Thursday, January 3, 2013

 Kendall and Landon had one last day of vacation yesterday so we spent the morning getting haircuts and the afternoon making snowflakes. After cutting some the old fashioned way and finding that it was too hard for Kendall to do the cutting herself(all those layers), Kendall drew some snowflakes!! Here she is cutting out one of her creations. After cutting out the snowflakes we painted them with sparkle glaze and then mixed glaze and blue paint as Kendall wanted to be creative with her snowflakes. We taped them to the back door and they look great and so welcoming as I come in from the garage!
 Landon had to get his picture made but he was in a silly mood!
 I still love Kendall's toothless grin. No sign of those big teeth yet.... Kendall got a cute hair cut yesterday. She is not a fan of long hair although Nana loves it.   I think this style makes her look so grown up!! And she is only in first grade!
A picture of our snowflakes.... I am so glad that I have a granddaughter who loves to craft as much as I do!!


Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures! Kids are so cute when they are missing their front teeth. :)

Susan Graben said...

Tell Kendall she did a great job with the snowflakes!