Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!! Marvin and I spent the evening here at home, watching tv and eating Krystal burgers. Marvin comes from a family of six kids and they seldom went out to eat in restaurants. But on New Years Eve, the family piled in the station wagon and headed to the Krystal on Victory Drive in Savannah, Georgia, to enjoy some of those delicious little burgers. We did not go for Krystals when our kiddos were here at home as none of them liked Krystals. So once we had an empty nest, we decided to continue the tradition. It helps that a Krystal is just two minutes from our house now!!

I hate to say I have a resolution because it seems that after January, they fly out the window. But this year I am making a resolution to be kinder.  I want to look for ways that I can bless others and DO IT. What is that saying...the road to hell is paved with good intentions??? Like most people, I have good intentions to send that card, make that phone call or bake that treat for a friend but then I get busy with other things and the opportunity is lost. I want to change that this year!!

Yesterday, I got a glimpse of a kind person. I had a small package to mail so I headed to the smaller Decatur post office thinking I would be in and out in a minute. Well the line was almost out the door. It seemed everyone had waited to mail their Christmas packages. As we stood(impatiently) in line, a man came in with four pieces of mail that needed stamps. Looking at the line, he seemed discouraged. A nice lady turned to him and said, " Do you just need stamps?" He nodded yes and she pulled out a page of stamps and asked how many he needed. After helping him affix four stamps to his envelopes, she refused to take any money for the stamps. Then she asked if anyone else just needed stamps and proceeded to help another person! I can tell you that it blessed my heart to see such a gracious giver. She explained that she had a lot of stamps and she seldom used them as she pays her bills online...she was happy to be able to share them with others. Now that is the kind of person I want to be in 2013!!


Anonymous said...

Arlene, I love your new year's goal. We certainly can all be a little kinder!

Mrs. Smith said...

Hi Arlene, your post here has inspired me. What a beautiful resolution! Happy New Year!!

I love Krystals too, and like yours, my kids don't care for it either. That sounds like a fun tradition to me! :)