love making Memories with the Grands.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You all did such a beautiful job. I love all the little touches! Did you make the Valentine cakes?

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mrs R, we had Little Debbie Heart Snack Cakes. They are rather like pink petit fours.

Mrs.T said...

The decorations are all lovely. So much fun! Your grands are so blessed to have you for a Nana.